James Delingpole off to greener pastures


Today is the sad day when I must bid you all farewell. I have been appointed Chief Sustainability Consultant at the Department of Energy and Climate Change, working directly to one of my all-time-heroes Ed Davey, with a juicy, taxpayer-funded salary, a ring-fenced pension and a bio-fuel-powered Aston-Martin just like the Prince of Wales’s.
No, not really, about the second bit. Just the first bit: I’m off to pastures new. . . .

Thank you most of all to those of you who have supported me through thick and thin. Thanks for your technical expertise and advice (it prevented anyone ever noticing that I’m an English graduate and know NOTHING about science apart from, maybe, how to grow copper sulphate crystals); thanks for your jokes, links and irrelevant asides; thanks for your friendship and loyalty and courage in the face of sometimes, near insuperable odds, against the dark forces of statism, political correctness, and green-left-liberal lunacy. You are like brothers to me: all of you; apart from the ones who are more like sisters.

UPDATE: But still with The Spectator. Here is James discussing The martyrdom of Mark Steyn. A serious issue and part of the reason that free speech is not what it used to be in the US. This is the final para but all the paras before should be read as well.

Mann may or may not have a case against Steyn on technical grounds; but in terms of the bigger argument about empiricism, free speech and the scientific method, he doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Steyn gets this and — as he did in his case against the Ontario Human Rights Committee — is laying his neck on the line not solely because he’s a show-off and an awkward sod but for the greater cause of western civilisation. Now go to his website Steynonline.com and read what you can do to support him.

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15 Responses to James Delingpole off to greener pastures

  1. Lysander

    So where’s he going?

    Obviously to be paid by big oil and tobacci.

  2. Megan

    Obviously to be paid by big oil and tobacci.

    Lucky devil!

  3. Lysander

    If big oil and tobacci are so evil then why doesn’t ABC and other luvvies report on big ethanol and whacki tobacci providers?

  4. Rabz

    I’ve always enjoyed his columns – he’s someone who had no hesitation in calling out gerbil worming for the utterly preposterous, anti-scientific, fact and evidence free horse shit it always was (and remains).

    He was also unimpressed with the leftists’ long march through the institutions here in Oz and was especially scathing about the ALPBC.

    Interesting to see where he pops up next.

  5. egg_

    Always a witty read – orff to ‘Big Bio-fuel’, eh? 😉

  6. Turtle of WA

    Well said Rabz. The man is a big fan of Australia, hates the ABC, and he know how to take the piss. He has also demonstrated that a lay person can talk about the man-bear-pig scam from the sceptical side. I’m going to miss his Tele Blog – it’s in my daily top ten sites.

    Oh… and he hit that idiot John Faine out of the ground.

  7. Up The Workers!

    May your globe always be warm, and your tinnies cold!

  8. blogstrop

    Migrating to Australia?
    Whatever, James, all the best and keep doing what you do so well.

  9. Rococo Liberal

    I hope he continues at the Speccie

  10. Ed

    This site could learn from him.

    Yes, I know trolls can be pretty annoying sometimes – incredibly stupid and wrong, too, it goes without saying. Without them, though, I’m not sure the comments section – which, after all, is far more important than any of the rubbish I write on top – would have been nearly so lively, inspirational, or indeed long.

  11. Jannie

    Presumably he is only leaving The Telegraph. He writes for a living, he will turn up somewhere, maybe even the US..

  12. Jannie

    Yeah Trolls have their uses. The first link I ever got to WUWT was from a Troll somewhere who was denouncing it.

  13. Roger

    Please keep us informed as to where James can be read in the future.

  14. johanna

    One of my spies in the UK tells me that there is a rumour that Dellers is going to work on a UK launch of Breitbart.

    If true, that would be excellent!

  15. ev425128

    JD is a libertarian blogging treasure. I hope he continues writing, regularly, somewhere. The UK’s Tim Blair, just with more data and snark.

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