Well, blow me down

Shorten backs Weatherill

reads the headline on the Australian’s webpage today, in what must be one of the most surprising endorsements in history. I’m sure Steven Marshall is terribly disappointed to miss out on Shorten’s backing.

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12 Responses to Well, blow me down

  1. Badjack

    If anyone has noticed. the ‘headlines’ in The Oz of late have been strange and in many cases misleading to the story behind the headline. Must have a new and Left leaning headline thinker upperer.

  2. Ubique

    It’s the Shorten kiss of death.

  3. Token

    The most worthy bit of news since “Dog bites man”

    The stenographers really are brainless and clueless.

  4. Ed

    I don’t think Shorten’s endorsement – powerful though that is – will be enough to turn it around.

    The four-week campaign begins with voters readying to elect the Liberals, with a poll published last week showing the Liberal Opposition leading Labor 55-45, and with Mr Marshall preferred as premier.

  5. The Fifth Bike Rider of the Apocalypse

    Mr 40 Per Cent meets Mr 40 Per Cent.

  6. Robbo

    Is something actually happening over there in sleepy hollow?

  7. gabrianga

    Almost as surprising as Senator John Kerry declaring that climate change was the U.S. Democrats
    “weapon of mass destruction”

  8. Chris M

    “Shorten backs Weverill” would be more precise?

  9. H B Bear

    I guess he is an improvement on Gillard. At least he can be seen in the State during an election campaign and State leaders don’t go on holiday during his visits to ensure they are not seen with him.

  10. Andrew

    Give them the benefit of the doubt. As the Really Amazing Old Bear pointed out, the endorsement of a Senior Labor Figure can be such electoral poison that Gillard wasn’t even allowed to pass the quarantine point at PER airport.

    Could be that with Moobs about as popular as Abbott666’s latest bowel movement, the Oz is trying to stick the knife into the SA ALP by linking them to him/her. Sort-of like the headline “Thomson backs Weatherill” or “Robert Dolly Dunn backs Weatherill.”

  11. Squirrel

    Aside from being pro-forma, the endorsement makes sense, as much of SA Labor’s campaign will likely be against the Abbott Government.

  12. Grigory M

    It’s the Shorten kiss of death.

    Like having Lou Richards on your side in the AFL.

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