Freedom in Melbourne

Most universities teach a biased version of political economy that promotes big government and failed Keynesian policies. In response, the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance (with the support of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation) last year launched “Foundations of Liberty & Free Market Economics” in Sydney, to introduce students to free-market ideas, and the people behind these ideas.

We are now delighted to announce that we shall be launching Foundations of Liberty & Free Market Economics in Melbourne during Semester 1, 2014.

The Melbourne program will be jointly run by two of Australia’s leading economists, Professor Sinclair Davidson and Professor Jason Potts, and is a must for all students and recent graduates interested in expanding their knowledge of economics and the fundamental underpinnings of a free society.

The course shall consist of 10 interactive 2 hour evening seminars and will include student-led discussion, stimulating debate, and structured material, followed by further discussion over beer and pizza. Between seminars, students will be given recommended reading and YouTube videos, and have the opportunity to ask questions from our panel of academic advisors and the ATA staff.

This course will cover a lot of material and provide students with the intellectual ammunition needed to take on the left, but it will also be an opportunity for networking, enjoyment and building friends within the Australian pro-freedom community. 

 The cost of the full program is $750. However, both full and half scholarships will be awarded to up to 15 deserving applicants.

This course is open to EVERYONE and not just currently enrolled tertiary students.

Enrol here.

Applications close on 5pm AEDT Friday 7th of March.

Persons interested in donating to assist us in providing scholarships may be able to do so here.

Build new friendships. Gain valuable career and intellectual skills. Challenge the status quo.

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25 Responses to Freedom in Melbourne

  1. johanna

    Only one “l” in enrol. If there is such a word outside the educracy.

  2. Beertruk

    A capital idea. I hope it takes off.

  3. Papachango

    does it provide a course credit to any undergraduate or postgraduate qualification? If not why not – as I sure you can do a Marxist or Keynesian economics unit and get course credits.

  4. Robert Blair

    Bolta has linked this with the comment that it is a course in the “economics that work”.

    Earnest Andy does not realise that Sinc’s type of economics most manifestly does NOT work.

    It totally does not work at all to bring about the Leftist Green utopia that is absolutely needed to validate the sad little lives of the elite who (should be) running Australia …

  5. Yeah hey that’s awesome peeps, I almost had my wallet out ready to pay..but you have left out the most important piece of information required before I can allocate my resources: which night of the week and what time?
    Remember anyone who is on board with all this is already pretty busy, they’re not sitting at home each night gazing at the ABC. Perhaps you could get a marketing Professor involved?

  6. Aussiejohn

    Is it possible to make this available as a video set? I’m sure it would be valuable to many who question the status quo.

  7. Adam

    Second what Ohh Honey said. I’m not about to fill out a detailed application if I am unable to make the dates. Dates and time needed.

  8. Julie Novak

    This is an excellent initiative, and I would encourage those who can attend to do so. Only wish I had programs like this when I was first studying at university!!

  9. Sinclair Davidson

    At the minute there is an optimisation problem. Ideally the classes will run for 10 weeks starting March 20 (with a break on April 24). The challenge being the number of individuals who sign up and their availability.

  10. harrys on the boat

    Why can’t it be done online?

  11. Mr Rusty

    I know those Victorian fuckwits are in desparate need of a proper economics education but any chance of it being run in Sydney either via video link or as a separate course?

  12. I know these NSW fuckwits don’t know how to use the internet, but did you read this bit Mr Rusty?

    last year launched “Foundations of Liberty & Free Market Economics” in Sydney..


    Here’s what some of the students who took the Sydney course said:

  13. Louis Hissink

    Gary North comments about economics and what’s taught at universities, etc here

    He explains why Keynesian theory remains dominant. Interestingly Keynes wrote The General Theory in response to the beliefs of the socialist political parties that formed circa 1870 and onwards. He gave the socialists politicians the technical reasons for their policies.

    North then discusses why Austrian economics never made any headway in academia, and won’t.

    So it’s crucially important that as many as can should got to Sinc’s course.

  14. Yes. Anyway. Thursdays? Is that the day? Starting time and venue please Perfessor?

  15. Jim from Qld

    If I only I lived in Melbourne….

    Never thought I’d say that.

  16. Sinclair Davidson

    Starting time and venue please Perfessor?

    Don’t know just yet. In the evening. Details will be sent to registered students.

  17. Adam


    You’re making this very hard. The registration is not a simple process. The questions require thought and effort, which I am glad to see. But I am not putting in the thought and effort if I am unable to make the dates and times. In other words, I will register when I know exactly what I’m registering for.

  18. Mr Rusty

    Ooh Honey Honey
    #1195128, posted on February 19, 2014 at 12:47 pm
    I know these NSW fuckwits don’t know how to use the internet, but did you read this bit Mr Rusty?

    Yes I did, especially the part about LAST YEAR. Unfortunately, time travel has not yet been invented so I cannot attend the course held in Sydney LAST YEAR.

  19. Sinclair Davidson

    Adam – check your email.

  20. Anne-Kit

    Any plans for this in Perth?

  21. blogstrop

    So, do the non-Keynesians think there’ll be a stockmarket meltdown this year?

  22. Piett

    So when is the course coming to Adelaide? 😉

    We need it here, we really do! And I would point out that we have Australia’s best beer (Coopers and other less well known species) and best pizza, so the catering side of things would be really fine.

  23. Lee

    I’m keen as mustard! Similar to Adam though…I need some sort guide as to what evening it will be. It needs to fit in between protesting the East-west link and The Drum. Jokes! Seriously, need to know what night first.

  24. Pierce

    I’m really rather keen.
    I’ve filled out the form, so here’s hoping it’s not a Tuesday to conflict with my other night classes…

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