Academic fraud

Look at this big mural at Curtin University proclaiming that Richard Warrick won a Nobel Peace Prize. Warrick’s biography page states that he was

a co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize … he shared a Nobel Peace Prize with former U.S. Vice President Al Gore and other selected IPCC authors in 2007

As I noted with Michael Mann’s claim to have shared a Nobel Peace Prize – it is a lie. It is outrageous that a University would put such a lie up in a mural.

Warrick and Mann have no more claim on having shared in a Nobel Peace Prize than does one of the janitors working at the IPCC.

The difference – the janitor collects garbage, the other two publish garbage.

HT: Jo Nova and Andrew Bolt


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  1. stackja

    The difference – the janitor collects garbage, the other two publish garbage.

    How many at Universities publish garbage? Should they refund the tax payers?

  2. .

    There is an inclination to publish anything at all.

    Just publish 1/4 of what you do, and make sure it’s not bollocks!

  3. Bruce of Newcastle

    Why would any kid study at a University which lies in this way?

    I’ve had dealings with Curtin from time to time, they try, but have always been well behind Murdoch and UWA (although UWA has been trying very hard to go below Curtin in the last few years). I don’t see them improving if they resort to crap like this.

  4. AP

    I’m fairly confident some of my taxes go to fund the IPCC. Can I claim to be a Nobel Prize recipient too?

  5. Baldrick

    Via the IPCC website– Statement about the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize:

    “The prize was awarded to the IPCC as an organization, and not to any individual associated with the IPCC. Thus it is incorrect to refer to any IPCC official, or scientist who worked on IPCC reports, as a Nobel laureate or Nobel Prize winner. It would be correct to describe a scientist who was involved with AR4 or earlier IPCC reports in this way: “X contributed to the reports of the IPCC, which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007.”

  6. This has to be miss appropriation? Did he authorise it himself? How was it funded?

  7. Gab

    The IPCC carry out scientific research? Ahahahahahaha

    The Nobel committee awards a Peace prize for scientific research? Ahahahahaha.

  8. vlad

    Looks to me as though it’s been very carefully worded to allow plausible – or heck, implausible – deniability.

    “We never said it led to his Nobel Peace Prize …”

    I’m sure I’m not the only person to have asked why the Nobel Committee didn’t award the IPCC the Physics prize.

  9. Andrew

    I think they have stopped short of crossing that line in the mural. “Continuing the work that led to a Nobel Prize” [for the IPCC]. Of course, his own bio contains the lie, no question.

  10. Jim Rose

    A number of organisatons have won the prize. Did thier staff get bigheaded

  11. H B Bear

    Winning the Nobel Peace Prize is right up there with an AFI Award, Most Popular Gold Logie and a Walkley. Even the Magic Negro has one.

    Frankly I’d be keeping that to myself.

  12. vlad

    I’d rather have one of the popular voted logies than the closed-door-committee crap they give to some “quality” pay-tv show that 10,000 luvvies watched somewhere.

  13. Notafan

    That should say

    How soon before the climate wheels fall off and we stop wasting taxpayers money on Climate Crapartists.

  14. boy on a bike

    Curtin Uni was founded around the time I attended a proper Uni. It was new, and we didn’t think much of the idea of renaming a jumped up TAFE to a Uni, so we called it the Curtin Uni of New Technology.

    I’m sure I have matured a lot since then.

  15. Jim Rose

    organisational winners include the european union in 2012. is every EU passport holder a nobel prize winner?

    Other organisational winners include the Grameen Bank in 2006, United Nations in 2001, Médecins Sans Frontières in 99, and even the United Nations Peace-Keeping Forces in 1988.

    I might have been a member of Amnesty International when its won its peace prize in 1977. I must amend my CV!

  16. Jim Rose

    following on from baldrick’s research, every citizen of the EU must amend their CV to say “X contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe by the European Union which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007.”

  17. Antipodean

    Gaaah! It shames to confess I have two degrees from this once August institution. I knew it was going down hill when after I graduated they built the John Curtin Center. Lefty circle jerk tbat it is..

  18. Cold-Hands

    How long has this display been up? I’m surprised the local graffiti artists haven’t gone to town.

  19. Habib

    Given the fruitcakes, spivs and fascist swine who’ve scored that gong over the years, I’d be keeping any connection with a recipient quiet. It’s worse than Australian of the Year for identifying you once and for all as a complete c#*t.

  20. Dave of Cossack

    Use garbage that thinks it is all bells and whistles and you produce garbage that thinks the same way. So no value to the world of academics and learnings

  21. MT Isa Miner

    Bruce of Newcastle

    #1197898, posted on February 21, 2014 at 8:07 pm

    Why would any kid study at a University which lies in this way?

    Bruce, where are the good bits in uni study? I know the wage differential exists on average. Hard to put in a plug for uni for the smart kids I know. Apart from engineering which is probably too math based to fuck with, what is there that educates not indoctrinates? Medicine, dentistry and vets but Judith says the job prospects are not good for dentists and vets. Accounting maybe.

    Nursing and the therapies shouldn’t be a uni degree anyway. Maybe physio should. Law is Greened out, as is economics. The arts have been fucked for decades, that includes all the pretend business crap, I have personal experience of what someone had to o for a distance MBA. The arts is just public service inservicing. What a mess.

  22. handjive

    Pretty sure a hockey stick was used by the good UN-IPCC professor to help achieve such status.

    Good Luck with that:

    It will likely be open season on Mann. Anyone may now freely dismiss him in the harshest terms as a junk scientist who shilled for a failed global warming cabal. Without fear of his civil legal redress, we may now refer to Mann for what he is: a climate criminal, a fraudster.

    Moreover, many hundreds of papers in the field of paleoclimate temperature reconstructions that cite Mann’s work are likewise tainted, heaping more misery on the discredited UN’s Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) which has a knack of relying on such sub prime science.

  23. gabrianga

    Academic fraud. Does this apply to Rudd’s appointment at Harvard?

  24. sabrina

    UWA has been trying very hard to go below Curtin – TwiggyF is dumb to have donated $65million to UWA you think?

    Why would any kid study at a University – ask Professor Ergas and Professor Davidson’s opinion

    Academic fraud. Does this apply to Rudd’s appointment at Harvard? – why would the appointment be fradulent? What he does with this appointment is what matters most.

  25. handjive

    Interesting piece on PM Abbott in the German Spiegel:

    Spiegel reports here how Australia’s conservative government led by Tony Abbott is now using Germany’s failure as one of the main arguments for getting out of green energies and getting back to affordable and reliable coal power.

    (via notrickszone)

  26. Bruce of Newcastle

    Bruce, where are the good bits in uni study?

    University was good for me, since I wanted to do research. Then after 5 years of that I was fed up with university crap and went and did R&D in industry for couple decades. Which I would not have been able to do otherwise.

    Uni degrees are also good for poking holes in the inflated egos of people like Michael Mann and his friends, since if your degree is better than theirs then they can’t play the I’m the authority card.

    But you’re right, too many kids want to do uni and get nice shirtsleeve airconned jobs and not enough want to be boilermakers and fitters. Which is why the latter have been raking it in the last few years.

    Sabrina – Twiggy gave UWA the dosh because he studied there, economics and politics. Not in Lewandowsky’s psych school. He made his money so he can do what he likes with it (although all the wiped out investors in Murrin might be unhappy with that). I admire Mr Forrest but he has left a few car wrecks behind him on his tour of Australia.

  27. Grant B

    I did theoretical physics because it was interesting and I liked it. No other reason. Not to get a job although I did eventually get a job where some of it was useful.

  28. John H of Pelican Waters

    I have done quite a bit of consultancy work for the International Atomic Energy Agency, and I happened to be there when the Agency won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005(?). On that occasion the Nobel Committee was quite explicit in stating that the prize was shared equally between the Director General (Mohammed ElBaradei at the time) and the staff of the Department of Safeguards. My recollection (which could be wrong) is that everyone who had been a staff member over the previous twelve months was to receive a certificate, and that the staff’s share of the money actually went on Agency work (I’m particularly uncertain about that bit). The award to the IPCC seems to have been a lot vaguer, but nonetheless it seems to me that my position as a consultant is most closely analogous to that of authors contributing to IPCC documents. I expected and got nothing but an invitation to a very nice party held by the Deputy Director-General for Safeguards (which pleased me greatly anyway). I would have thought that authors and researchers supporting the work of the IPCC should expect much the same.

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