Insiders Forum: February 23, 2014

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  1. Mk50 of Brisbane, Henchman to the VRWC


    Insiders. Only redeeming feature today is Hendo.

  2. Aussieute

    I think I have something more productive to do … recovery/cleanup after a monster evening. Back yard looks like a bomb hit it

  3. nilk, Iron Bogan

    7am Mass today, so I can watch Inciters. Not sure if I want to, though. Might be better off going to the dentist lol.

  4. Carpe Jugulum

    Todays guest is bowen – expect a softball interview.

  5. nilk, Iron Bogan

    I see Bowen thinks that Morrison needs to be upfront and transparent.

    Does anyone else get tired of all the airtime and oxygen given to the ALP at the expense of everyone else?

  6. Hendrix

    Nuh, can’t do it. Time to go outside.

  7. Crossie

    Ooh, all the handwringing over the illegals at Manus detention centre. All of them have the option to go home, we’ll even pay the fare.

  8. Crossie

    Chris Bowen came on and I couldn’t watch any more. There’s only so much a person is expected to take on their day off.

  9. Aaron

    Bowen is much more tolerable with the mute button on. Typical Cassidy interview, as the question and accept any leftwing empty platitudes answer.

  10. lem

    Can’t watch myself, its my triennial belly button cleaning day, and mysteriously I also scheduled nasal hair plucking! Will check the thread to glean insights once have finished, but I have a really deep “innie” so that could be some hours….

  11. Carpe Jugulum

    How come alp pollies can’t find a suit that fits?

  12. H B Bear

    Weekends are too valuable to spend watching Scrotum Face as he spends another year desparately waving his Labor pom-poms in the face of reality.

  13. Turtle of WA

    Wasn’t that the excuse Percy used on Blackadder for not going on a sea voyage?

  14. Tom

    Decisions, decisions. Buggery of taxpayers by force-feeding them an ideology designed to destroy their civilisation. Or the World Matchplay from Dove Mountain, Az. These guys are good!

    Nilk and Sven, relying on youze guys to fill in the details of this morning’s up-yours fest.

  15. .

    This is some sick shit. Like filming your worst, most filthy, degenerate hangover and providing commentary!

  16. Carpe Jugulum

    The cabinet documents question scrotum face & cueball should go into meltdown.

  17. Carpe Jugulum

    Hendo bitch slaps milne for tweeting from Manus.

  18. Tom

    Does anyone else get tired of all the airtime and oxygen given to the ALP at the expense of everyone else?

    The Fucktard Media Industrial Complex is so compromised as a news source that they refuse to run the surveys that show 80% or more (85% on Ninemsn) of the public support what Morrison is doing.

  19. Carpe Jugulum

    Now we move onto AbbottSatan and the medicare co-payment.

  20. Carpe Jugulum

    RAN drifting into indon waters – does that morbidly obese harridan realise that there is no magical line painted on the ocean or a sign saying “indon territory stay off the grass”.

  21. Aaron

    The Australian Navy is so lucky to have unsolicited advice from military experts like Karen Middleton who believes they need to change their ‘procedures’ to find the ‘line’.

  22. Carpe Jugulum

    The bloated Yak thinks shagger lying to parliament is a conspiracy to ‘get’ dolly shorten.

    Ick, gratuitous footage of the slapper, i feel queasy.

  23. John Williams

    I love ABC iView.
    It enables me to watch programs like Insiders, Four Corners and 7:30 Report.
    On Fast Forward and Mute.
    Just in case there is a snippet of info that may be of interest.
    Generally I get through Old Scrotum Face in less than two minutes.
    I only need the subject matter from Red Kerry ….so generally less than 10 seconds…to determine watchability.
    The 7:30 Report can take up to one minute mostly taken up in the scrolling through the various offerings.
    So roughly a 3 minutes 10 seconds precis of almost 2 hours 30 minutes of “programming”.
    Waaaait a minute !!…
    That amounts to a potential waste of a conjugal session once a week !
    Damn! The Law of Unintended Consequences.
    I need to re-programme.

  24. Carpe Jugulum

    Onto the talking pictures segment.

    Unemployed talking head speaks with barely employed talking head.

  25. Rabz

    Hmmmm – the ALPBC and bunch of commie onanists or other more productive activities such as cutting finger and toenails, ironing shirts and going to Bunnings?

    Well, as the saying goes, these activities aren’t going to perform themselves, peoples.

    I’m out of here.


  26. .

    Bloody hell. Minor incursions mean nothing. During the Cold War, Soviet and NATO planes would routinely escort each other back to airspace boundaries.

  27. Carpe Jugulum

    That amounts to a potential waste of a conjugal session once a week !

    Only once? Damn i need to lift my game.

  28. Mike of Marion

    Middleton is a typical leftie woman journo – hog the conversation and talk over henderson.

  29. Mk50 of Brisbane, Henchman to the VRWC

    Hendo was very good, as ever. Loved the thwack he gave Tubbsy of the greenfilther

    Only thing I learned from teh interview is that Bowen appears to enjoy the fact that the Scrote swallows.

    Amazing how the greenfilth, Rimmer’n’Slapper show’s proud boast (as articulated by Rimmer) to have slaughtered 4,200 ‘little brown people’ at sea has vanished down the memory hole and that their ABC is Outrageously! Outraged! about one death in Manus during an apparent riot there.

  30. Tintarella di Luna

    Thanks for this saved me me about 30 of sistolic pressure. So no mention of Craig Thomson then?

  31. Nic

    Watching a Insiders on delay. Hendo’s point regards Morrisson bring damned if he does or doesn’t give information was a good one. Did the Thomson case ever happen ?

  32. Habib

    Stay in bed or get up and be irritated, insulted and patronised? The farter wins again. I like however that the terminally pig ignorant (and porcine in other matters) spout their vacuity to a chorus of nodding dogs.
    Does Morethanaton have any idea how complicated Indonesian territorial waters are? It’s 12 NM off the archepelagic baselines established under item 46 of the UNC of law of the sea. There’s 183 baseline co-ordinates, with lines between these acting as baselines for the 12 NM area, and they change constantly. She’d probably be able to find them with her inbuilt sonar, as long as the locals didn’t mistake her for a Cetorhinus maximus and bung her in the wajan.

  33. Nic

    Hendo is gold though. He should be in Game of Thrones, a nodding advisor to Tywin Lannister

  34. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    Gees that Karen Middleton is a fat porker. How gross!

  35. H B Bear

    Gees that Karen Middleton is a fat porker.

    It’s the giblets I find disturbing. Watching them wobble is kinda hypnotic though.

  36. Beef

    Gees that Karen Middleton is a fat porker. How gross!

    More your Walrus neck yype IMHO.

  37. Jelly Belly

    Sorry Karen, but the Craig Thomson issue is not about politics or getting Bill Shorten but about the integrity of Parliament and restoring the trust in the institution. The day he stood up in the house and made his speech, smearing all and sundry including Tony Abbott was a disgraceful day and must never be allowed to happen again

  38. Nic

    The muddletonheaded wombat whining about the Government seeking to ‘discredit’ the Union movement . As if they haven’t played a part in that themselves ……

  39. egg_

    All of them have the option to go home, we’ll even pay the fare.

    Hardly involuntary incarceration, then?

  40. Shelley

    Not sure if the Insiders Forum will be a huge success…Cats are choosing to spend their weekends much more wisely than watching that ALPBC lovefest (with all due respect to Prof Davidson for putting the post up and giving us the option).

  41. egg_

    Gees that Karen Middleton is a fat porker.

    The couch collective’s couch must be uber reinforced for a 1 short tonne SWL these days, to accommodate those more equal than others in a manner to which they’re accustomed?

  42. why the degeneration into ad hominem attacks? Does weight signify anything important in this debate?
    The content of the panellists verbal contributions should be sufficient for you, no need to sink to the gutter level of internet trolling…

  43. .

    Pete – isn’t there a censorship rally or some other useless, moralising crap you ought to be involved with?

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