Scott Morrison has saved 77 lives

Number of asylum seekers who have died en route to Australia since the election of the Abbott Government = 6 persons (source: Australian Border Deaths Database).

Number of asylum seekers who died en route to Australia over the period of the Rudd and Gillard Governments: 1091 (source: Australian Border Deaths Database). Average number of deaths per day under the Rudd and Gillard Governments: 0.51.

Expected number of deaths if the Rudd/Gillard asylum seeker death rate continued during the Abbott Government’s term in office to date: 83. Actual deaths: 6 (including Reza Barati).

Scott Morrison has saved 77 lives.

Every two days that passes without another death, Morrison is saving another life.

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  1. Andrew

    Yes, but. 1 life on our watch is worth 1000 at open sea from consenting adults making their own dangerous choices. (Except the SIEV X, which is different because shut up)

  2. lem

    The electorate can’t handle the truth.

  3. Ant

    In the private sector, a decision like that taken by Gillard and Rudd that knowingly placed the lives of people in jeopardy leading to the drowning deaths of so many, would have seen them up on criminal negligence charges, conviction, and jailed for years.

    But don’t tell the ABC that. Some bozo dying after rioting at Manus is a trinket that’s a lot shinier.

  4. iamok

    Ah the facts. Yes how inconvenient they are. Confect away luvvies – sadly you are still winning the brainwashing war.

    Abbott MUST lift media management including razing the ALPBC.

  5. Samuel J

    I did offer one solution – expand the memorial at Weston Park and invite the Greens and ALP to join in a solemn service to dedicate the memorial to the 1100 lives lost (including Barati).

  6. Gab

    Where was the confected outrage being dished up by the lefty media when 1100+ people drowned under Rudd/gillard’s watch?

  7. Tel

    Can we have a graphical version please? A density estimate with time on the X axis would be good.

  8. Samuel J

    Tel – I do that when I have some time.

  9. Yeah but nah. Not actively pursuing known failed policies is not the same as saving lives, just as not killing people is not the same as saving lives. Nice spin though.

  10. Tel

    Tim, what about preventing someone else from killing? Is that saving lives?

  11. Gab

    Miranda Devine:

    Greens MP Adam Bandt ups the Left’s hyperbole on asylum seekers:

    A young man came to our door seeking our help and we killed him. The Minister must resign & island prisons must stop

    Miranda Devine puts Bandt in his box:

    THAT single quote from Greens MP Adam Bandt sums up the emotional flatulence and sanctimonious hypocrisy that has been spewing from the Establishment Left all week.

    If by “we”, Bandt meant the Greens and the rest of the opportunistic bleeding hearts who have been parading their compassion all week, then he would have been correct.

    Because if anyone is to blame for the death of 23-year-old asylum seeker Reza Berati during a violent riot at Manus Island it is those very people who persuaded Kevin Rudd to dismantle the Howard government’s hard-won border protection. And further, it was the toxic partnership of the Greens and Labor which turbocharged the people smuggling racket and lured asylum seekers like Berati with the promise of open borders.

    Yet Labor’s Senator Sue Lines had the hide to accuse Scott Morrison of having “Blood on his hands”.Greens leader Christine Milne even came close to accusing Immigration Minister Scott Morrison of “murder”.

    What a joke.

    Janet Albrechtsen:

    On the weekend, the Greens encouraged like-minded people to gather in parks, light a candle to mark the sad death of Reza Berati and demand the end to the Manus Island detention facility… Greens leader Christine Milne called the death of Berati a “murder,” demanded a royal commission and the sacking of Immigration Minister Scott Morrison.

    Milne’s hubristic leadership stalker Sarah Hanson-Young presumed to speak for all Australians when she said the Australian people were “shocked” at this “gulag” and wanted it closed. Not to be outdone, Greens MP Adam Bandt said “a young man came to our doorstep seeking our help and we killed him.” More low-rent politics from Labor MP Sue Lyons who said Morrison definitely had “blood on his hands”. GK Chesterton once said there was scarcely a shade of difference left between meaning well and meaning nothing. Alas, the hysteria from the disaffected Left is not a case of well-meaning nothingness. It is downright dangerous.

    Start with the rank hypocrisy of those who favour emotion over reason. Did the human candle-holders demand a change in the former Labor government’s policies that encouraged the people-smuggling business that led to 1200 tragedies between 2007 and last year? Did these grandstanders call for the resignation of the stream of Labor immigration ministers under whose watch 1200 men, women and children died? …

    Even worse, their demand that the Manus detention facility be shut down points to a grotesque morality. It would kick-start the people-smuggling business, encouraging more people to venture across dangerous seas and inevitably lead to hundreds if not thousands more deaths.

    Via Bolt.

    We must find another word for hypocrisy becuase it really does not quite encapsulate the moral hideousness of the greenfilth.

  12. lem

    The hyperbowl just gets better on other topics, Gab. According the The Old Git in the SMH, Abbott is bringing politics to a new low by allowing cabinet papers relating to the pink batts massacre to be given to the RC if necessary. This is not on, says Ross, one simply does not take a previous government to task over death producing failed policies.

    Cognitive dissonance in action.

  13. lem

    Nice one Stu. Can you do a parody with candles in the wind?

  14. Where was the confected outrage being dished up by the lefty media when 1100+ people drowned under Rudd/gillard’s watch?

    Probably in the same box as the confected compassion over the drownings from the nutjobs on the Right.
    Both major parties have behaved like pimps around refugee policy – prostituting our national values by demonizing asylum seekers to create a political wedge.
    The Coalition has gone one step further by using the ADF as a political instrument and creating collateral damage to our sailors and customs officials.

  15. Gab

    Not interested in your bovver boy histrionics and lies, numbers, so as gillard said: stop writing crap.

  16. lem

    He has to get a few posts in before he makes his way into the grade two class room before the bell.

  17. Dan

    and creating collateral damage to our sailors and customs officials.

    Are you aware of what happened to numerous Navy personnel thanks to the actions of the RGR govt and the boat people themselve? Ie boarding boats sabotaged by asylum seekers and exploding, almost drowning, PTSD and having to leave the service?
    When the boats completely cease heading over (pretty soon I imagine) and our navy can go back to being a military service I suspect there wont be much collateral damage happening.

  18. Andrew

    Note for dealing with the grubby trollfilth:

    Mentally cross out “Coalition / LNP” and understand that it means “GreenLP” – then the sentences will make much more sense and it will save acres of virtual trees from destruction actually engaging with the disgusting evil.

  19. Ivan Denisovich

    Yet Labor’s Senator Sue Lines had the hide to accuse Scott Morrison of having “Blood on his hands”.

    This was a feeble and transparent attempt at a square-up after Labor was accused of having blood on its hands over its asylum seeker policies during the Rudd/Gillard years, a claim that has since been verified with the success of the Coalition’s policy.

  20. candy

    Please take no notice of what ALP/Greens Alliance and supporters like 1735099 and TimT above etc, they all say the same, but Scott Morrison and the PM have designed a policy that averts tragedy and stops the people smuggling trade to a great extent so they can always be proud of this achievement now, no matter how LaborGreen Alliance mess it up in the years to come (which they will) as they want open borders.

    Really effective post by SamuelJ, thanks

  21. Squirrel

    The “emotional flatulence and sanctimonious hypocrisy ……. of the opportunistic bleeding hearts who have been parading their compassion all week” (fine work, Ms Devine) and Conroy’s performance yesterday in Senate estimates are clues to just how crazy Scott Morrison’s handling of his portfolio is driving the Left.

  22. harrys on the boat

    But if we use Rudds own 1 in 12 murder rate – I assume that came from known number of departees against those rescued or identified drownings – then Morrison can claim to have saved around 300 lives.

    He must be in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize.

  23. Token

    Great work SamuelJ.

    That is using the tactics of the left against them, indeed putting them in their faces.

  24. Joe Goodacre

    This is not said often enough – Morrison has achieved something great in the last 6 months. Certainly more good than Adam Bandt will achieve in a lifetime.

    It appears to me that the Liberals aren’t smashing the point home brutally that the Green and Labor have led people to their deaths.

  25. ralph

    Given you want to take the path of weighing deaths and lives saved and government policy you might like to reflect on the study in New Zealand that examined their pink batts scheme which prevented about 18 deaths in 2009.The scheme in Australia would have also realised similar results, adjusted for a greater number of installations here and the colder environment in NZ.

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