Jessica Rudd: Asylum seeker

… I’m the luckiest asylum seeker there is.

I have money. I have a passport. I have access to a safe plane. The place I have fled with my baby will have me back without persecution and my destination accepted us with open arms.


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77 Responses to Jessica Rudd: Asylum seeker

  1. cynical1

    Yes, having ID and a ticket does make a difference.

    Personally, I would lock the whole family up.

    [Edited. Let’s not start on such a low note. Sinc]

  2. JC

    Is this idiot for fucking real? Her father basically followed Liberal policy and began throwing people in NG. Was she moved to tears then?

  3. politichix

    You cannot be serious!

  4. Rohan

    I see stupid runs in the family.

  5. Johno

    The sins of the father being inflicted on the daugther.

    If my father was as self obsessed and as shallow as Krudd, then there is a good chance that I could have been as vacuous as she is.

  6. steve

    Can we lock her up cos her dad killed over a thousand people?

  7. Phil Norman

    What a stupid bloody comment.

  8. JC

    Yep, I haven’t for a while, but I had to now

    @Jess_Rudd Hey Jess, were you also moved to tears and thinking like this when your earwaxing eating dad instituted the New Guinea policy?

  9. Ivan Denisovich

    In a democracy, we must to do more than yell at our leaders to change their policies, because our political system requires those leaders to follow if they want to remain in a position to make a difference.

    Leading from the rear. Sounds about right for a daughter of nihilist Rudd. You can track Labor’s decline into the cesspit of moral preening, confected outrage and whatever it takes.

  10. calli

    She’s as cracked as her old man. The stupid, like the rampant self absorption, runs deep in this family.

  11. Alex

    What was in the ginger ale? Obviously they don’t do a drug and alcohol test on entry.

  12. JimmyB

    Beyond comprehension…fathomless…perplexing…baffling…inscrutable…vacuous… by a stupid woman ffs!…

  13. lotocoti

    Did I get something wrong?
    She took a flight from Beijing to Hong Kong because of smog, not because of any fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, social group, or political opinion and …

  14. Leigh Lowe

    Why even reproduce this vacuous tripe here?

  15. Zatara

    Not only that Lotocoti, she can and probably will return to Beijing as soon as it suits her to do so.

    The left needs the definitions of ‘asylum seeker’ and ‘tourist’ tatooed on the back of their hands so they can reference them often while hand wringing.

  16. Tiny Dancer

    Hypocrisy, insight deprivation and delusions of grandeur run deep in ALP DNA. And lying and stealing.

  17. JakartaJaap

    An absolute gem! Priceless! The self-absorption, the ‘small people’ deal, the total lack of self awareness, the smug pietist preening. A classic

  18. daggers

    She comfortable and affluent and won’t be affected if more ‘refugees’ come her and she wants to feel better when she reads the news. Polishing her imaginary halo.

  19. egg_

    Aren’t they ‘economic migrants’ according to Used Carr?
    Bodybuilders escaping persecution for not wearing enough bling?

  20. Makka

    “I’m the luckiest asylum seeker there is.”

    Rubbish. She had access to a system of travel and migration that is open to every single person on this planet. As long as she abides by the laws governing her movement and is prepared to pay her way, she most certainly is not classified as an asylum seeker. Her ignorance is astonishing, so much so that I cannot believe it. No, she is simply attending to her relevance deprivation like her mother the other day. I think these parasites see themselves something like the Clintons, without the charm.

  21. David of Cossack

    She is married to an indigenous native of Hong Kong so doesn’t that give her rights for residency there?
    She has a strange brain, after reading the article, so should fit in well at the Brisbane Times.

    A bit about her spouse:

  22. Leigh Lowe

    An absolute gem! Priceless! The self-absorption, the ‘small people’ deal, the total lack of self awareness, the smug pietist preening. A classic

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  23. Fred Furkenburger

    And she has bred! Thus the vacuousness continues.

  24. Grigory M

    got the feck out of there

    “feck”?? WTF is this “feck”? Jessica, you dummy. It’s “fuck”. You know – what your father said the Chinese were doing to rats.

    Oh …

    You’re married to one.

    And you’re not a rat?

    You sure about that?

  25. Linden

    and he apparently said the same thing to a bunch of Oxford uni students when asked him as about the Manus Island detention centre a day or so ago, something similar to; we had to the asylum seekers were over running the governments immigration policy, go figure? If that was not admission that he totally screwed up a policy in the beginning of his term of office, I don’t know is.

  26. Linden

    a couple of typos there excuse me, been that kind of day lol

  27. Tardell G

    So her mother’s 300 million dollar stash and how she acquired it is off limits?
    And people think Russian oligarchs are bad.
    In a just world the whole family would be in prison.

  28. Carpe Jugulum

    Jessica Rudd Rabbit = uber dumb.

  29. I’m the luckiest asylum seeker there is.

    You’re a freakin’ tourist, lady. Get over it.

  30. Tom

    Guess what? This entitled headless fucktard fancies herself as a politician. And the Queensland Liars thuogracy will accommodate her. And enough teary, weepy five-year-old twenty- and thirtysomething tax thieves will get her over the line in one of the Queensland welfare ghettos when she promises lots of Free Stuff™ .

    Glad to see the Cat playing its part in absolutely humiliating her whenever she opens her stupid fucking mouth. Taxpayers will thank us in the long run.

  31. egg_

    I’m the luckiest asylum seeker there is.

    Found one yet, yer dad could sure use one…

  32. This entitled headless fucktard fancies herself as a politician.

    It’s an ALP thing. Hannah Beazley is the same.

  33. Harry Buttle

    I don’t blame poor little narcissistic Jess, of course it’s all about her, and obviously it would be in poor taste to remember that daddy put 1100 people face down in the East Timor sea.

    But which arse clown of an editor didn’t tell her to try submitting that sort of crap to New Idea rather than his newspaper?

  34. Andrew

    What’s the nastiest way to ask whose article was more offensive (Jessica or Therese) without getting my post censored and myself put on moderation probation?

  35. Alfonso

    Jess is a raaaacist.
    We want the 3rd world cultural values she flees here….. by the hundreds of thousands……
    Only Australian rednecks could object to twenty million persecuted western provinces Chinese muslims seeking asylum here. Their case is undeniable.

    All they have to do is make landfall on Australian territory and the ‘long dead rats in a jar’ UN treaties we have bizarrely signed will guarantee their residence here. Unlimited numbers.

    You didn’t know that?

  36. Lilium

    Wonder if she’s really referring to a lunatic asylum.

    Bizarro stuff…

  37. Rabz

    Well, that’s a whole bunch of rave reviews there, peoples.

    Needless to say, I won’t be bothering.

  38. Ronaldo

    I’m reading about the plight of people who have fled their home country for mine and I am moved to tears

    I am always bemused by the ease with which conspicuously compassionate poseurs are ‘moved to tears’, and their need to tell the world about it.

  39. cynical1

    My bad.

    But there is some competition 🙂

  40. cynical1

    But which arse clown of an editor didn’t tell her to try submitting that sort of crap to New Idea rather than his newspaper?

    Not familiar with the Brisbane Times?

    It could called ahem, “progressive”.

  41. Oh come on

    This silver spooner doesn’t realise that anyone would be welcomed to visit Australia* if they had a Platinum Amex that was linked to Therese Rein’s account.

    *and probably stay there, if so desired

  42. Samuel J

    Jessica Rudd: idiot. Jessica Rudd: a chip of the old block.

  43. Samuel J

    For each $1 million Jess donates to the ATO, I’m happy to admit 1 boat arriving illegal.

  44. jumpnmcar

    Speaking of idiot ALP offspring, Swannys little one.
    JC, you know you have to.

  45. jumpnmcar

    Ops. Sorry JC, seems that’s pre Abbott.
    Liked this though

    Wayne Swan [email protected] Jun 26
    Thank you Australia for the absolute privilege of being your Treasurer for the past five and a half years

    ( have I mentioned I’m not Facebook savvy )

  46. jupes

    Good grief. The cloth-eared bint probably does actually believe that she’s been doing it hard. She really is that dumb.

    However the idiocy on display doesn’t explain the coordinated appeal for ‘compassion’ for ‘asylum seekers’ from her and her mother. Seriously, her dad’s pitch during the election was that HIS brilliant Manus Island deal with PNG would stop the boats.

    Now that Abbott is actually doing that, the pair of twits are calling for an end to the successful policies. Who do they think they are kidding?

    What a pair of fuckwits.

  47. jumpnmcar

    I wonder how much Jessicas house cleaner in on in Beijing.
    In $Au it is.

  48. Brian of Moorabbin

    I’m the luckiest asylum seeker there is.

    Wait, is she claiming she’s seeking asylum from persecution in Australia?

    If not, then she’s no asylum seeker.

    She’s another economic refugee.

  49. Lem

    In a peristaltic gastrointestinal way.

  50. Cold-Hands

    The editor of the Brisbane Times employs Ms Rudd as what, exactly? Roaming vapid airhead? It’s a wonder she didn’t work climate change into that piece, given Beijing’s smog. There, at least, you can see the evil carbons.

  51. jumpnmcar

    Jessica Rudd-Tse has a very high twitter followed husband.

  52. CR

    I think Kevin and Therese have split up. That is the way it always goes.
    So much spinning and telling fibs to cover each other ends in tears.

  53. Dianeh

    ‘Stupid is as stupid does’

    Poor old Forest certainly had the upper hand on Jessica in the brains dept. The woman is an idiot.

  54. Des Deskperson

    A couple of years back, Ms Rudd had a much touted short story published in the lifestyle and celebcult supplement to the Fairfax weekend editions – ‘Good Weekend?’

    It was a shocker, vapid, cliched, clumsy and formulaic, the sort of fiction ‘New Idea’ might publish – if it still publishes fiction – on a very bad day.

    Is Ms Rudd still publishing fiction and if so, how could she not know that she is untalented?

  55. JC

    Jessica Rudd-Tse has a very high twitter followed husband.

    Chinese population is pretty big.

  56. jumpnmcar

    Chinese population is pretty big.

    Yeh, and he’s got 9.

  57. David of Cossack

    And strange Jessica’s twitter account: Jessica Rudd ? @Jess_Rudd
    I’m a storyteller.

    Jessica in Wonder or Fantasy Land really.
    It must be hereditary.

  58. JC

    Yeh, and he’s got 9.

    They’re the only 9 not blocked by the government. 🙂

  59. Disillusioned

    Well she is an asylum seeker but unfortunately most of the asylums she is seeking were closed down for political reasons years ago and put the nutters back into the mainstream community. Now if she wanted she could seek an asylum for the criminally insane just by following her father’s policies.

  60. Motelier

    I just saw this post and thought. ………I have to make post.

    However all of the topics above giving support to Jessica looking for asylum overseas and giving her a permanently revoked Australian Passport I wholeheartedly support.

    I just wish she would take Mummy, Daddy, and Brother with her.

  61. Talleyrand

    Well Jessica pay blood money to the families of the 1100 drowned due to your Daddy’s policies. You can call it wealth distribution if you like. Oh, & the money has to come from your parents Estate, and not the taxpayer as your father left us all broke.

  62. Chistery

    When you are halfway to your destination, burn your passport and all other identity. Now tell me it works out.

  63. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    Lara Single – I had long thought Lara Single would finish last, well behind the field in the Fairlie Arrow Classic.

    Not any more.

  64. Chris M

    Any rambling crackhead can write bits for a newspaper now apparently. I guess down at Fairfax it is too difficult to distinguish them from many of the lefty journalists, pretty much one and the same it seems. Even if there was some difference it’s not right to discriminate though now.

  65. Blogstrop

    The cranks from Steve Kates’ Obama thread not here yet?

  66. Factcheck

    The stupidity and imbecile brains of the ‘Dudds’ aka Rudds are there for all to see.
    I long for the day we hear of them no more …pleeease !

  67. Grumbles

    How did she get into China without a visa? I would have thought it was impossible. And if she breaches any visa she does have by claiming asylum I wonder how she would be treated then?

  68. Tintarella di Luna

    Let’s hope the stupid is recessive on the mother’s side.

  69. gabrianga

    Fairfux to the “rescue” again? How can any journalist file this heap of keich as a “story”?

    The Rudd lady obviously needs help but I suggest the journo who wrote this garbage should be on the road to Centrelink

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