Senator Scott Ludlam disses Tony Abbott

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63 Responses to Senator Scott Ludlam disses Tony Abbott

  1. sam w

    The embodiment of onanistic smugness .

  2. Ant

    Reactionary tree hugging hermits always look strange dressed in business suits.

  3. Robert

    Did Western Australians really elect this turkey? No wonder the chamber was empty!

  4. Pete of Perth

    Don’t blame me.

  5. james

    Reactionary tree hugging hermits always look strange dressed in business suits.

    TBF Ludlum is the best of a Very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very bad lot.

    He is a West Aussie, and as such seems to feel less of a compulsion to stress the more Authoritarian aspects of Green ideology.

    That said the world would be a better place with less people like him in it.

  6. Tom

    The out-of-touch arrogance of the Greenfilth echo chamber is truly revolting. Just as well no-one listened to this childish dummy spit or he would have even fewer votes on April 5. Get used to life as a has-been asterisk, you fucking tax-eating nobody.

    Memo LNP: Make sure this YouTube is on high rotation in the next month.

  7. 70s Playboy

    Didn’t even watch it but it has been running hot on YouFace amongst my friends. Don’t worry everyone – just remember he got less than 10% of the vote last Senate election. The empty Senate chamber and lack of mainstream media coverage speaks volumes.

    Barely worth dignifying with a response.

  8. 70s Playboy

    Here’s an sample comment from someone who seems to like Ludlam’s welcome to country message:

    Even if he HAD heard it, it probably wouldn’t have made a dent:The Pope’s Commando is solid ivory from the collarbone up:unless of course ,it’s his masters in Big Business calling……or the wrinkled hobgoblin Murdoch.

  9. H B Bear

    Clearly the Greens are a broad church that can accommodate sanctimonious, posturing dweebs like Ludlam alongside unreformed Communists such as Lee Brown.

  10. H B Bear

    Any chance this posturing clown may secretly be going to Stephen Smith’s hairdresser when back in WA? Perhaps an undercover operative can be transferred from Albo run’n’tug duty to find out.

  11. Infidel Tiger

    #1213991, posted on March 6, 2014 at 10:14 am
    Did Western Australians really elect this turkey? No wonder the chamber was empty!

    He lost his seat at the last election but thanks to the corruption of the AEC this complete wanker will now most likely be re-elected.

  12. 70s Playboy

    Any chance this posturing clown may secretly be going to Stephen Smith’s hairdresser

    I would suggest Javier Bardem’s hairdresser from No Country For Old Men

  13. 70s Playboy

    Here’s another well thought out argument from the creative arts community. Adolph (sic) Hitler AND Charles Manson may have been nice guys, but…

    Hmm. So our national parks, and forests set aside for preservation are being described as ‘locked up’ by our insidious Prime Minister, Tony Abbott. ‘Locked up’?! The man is hideous. And to the several friends who have told me they’ve met him and ‘he’s actually a really nice guy’ , please. Please. Shut up. I’m sure Adolph Hitler and Charlie Manson were entertaining dinner guests and could equally come across as ‘really nice guys’. You don’t actually get to be judged ‘a really nice guy’ when you’re an elected official behaving in a way that has inspired a nationally coordinated rally aimed at giving your government a vote of no confidence. I encourage you to March in March if you want to help send this message of no confidence to our most embarrassing leader EVER.

    Don’t forget Cats to March in March – maybe we should organise a counter March!

  14. Linden

    any time anything that comes from the greenst only again reminds again of George Orwell and 1984, and animal farm!!

  15. Grumbles

    He announced yesterday that WA can be on 100% renewables by 2029, and that the cost of electricity would rise less than 7% for consumers. HAhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  16. Dianeh


    Has he then been referred to the Parliamentary Ethics committed for deliberately lying to the Senate?

    What he said is false and he knows it.

  17. .

    #1214186, posted on March 6, 2014 at 12:36 pm
    He announced yesterday that WA can be on 100% renewables by 2029, and that the cost of electricity would rise less than 7% for consumers.

    Loopy stuff.

  18. Peter OBrien

    I was going to say “What a sanctimonious prick!” but Sam W trumped me by a mile with “onanistic smugness”

  19. candy

    He wants people to live in grass huts and wear clothes made of leaves or something, but looking at him,
    the expensive suit and shirt, very very careful hairstyle and grooming, it’s a bit incongruous.

  20. Pete of Perth

    2029 = WA bicentential. Coincidence?

  21. Demosthenes

    His last speech in the senate, getting the boot in while he can.

  22. Rabz

    but looking at him, the expensive suit and shirt, very very careful hairstyle and grooming, it’s a bit incongruous.

    These loathsome cultural marxist morons have always maintained they wouldn’t be taken seriously if they looked like drug addled hippies or filthy ferals – hence the ‘incongruity’.

  23. MacBeth

    A very poor speaker – swallows the final phrases of each sentence. This comes across as a juvenile reading the speech instead of delivering it. Content predictable although somewhat incoherent to me, even with ear phones.

  24. lem

    Shootin’ the breeze, pissin’ in the wind, in (as he said) this almost empty chamber.

    I am reminded that empty vessels make the most noise. Bye Bye Scott, hope we don’t see you again.

  25. Johno

    Please, please, please, Western Australians, dump this smug arrogant no nothing tweeb. Just about anyone would be better.

  26. Grumbles

    Dianeh, unfortunately he announced that on the Reddit AMA last night.

  27. Watching It Unfold

    I’m trying hard remain reasonable – but this man harbours some serious historic guilt, its just oozing out of him. What a shame.

  28. manalive

    “… insidious attacks on the trade union movement and all working people …”
    … as if the two were synonymous.
    A barefaced lie.

  29. Steve Q

    Like him or not, his speech has certainly garnered some attention and no doubt some donations.

  30. dover_beach

    This is what I got on facebook:

    Tony Abbott Slammed By Greens Senator In Jaw-Dropping Speech Of The Year: “We Want Our Country Back”

    These people are insane.

  31. dover_beach

    BTW, anyone heard of

  32. pete m

    Wow they are easily impressed.

  33. JohnA

    Re the re-run of the WA election: can someone explain to me why the electoral roll (apparently) MUST NOT be the same as at the original date Sept 7th.

    I can understand about small changes because people die, or otherwise become dis-enfranchised, but why should people previously ineligible, now become eligible?

  34. JohnA

    PS: for example if someone moves from another State, where they voted on Sept 7th., do they become eligible to vote in WA, and therefore enjoy the inestimable privilege of having two legitimate votes for the same election?

  35. Driftforge

    Tony Abbott Slammed By Greens Senator In Jaw-Dropping Speech Of The Year: “We Want Our Country Back”

    It might be amusing to switch the audio there with Tony Abbott’s speech to the timber industry.

  36. Driftforge

    JohnA: It’s a fresh election. It’s not technically a re-run of the previous one.

  37. .

    Katie08 • a day ago
    WELL DONE, MR LUDLAM .. you have voiced the opinions of the rising millions of ordinary Australians who absolutely DESPISE and detest the internationally reviled and condemned fascist Abbott and his loathsome cabinet.


    I am not a supporter of the Liberals, but this utterly batshit insane drivel – keep it coming, internet street teams. In fact, put it on TV – I bet the public won’t roll their eyes at such contrived, shrieking communist nonsense.

    Put the Greens last.

  38. Tom

    The Fucktard Media Industrial Complex thinks that because this Youtube has been featured on sites like Catallaxy for its staggering arrogance and detachment from reality, it has “gone viral”:

    That’s not at the level of Julia Gillard’s misogyny speech – which has over two million views – but it’s more than Kevin Rudd’s apology to the Stolen Generations or Prime Minister Abbott’s Christmas address.

    It’s a welcome burst of attention for the Greens’ communications and nuclear spokesman, who is battling to hold on to his WA Senate seat.

    So any publicity is good publicity, eh? I think not. This anti-Australian nobody has had his 15 minutes of fame.

    Now piss off to oblivion, dregscum. You’ll be remembered as a trivia question with those gutless pariahs of 2010-2013 Australian politics Oakeshott and Windsor.

  39. Marg

    On the pretext of making a speech to welcome The PM to WA, Ludlam’s speech was not delivered to the four Senators looking on, but to the young, the naive, and those normally bored by politics, who the Greens knew would view it on the internet. It was set up to “go viral”, in the way of Julia Gillard’s misogyny spray. I would think that young Scott would have had some assistance in compiling his list of Tony Abbott insults.
    It has spread like wildfire on Facebook and other sites. I note that 327,549 have already “liked” the YouTube clip. Sadly two of my children and my niece, aged in their forties and thirties have already “shared it”.
    Seems that for The Left, desperate times are calling for desperate measures.

  40. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    who is battling to hold onto his WA Senate seat

    One of the few pleasures of a peevish, cantankerous, and easily irritated old age is the sheer pleasure of voting below the line on the new Senate paper and putting the Greens last.

  41. ar

    He says with total confidence the local aboriginal tribe has been “singing” (???) the country for 40,000 years… Surely it’s likely that tribal warfare would have seen several changes of possession over that time…

  42. candy

    I sent him an email to tell him that as a Senator, an elite position in public life, he appeared very disrespectful in his speech, and was not a good example to aspiring young politicians or young people at all, and perhaps he should think twice about the choice of language and the seemingly abusive nature of his speech towards a prime minister.
    I was quite courteous.

  43. Turtle of WA

    Scott Ludite should get out and meet a few West Aussies who don’t live in Freo, Leederville or Mt Lawley. And why do hippies always hide behind Aborigines in this state? The gas hub was killed off this way, as will be the fracking that could provide Aborigines with work. Ludite wants to halt the economic and social progress of the Aborigines, not realising that for them it is a matter of survival, unlike gruppies (green yuppies) who do it as a fashion statement.

  44. egg_

    Reactionary tree hugging hermits always look strange dressed in business suits.

    Yup, like a lizard in a suit.

  45. jumpnmcar

    Adam Bandt [email protected] Mar 4
    This! A very excellent, funny & watchable invitation to Tony Abbott to visit WA, from our @SenatorLudlam

    It’s viral alright, like encephalitis.

  46. Armadillo

    Predator Capitalists? Cool.

  47. If Labor gives preferences to minor parties ahead of the Greens, Ludlum will be very lucky to hold his seat. What’s more, since the Liberals already give their preferences to Labor ahead of the Greens, it wouldn’t be unreasonable for Labor to even preference the Liberals before the Greens.

    If anyone feels like doing something practical, prodding Labor into that might make a difference. You don’t even have to live in WA.

  48. nerblnob

    It’s interesting that of all the social media comments on Abbot’s forestry speech, almost all are linked to commentary on the speech rather than the actual speech, whereas this clown’s straight-to-video effort is linked to directly.

    Not that interesting I guess, rather predictable.

  49. Ripper

    Of course “our” ABC had to have a whole segment on this speech this afternoon.

    More free advertising for Ludlam.

  50. Go to the PerthNow website and see what the locals think of Scott Ludlam. I especially liked ‘Craig’:

    The Greens support for the ALP and Craig Thomson for 6 years – noted. The Greens leader calling for Scott Moririson to resign after one asylum seeker dies, when she should have resigned over 1,000 times after all the innocent life’s lost at sea under your policy – noted. The Greens preferencing anti climate change parties ahead of those parties who believe in climate change, in a grubby deal to maintain their seats – noted. The Greens selling their soul to the ALP and signing a coalition agreement with the ALP AFTER the election, so that they could hide this from voters – noted.

  51. Andrew of Randwick

    Got professional lighting and sound recording.
    Got a 7 minute video clip to be cut and diced for election campaign, e.g 30 sec spots
    And all at no cost. Smart boy.

  52. Leo G

    The embodiment of onanistic smugness.

    The Onan of Genesis was neither smug nor impotent. If Ludlam’s venom was really dangerous, why would he spill it across the floor of the empty Senate rather than in the face of his opponent?
    No, Senator Ludlam gives us a show of fearful hatred to conceal his political impotence.

  53. AndrewWA

    My 29yo son shared Ludlam’s contrived speech in Facebook with a comment to the effect that Ludlam was a champ…..

    My comment was:

    Don’t agree….Speech full of cheap shots and “seeming” and showing the full benefit of his training in picture making and design. He forgot to mention cuddly koalas, dodos, pandas, snow leopards, rhinos and Perth’s leopard seal.
    ALL the problems of the World have obviously been created by Abbott Abbott Abbott in just 5 months!!??

    What have The Greens ever done for WA?

    What practical policies/solutions have the Greens ever provided for the problems/issues to which he refers? Champ = Chump with about as much relevance as a campaign for “Land Rights for Gay Whales”.

    Suggest voters read the totality of The Greens’ policies to determine if they represent a viable alternative for Australia.

    His response was that he wasn’t supporting The Greens was just amazed that something interesting had come out of the Senate…..

  54. Dreeton

    great speech, calling a spade a spade- I don’t vote greens but I am seriously reconsidering- much to the chagrin of my family- fact is- we need all the voices in there- for too long both sides of politics have presented limited views with no real capacity for imagining into the future. And we need to, or we will be left up shit creek without a paddle.

  55. Macrame Jute

    A great speech touching on many of the things that are worrying for the young generation in this country. The power brokers and big business do not have a right to dissect and pillage this country to provide wealth for a few. Our expectations of what quality of life should be have become warped by greed. We need more people like Scott.

  56. Lena

    Fearless and inspiring . Finally, someone is saying what needs to be said about this disastrous “government”.

  57. Leo G

    Does “imagining into the future” help distract from the fact that Green policies are worsening housing affordability and youth unemployment. Reconsider taking the peg off the nose before paddling anywhere near Green Creek.

  58. candy

    great speech, calling a spade a spade-

    I think a speech about policies should be free of personal abuse. It was a chance I think Senator Ludlam saw to attack Tony Abbott and get a few extra votes, by tapping that obscene hatred some have for the prime minister.

    I don’t think Senator Ludlam is that committed to the Green cause, it’s about personal ambition, was my impression.
    The speech was very carefully crafted to that end, in my opinion.

  59. Aaron

    I don’t get it. What did he prove? That he can call people names and make unfounded accusations? It’s like a teenager bagging out the teacher after he’s left the class room. Abbot is not even in the room! He did not provide one example or piece of evidence to support his accusations. Very well written though, but then again so was Lord of the Rings and that was fictional too!

  60. Jon Hoile

    Have any of the people that have no time for green politics noticed that the planet is being carved up and exploited for short term profit? Do they really think it is sustainable. Are they not aware of the numerous
    record breaking whether events that were predicted by climate scientists 20 years ago. Tony has done his best to keep us in the dark by dissolving the “Climate Commission” and it seems that it is working. Fortunately
    there are some less greedy countries around making positive green steps towards a sustainable future.
    Well spoken Senator Ludlam. A courageous speech .

  61. Steve

    Well, well…look at all these vile postings…Scott obviously hit a nerve..By going extreme you made a mistake..By Scott going extreme he was highlighting the differences…a tactic that looks like it worked and , while having many question his turn of phrase, has also had generated a lot of discussion on Tony Abott’s out of date views. Anything or Anyone that highlights the negativity and destructiveness of Abbot is OK in my book. May be a repetitive view but give us Malcolm. He has vision, a plan, compassion and brains and can do press interviews with people other than the Jones and Bolts who just feed him the questions to attack the opposition.

  62. Wattleup Kid

    Reading the comments above caused me to vomit into my mouth a bit. Do you know why? I can’t stand reading the words of cunts! That’s all I can see cunts, cunts and more cunts. Blurgh! Horrible Little narcissistic selfish little cunts. You make me sick the lot of you. I hope what goes around comes around and bites you all fair square on your hairy arses. May you be the first to suffer loss at the hands of your LNP Coalition government – operative word coalition dicks! The libs can’t ever do it alone you do know that don’t you idiots!

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