Joe McCarthy was not a McCarthyist

Joe McCarthy is a name so long gone into history that all that remains is that he was the bad kind of defender of our values against totalitarian tyranny. Yes, we are told, there were a few communist spies in the West but however bad Stalinism and communism might have been, what McCarthy did was much much worse. So if we were going to rate McCarthyism and Stalinism on the Political Richter Scale, Stalin would come in at around a 6 but Senator Joe would be a 9. A very handy scaling for the left since at various times when someone attempts to draw attention to what it does and where it aims to go, out comes the handy dandy McCarthyist tag. Sometimes it works better than other times, but since the conservative side of politics has adopted the left’s view of McCarthy, it is a very effective tactic. But it will only work if you think McCarthy was in the wrong.

McCarthyist tactics are, in fact, the preserve of the left. They are the experts in labelling others with some kind of tag that may or may not fit but does cause those they attack to retreat. A very interesting example of the effect such labelling can have was on display just the other day. Andrew Bolt put up a post which he titled, Called racist just once too often. To fight or to hide? and whose point may be found in the opening paras:

STRANGE, after all I’ve been through, but Monday on the ABC may have been finally too much for me.

You see, I was denounced on Q&A – on national television – as a racist. I watched in horror as Aboriginal academic Marcia Langton falsely accused me of subjecting one of her colleagues – “very fair-skinned, like my children” – to “foul abuse … simply racial abuse”.

Langton falsely claimed I was a “fool” who believed in “race theories” and had “argued that (her colleague) had no right to claim that she was Aboriginal”. I had so hurt this woman she “withdrew from public life” and had given up working with students (something seemingly contradicted by the CV on her website).

And when Attorney-General George Brandis hotly insisted I was not racist, the ABC audience laughed in derision. . . .

My wife now wants me to play safe and stop fighting this new racism, and this time I’m listening.

This time I was so bruised by Q&A that I didn’t go into work on Tuesday. I couldn’t stand any sympathy – which you get only when you’re meant to feel hurt.

Andrew Bolt is not a racist but the label does penetrate. Call him a racist and some of the mud will stick and it will undermine his willingness to take on the various issues he does. It will also tend to undermine his authority and ability to communicate. Andrew is unique in the country, not only for the clarity of his thought, but because of just how effective he is in bringing his message into the light. Shutting him up is a major aim of the left and calling him a racist is one of the ways this might be done.

Joe McCarthy was not a McCarthyist. Virtually every accusation he made has been established since his time. His interest was in the Roosevelt and Truman administrations and the government of the United States. Understanding the extent to which the White House was infiltrated with Soviet agents is still only in its infancy, with more revelations coming out year by year. That Senator McCarthy is bundled with the Democrats who ran the House UnAmerican Activities Committee (HUAC) is part of the way in which the issues are confused, again only to the benefit of the Democrats and the left.

I have an article at Quadrant Online that follows my January-February article, America – the Big Dumb Ox. The movie reviewer at Quadrant, whether because he was offended by my article or just as a matter of chance, decided to write a column attacking McCarthy in the usual leftist way. Having a spare few hours on a Saturday afternoon, I wrote a reply which you can read here. But what was particularly interesting for me was that his defence of McCarthy actually exposed the extent to which McCarthy was taken down by the usual media suspects of the left. Today we would see it for what it is, and there is the internet to defend those who stand up for our values. But McCarthy was the first to be exposed to this full frontal media attack and it was devastating. I therefore encourage you to read my post, and then if you are interested in such matters, to go on and read M. Stanton Evans brilliant Blacklisted by History. You will then see the world in a very different way and you will understand more clearly how the left warps political debate.

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  1. C.L.

    McCarthy was right – that’s now axiomatic.

    Anyone who denies this is on a par with UFO believers and Holocaust denialists.

    He was a hero and he was right.

  2. .

    He accused the US Army during the Korean War of “coddling communists”.

    This started his downfall and he refused to back down.

    He simply guessed a heap of crap that turned out to be right. He also accused a lot of people of being Soviet agents and he was dead wrong.

    His political career started when he was backed by a communist aligned trade union.

  3. Token

    McCarthyist tactics are, in fact, the preserve of the left.

    One of the key lessons everyone should take about the left is they project their sins upon other to deflect attention from their perverted & abhorent behaviour.

  4. McCarthy under-estimated the number of spies in government. In part because his numbers came out of his Whisky bottle.

    Truman in the McCarthy era kept quiet about the Verona tapes showing extensive communist penetration of the U.S. government at high levels. The soviet spies were quietly fired or side-lined to protect valuable intelligence sources. These secrets stayed secret until the 1990s.
    See also Ronald Radosh’s Red Star Over Hollywood: The Film Colony’s Long Romance With The Left. With Allis Radosh, 2005.

    • Hollywood’s political history has been dominated by a steady stream of films and memoirs decrying the nightmare of the Red Scare.

    • Ronald and Allis Radosh show that the real drama of that era lay in the story of the movie stars, directors and especially screenwriters who joined the Communist Party or traveled in its orbit, and made the Party the focus of their political and social lives.

  5. .

    Alinksy did more damage to civility in politics than Mc Carthy was ever accused of.

    Mc Carthy at least had some good intentions.

    The US public weren’t unreasonable. Their scientists had just betrayed atomic weapons secrets to the enemy.

    Just ignore Mc Carthyism as a concept and use “Alinksyist” over and over again.

    The left have one up on us, the public know who Mc Carthy is but they don’t know Alinsky.

  6. Max

    Over the next 3 / 6 years watch as the left increasingly use the Alinsky tactics against anyone who is supporter of “The Abbott Regime”

    So far this week
    – Bolt
    – Transfield

    They cant go after the Government directly but they will absolutely crucify any of their supporters.

    Transfield is just a warning shot.

  7. feelthebern

    That Senator McCarthy is bundled with the Democrats who ran the House UnAmerican Activities Committee (HUAC)…

    Always makes me grimace when the hearings are referred to as the McCarthy hearings.
    It was a House Committee.
    McCarthy was Senator.
    The house committee was chaired & controlled by Democrats.
    Not Republicans.
    The key protagonist behind the scenes was Bobby Kennedy.
    Not McCarthy.

    Tell an American a lie often enough, & they will believe it.

  8. politichix

    Andrew Bolt is not a racist but the label does penetrate. Call him a racist and some of the mud will stick and it will undermine his willingness to take on the various issues he does. It will also tend to undermine his authority and ability to communicate.

    I keep changing my mind on this whole AB thing. On the one hand I’m completely outraged that such shit can be said about him on a supposedly serious and intellectual program. The people who take this show seriously will not be followers of AB and will believe the things that Marcia said to be true. These people are unreachable which is the frustration. Just check out the twitter “conversation” Chris Kenny has been trying to have over the last couple days. So my first response was to want AB to take it to them, sue their arses and make a noise! His sooky response was painful to watch!!

    But on the other hand it has to be remembered that AB has an enormous following already and this controversy may actually cause some fence sitters to have another look at him. Alan Jones is the perfect example of benefitting from the overreach of his detractors. So in reality Marcia has delivered an own goal to her team and has exposed the argument against AB has complete tosh. He has had a win of sorts so needs to dry his eyes, man up and get on with it. I only wish NewsCorp would back him to the death. That would give the defamers something to think about – they should have appealed.

  9. see for Murray Rothbard on Sen. Joseph P. McCarthy by Marcus Epstein

    On a superficial level it appears that Rothbard’s current ideological friends and enemies affected his somewhat shifting views on McCarthy.

    In the 1950s, the Communists and consenus liberals, who Rothbard hated, hated McCarthy, and the Old Right, who Rothbard supported, supported him.

    During the 1960s, Rothbard began to fear the New Right and made alliances with the New Left who hated McCarthy.

    Then in the twilight of his life, he made alliances with paleoconservatives, many of whom supported McCarthy and he appeared more sympathetic to him.

    While this may have had some influence on his tone, Rothbard’s analysis stayed remarkably consistent. Rothbard always believed that McCarthy was important for his ability to appeal directly to the masses by skipping the hostile media and intellectuals; and that his appeal to populism was necessary.

    However, Rothbard felt that McCarthy’s goal for his populism—rooting out Communists from the government—was too narrow, and in some ways counterproductive for a right wing movement. Rothbard hoped for someone who used McCarthy’s means but for libertarian goals.

  10. LABCR-TV

    By the logic of this story, you would probably claim that Hitler was a Leftist too.

    Well, you’d be right.

    I had been thinking about Hitlers regime from a left v right perspective only recently. I came to the conclusion that he showed far more characteristics of the left than the right. Then, I fortuitously found this article below, which I immediately bookmarked for future reference.

    ‘The Big Lie of the late 20th century was that Nazism was Rightist. It was in fact typical of the Leftism of its day. It was only to the Right of Stalin’s Communism. The very word “Nazi” is a German abbreviation for “National Socialist” (Nationalsozialist) and the full name of Hitler’s political party (translated) was “The National Socialist German Workers’ Party” (In German: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei)’

    This material needs to be thrown back at the leftists who falsely claim that Hitler was an extreme right winger. Conservatives should no longer be besmirched by such trash.

    And I have to agree to this statement:
    ‘But “People’s Republic” is a normal name for a Communist country whereas I know of no conservative political party that calls itself a “Socialist Worker’s Party”. Such parties are in fact usually of the extreme Left (Trotskyite etc.’

    Perhaps like others, I too have been fooled by the propaganda of the left in twisting words and phrases. A contemporary example in Australia is Bill Shorten’s ‘progressive’ Labor party, who wants to take industry back to the protectionist 1950’s. More like regressive to me.

    There are numerous examples in history of the viciousness of leftists (and its manifestations), and it continues to this day. The right side of politics do not seem to engage in this form of behaviour to the same degree. I must admit however, some ignorance of history on this matter.
    One exception (as far as viciousness is concerned) is Pinochet:

    ‘R.I.P. Augusto Pinochet. Pinochet deposed a law-defying Marxist President at the express and desperate invitation of the Chilean parliament. He pioneered the free-market reforms which Reagan and Thatcher later unleashed to world-changing effect. That he used far-Leftist methods to suppress far-Leftist violence is reasonable if not ideal. The Leftist view that they should have a monopoly of violence and that others should follow the law is a total absurdity which shows only that their hate overcomes their reason.’

    I would also recommend a visit to this site if you interested in these matters.
    (eg. Does a low IQ make you right-wing? That depends on how you define left and right)

  11. jupes

    Andrew Bolt is not a racist but the label does penetrate. Call him a racist and some of the mud will stick and it will undermine his willingness to take on the various issues he does. It will also tend to undermine his authority and ability to communicate.

    Bolta is the most effective exposer of Leftist bullshit in this country. He is prolific in print and expanding his profile on TV and radio.

    His enemies will do anything they can to shut him up. They will really step up the attacks now. As courageous as he has been, he needs to stop his introspective bullshit and harden the fuck up. Australia needs him.

  12. blogstrop

    Yes, I have the kindle edition of Blacklisted. The warping of the debate is the great danger to our way of life, and it is so extreme that even our national broadcaster has become one of the players.

  13. Craig Mc

    McCarthy underlines the folly of any worthy cause chasing ever diminishing returns to justify their permanence.

    Nixon had the smarts to move on, McCarthy didn’t.

  14. jupes

    So if we were going to rate McCarthyism and Stalinism on the Political Richter Scale, Stalin would come in at around a 6 but Senator Joe would be a 9.

    Murders by McCarthy – 0

    Murders by Stalin – Could quite possibly be just a few more than the good senator.

  15. .

    I get the hypocrisy but comparing Mc Carthy to Stalin is beyond a joke.

    I don’t know how people who truly find them morally equivalent can be reasoned with.

  16. Ant

    I defended Joe McCarthy in Bolt’s Forum yesterday:

    Ant replied to paul of zambia
    Thu 13 Mar 14 (09:58am)

    And yet, so much of what McCarthy suspected was true and his cause was moral and noble, relative to state sanctioned murder and misery brought on by communism in every single state that has adopted it.

    In the context of the times, it was entirely appropriate that those who sought to surreptitiously impose that destructive ideology on the United States be hounded out into the open and condemned.

    I suspect proper investigative journalism would have sunk a Julia Gillard long before she ever got close to the PMship and spared the disaster she brought upon her party and the country.

    It would also have exposed Barack Obama’s true character and motives and had him laughed off the stage in the early days of the primaries in 2007-8, rather than have his ineptitude and destructive ideology rammed down the throats of American society.

    Naturally, some reflexive leftist retorted:

    Thunderoad replied to paul of zambia
    Thu 13 Mar 14 (11:49am)

    McCarthy was “moral and noble” according to @Ant.

    McCarthy embarked on a reckless and damaging vanity project in pursuit of people who were simply exercising their rights as free individuals in a democracy.

    It didn’t take the Bolt blog minions long to laud a would be tyrant and drag this thread down to the depts of the ridiculous.

    These people can’t be helped.

    You could reincarnate the major players during the McCarthy ‘era’ and have them recount the truth using small words and diagrams and it wouldn’t make a smidgeon of difference to their views.

    They’re left and the consistency of their mind is similar to reinforced 80MPa concrete.

  17. Des Deskperson

    Murders by Stalin – Could quite possibly be just a few more than the good senator.

    Who had the best chance of staying alive and at liberty?

    A member of the Communist Party of the United States during the McCarthy ‘era’?
    A member the Communist Party of the Soviet Union under Stalin?
    A member of Communist Party of the Peoples Republic of China during the Cultural Revolution?

  18. Joe Goodacre

    I’m a big fan of Bolt, however he needs to grow some backbone.

    He blasts Goodes for blowing the rant of a girl out proportion, yet has a sook when Langton (who drops the word ‘racist’ more often than she drops her keys) directs her spray at him.

    What ever happened to stick and stones may break our bones?

    Plenty of AB fans will want to give him a cuddle, but that goes against everything the right believes – we are not victims. No one can say anything that can hurt us for our opinions without us first giving them that power over their lives. I think that AB is a giant compared to Langton and it’s pathetic that someone with his intellect gives her that power over him.

    I listened to AB tell her on 2GB how unbelievably hurt he was and found it – next someone will come on, pat him on the bottom and tell him it’s ok – luckily there’s government that can step in from and protect him from taking offence. It’s called having the courage of your convictions for a reason.

    Don’t be a softie or play the victim AB. I’ve heard you dish out plenty to people and thought that was fine so long as you had the backbone to take what you dish out. Don’t be that hypocrite.

  19. Ant

    If you want to see how much the Left keep “McCarthyism” close to their hearts, Steve, look at the behaviour of the Democrats in the US Senate and their sychophantic media hand puppets over their viscious attacks on the Koch Bros.

    Quite incredible.

  20. Ant

    I’d go easy on Bolt’s backbone. He has to be one of the gutsiest media performers around in this country (falls well short of my personal favourite, though, Mark Levin in the US).

    It’s impossible to know what it’s like to go through what the Left’s media and bureaucratic stormtroopers have and are subjecting him to.

    Of course, full repeal of the ridiculous and outrageous laws that put him through it in the first place should be a nobrainer for any government interested in freedom of expression.

    Political procrastination on that front is inexcusable.

  21. Joe Goodacre


    Again I like Bolt, and support him in many of his opinions.

    Sometimes he can be a bit of sook though and his high profile means he gets to indulge his victimisation in a way that sometimes isn’t healthy. Take Michael Mann’s throwaway lines at Bolt – it must have been a world record how quickly he took offence there.

    If we are consistent, we should call up someone for playing the victim wherever we see it.

  22. What’s a “smidgeon”? Is that a small part of a pigeon?

    For some reason, my grammar nazi hat seems apt.

  23. C.L.

    Nixon had the smarts to move on, McCarthy didn’t.

    Well, McCarthy was right – which is now an axiom of history.

    And Nixon flew to China and kissed Mao’s buttocks – which was a mistake.

    McCarthy wins.

  24. Vasily

    The Soviets were afraid McCarthy would expose the level of their investment in American corridors of power and cultural influence. McCarthy should be a hero to the West, like Reagan is. If not, the pernicious influence of Soviet ideology as applied to foreign policy persists in your intelligentsia.

  25. Des Deskperson

    I admire Bolt both as a writer and a thinker, but I agree that’s he’s been overplaying the victim, particularly as he must have known that a conservative is never going to win when it comes to issues of Indigenous identity.

    Blondies who want to identify as Indigenous are of course risable, but it’s a relatively harmless conceit as long as it goes no further. The real issue is, of course, entitlement based on identity rather than need, wealthy inner city Indigenous Australians of whatever skin tone claiming benefits and assistance that ought to be going to their brothers and sisters who are suffering real discrimination and disadvantage, a situation that seems to me to be indefensible. Bolt did, of course, make this point, but he muddied the waters by going on about skin colour, a hiding, as they say, to nothing that just encourages critics to play the race card.

    In 2012, one Anita Heiss (sp?), a private school educated Indigenous Australian who has held a number of well paid, taxpayer funded jobs in government and academia, was given a government grant of $90,000 to write, as I understand it, about her ‘Aboriginality. At about the same time, I saw a newspaper report about a spike in Indigenous youth suicides in a remote community because funding for counselling had run out. I t occurred to me that $90,000 could have provided quite a lot of counselling.

    These are the sorts of things – not identity and skin colour but Indigenous middle class welfare – that Professor Langton and her ilk ought to be asked to respond to.

  26. Toiling Mass

    One of the great joys in life is watching a lefty’s reaction when one of their unchallengeable truths is…challenged. There is a quick progression through confusion, horror, fury which is finally sublimated into insult.

    It shakes their moral self-possession to the core.

    Touching on the Bolta thing – I am a regular reader there. While I don’t always agree with him (he is more of a conservative whereas Iam far more sympathetic with libertarian) he is a formidible and determined combatant. He seems to be learning economics from the Cat, too.

    I just wish there were more commentators of the right with his stature. The US has an absolute smorgasbord.

  27. Joe Goodacre

    Des Deskperson,

    Well put – an interesting point to regarding Anita Heiss.

    It’s another example that no single person knows of all the ways and means government abuses its power. Every day one can be pleasantly surprised by a previouslyunknown example of wastage.

  28. Joe Goodacre

    This article below is precisely why Bolt’s victimisation shouldn’t be coddled.

    The Left already thinks people on the Right are victims and this article says that Bolt shouldn’t go because…

    ‘We need him because those who tend to not enjoy reactionaries stirring up the baser instincts of their readership need a villain. We need him because he provides the media cul-de-sac where disenfranchised and uber-conservative white Australians with an inflated sense of victimhood can be effectively quarantined. Bolt is, in effect, their horse whisperer. He provides a place where people who are worried about the hordes of brown-gay-muslim-feminists coming to take our jobs and possibly our very lives can gather and commiserate.’

    Whilst this episode is obviously personally painful for Bolt, it is also an own goal for the right.

  29. Viva

    Plenty of AB fans will want to give him a cuddle, but that goes against everything the right believes

    It is axiomatic that the right does not fear the tag “racist” when making criticisms that need to be made – the Left can never understand this.

    Nevertheless it seems the racist tag is second only to pedophile in today’s lexicon of crimes making it much harder for those high profile commentators of the right like Bolt to hold the line.

  30. Gerry

    I suspect Bolt is busy taking offence; withdrawing from society seems to be an excellent strategy for his opponents (et al)

  31. Joe Goodacre


    I don’t think racist has the same bite it used to because it’s used so liberally.

    It’s like being called sexist.

    It seems to me that the term racist will lose its bite the more people keep laughing it off and pointing out the true racism – believing that Aboriginals are so inferior as a race that they need special handouts. The more we keep hammering that its racist to say that a person or their ancestors skin colour determines whether they’re socially disabled, the more it will lose its traction with the Left.

  32. blogstrop

    Racist is all but played out as a meaningful term. But Bolt’s sensitivity stems from the awful court case, which deserves to be roundly condemned again and again. Bolt is an invaluable asset and I wouldn’t want to make him feel any the worse for having a bit of a bitch about the matter.

  33. Myrddin Seren

    BoltA is not an autonomous unit.

    He is an employee, has co-workers, and a family.

    How many times do you think Mrs BoltA has been driving the kids to the shops and wondering if today is the day some raving Leftie headcase cuts her off and goes full metal hate on her ?

    Not a wonder that AB is reining in how far he carries the battle.

    And that’s why the Batman wears a mask.

  34. Walter Plinge

    What’s a “smidgeon”? Is that a small part of a pigeon?

    An legitimate variation on the more common spelling.

  35. cynical1

    Blondies who want to identify as Indigenous are of course risable, but it’s a relatively harmless conceit as long as it goes no further. The real issue is, of course, entitlement based on identity rather than need, wealthy inner city Indigenous Australians of whatever skin tone claiming benefits and assistance that ought to be going to their brothers and sisters who are suffering real discrimination and disadvantage, a situation that seems to me to be indefensible.

    That’s the whole point. Langton and co know it is ridiculous.

    That’s why they don’t want debate.

    Witness the tactics now being used by the AGW crowd.

    Throw tantrums and accuse your detractors of being racist, or homophobic or whatever.

    Well, I maybe a racist, but red headed, freckle faced blokes called Pat Magroin using this
    rort of being part Aboriginal is bullshit.

    And it is taking away from the genuinely needy part of the Aboriginal community.

    Bolt is just the one who shone a light on the rort.

  36. Louis Hissink


    Started reading Blacklisted by History – If this is what the political left/marxists did to a US senator, think what they did to their principal opponents, the German Nazis. McArthy’s woes might pale in comparison.

  37. Joe McCarthy was no hero. He was a scoundrel who rode the wave of American disillusionment with their wartime alliance with ‘Uncle Joe’. As . says, the fact that some of McCarthy’s accusations happened to coincide with the truth was just that, a coincidence. McCarthy would have been right at home denouncing people in the Great Terror or the Doctor’s Plot in Stalin’s Russia . And like Stalin’s hacks, he finally had his comeuppance. When he accused General Marshall of being part of “a conspiracy on a scale so immense as to dwarf any previous such venture in the history of man,” a Stalinist-style charge if there ever was one, he was done for.

    Jonah Goldberg once defended Joe McCarthy as being “on the right side of history”. Well, he could equally well have been on the wrong side. There were plenty of McCarthys over in the Soviet Union. Fortunately for the West, they were much thinner on the ground outside it.

  38. Louis Hissink


    Quoting statements need sources to support those quotations.

    Your comment, as it is, is basically an ad hominem.

  39. Warwick Beattie

    I am a huge fan of Bolts, but seriously why would he care if someone called him a rascist? Who gives a sh#it. Sticks and stones etc. By acting all outraged he is just giving strength to those who argue that we need to be protected from being outraged and upset.

  40. ar

    you will understand more clearly how the left warps political debate

    Leftism is warped political debate.

  41. Vasily

    @ Jim Rose

    Once again you are right, this time about Soviet inspired Communist penetration of US government. McCarthy, as valiant as his efforts were, only scratched the surface. The Mitrokhin archives give but a hint of Soviet methods of infiltration. The full story will only be told when the former KGB archives are fully declassified by the Russian FIS. McCarthy worse than Stalin? Your Leftist intelligentsia are not just cognitively challenged, they are morally challenged. Stalin’s policies were responsible for the deaths of at least 3 million people, 900 000 directly through assassination or murder, probably many more than 3m. via collectivisation and subsequent famine. McCarthy cost a few American Communists their jobs.

  42. Paridell

    Louis Hissink,

    It is true that quotations should be accurate and verifiable, and if I had been writing an essay I would have given a footnote. In a blog, however, it’s hardly essential, especially if the quote is reasonably well known to start with (maybe I’m showing my age here). Anyway, if you google the Marshall quotation within inverted commas, you get 23,700 results. It’s easy to verify.

    McCarthy also said of Marshall: “It is when we return to an examination of General Marshall’s record since the spring of 1942 that we approach an explanation of the carefully planned retreat from victory… What is the objective of the great conspiracy? I think it is clear from what has occurred and is now occurring: to diminish the United States in world affairs, to weaken us militarily, to confuse our spirit with talk of surrender in the Far East and to impair our will to resist evil.” McCarthy said this about one of America’s most distinguished generals. Source: McCarthy’s speech “The History of George Catlett Marshall”, delivered in the U.S. Senate, June 14, 1951.

    As for Jonah Goldberg, he put his view in “Two Cheers For ‘McCarthyism’?”, National Review Online, February 26, 2003. It was a rather similar argument to the one we are commenting on now.

  43. Joe Goodacre

    Can Bolt give it up already…

    Another blog today playing the victim calling the ABC to apologise.

    What I find distasteful is that Bolt is quick to pull the trigger on others, yet goes crying to mum (or Auntie in this case) when people don’t play nice with him. Two weeks ago Bolt said ‘open and shut case, Michael Mann is a liar’. Mann said some things that were wrong. Bolt could have simply pointed out that they were wrong and let Mann correct them. No – Bolt (who had no way of knowing Mann’s mind) called him a liar. I’m no fan of Mann and have donated to Mark Steyn as a result, but this is an example of Bolt playing the Mann not the ball. If you’re going to do that, you can’t have a sook when people do it to you.

    12th of March AB misrepresented Jenna Price, implying that Jenna Price’s word ‘it’s our ABC, not yours’, was her saying that the ABC was the Left’s not the Right. Again I disagree with Jenna Price, but this was a clear case of verballing.

    1st of Feb, AB verbals Sarah Hanson-Young, saying she can’t tell the difference between fact and fiction and implied that SHY shouldn’t be taken seriously by the Government. SHY never said Sea Patrol – a belated ‘update’ acknowledged a comment from someone else who said she may have been referring to a different programme. Who knows what SHY was referring to, however AB was clearly mocking. If you play with fire, expect to get burnt and if you go out of your way to mock others, don’t be surprised if they hate you. AB shouldn’t expect the respect of others, if he treats them how he doesn’t want to be treated himself.

  44. tomix

    More on General Marshall from Conservapedia:
    In 1945-47 Marshall was sent to China to see what should be done to avert a civil war, with the long-term goal of establishing a stable, democratic China that was friendly to the U.S. The mission failed because Mao Zedong believed America represented the capitalist enemy of Communism.[2] However, Marshall almost single-handedly kept the United States from actively intervening in in support of the wartime all, the Nationalist government under Chiang Kai-shek. ………… then

    The failure of Marshall’s mission made him the target of intense Republican attacks, led by Senator Joe McCarthy. Republican newspapers attacked Marshall when he referred to the Chinese Communists as, “These fellows are just old-fashioned agrarian reformers.”[3]

    Old-fashioned agrarian reformers? Either he had his head up his own arse for years, or….he didn’t.

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