Tony Abbott or Ken Henry, Bernie Fraser and Ross Garnaut – who do you believe?

(From guest author Sean)

So asks The Age’s Environment editor, Tom Arup.

To which the answer is clearly Tony Abbott.

Ken Henry, Bernie Fraser and Ross Garnaut are lions of Australian economics. They carry more intellectual and institutional weight then most of us mere mortals put together.

Bernie Fraser was the worst RBA governor in history, pushing up interest rates to extreme levels. Ken Henry the worst Treasury secretary, not understanding opportunity cost and squandering tens of billions of taxpayers’ money. And I agree with Paul Keating’s assessment of Ross Garnaut.

Mildly intelligent these three, but certainly no intellectuals. Each afflicted with hubris and each having appalling judgement.

Tony Abbott owns these three.

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23 Responses to Tony Abbott or Ken Henry, Bernie Fraser and Ross Garnaut – who do you believe?

  1. Merilyn

    All three seem to be in the Labor Parties pocket as well.

    Didn’t Keating once make that remark?

  2. Infidel Tiger

    Tony Abbott owns these three.

    Hopefully there’s a council street collection and he can get rid of them.

  3. Peter H

    Labor’s economists, they may not be on the front line as politicians, but they were players and they were more responsible for the current mess than the stupid labor mp’s. It is good to see them outed as the pompous incompetent know it alls that they are. Time to leave the stage while they still have their pants.

  4. blogstrop

    Sounds fair. What did Keating say, again, about Garnaut? Probably more polite than I’d be.

  5. Honesty

    Ken Henry backed Wayne Swan 100%, never said a bad word over the total fuck up of his review and the subsequent tax reforms and now comes out and attacks Abbott. He maybe able to add up a few numbers but the guy is a back stabbing, feather bedding, left wing, where is my defined benefit super fund, sneering, better than anyone else, EQ Neanderthal, fraud of tax payer funded waste of space, inconsequential public servant, fraud, attention deficit, five year old petulant, ABC namby pamby, dimwit, over educated, never had to earn a dollar that we can do with out. And did I mention fraud.

    The prick is looking for another board position if you ask me and the ABC gave him the shout out platform, surprise surprise.

  6. Crossie

    Who would I trust, Tony Abbott or Ken Henry?

    Hairy-nosed Wombat loses every time. Ken Henry has made himself ridiculous with his animal rights activism that even if I didn’t know anything else about him I would doubt his judgment.

    Then there’s Ross Garnaut with his climate change nonsense, that did it for me.

    And Bernie Fraser – retire already, over 70 and still ambitious. Give it a rest, let someone else have a go.

    All three can fool themselves into believing that they are public service minded but they are just addicted to power.

  7. Anonandon

    Couldn’t agree more. Henry’s incompetence only matched by his arrogance.

  8. Boambee John

    Ken henry epitomises the decline in the professionalism of the Commonwealth Public Service.

    In early 2007, he made a speech critical of the Howard government to Treasury staff, a highly political act, particularly in an election year.

    He then had the speech posted on the public Treasury website, so that the media could readily find it, even if they had not already been tipped off about it.

    The possibility of Sirs Henry Bland, A.H. Tange, Frederick Wheeler or Geoffrey Yeend doing such a thing was miniscule, it just wouldn’t have happened.

  9. JohnA

    When AB posted on this, I commented inter alia to the effect that Ken Henry having conducted a Tax Review, failed to realise that upping the GST would have no impact on the Federal Budget bottom line, or the affordability of PPL, NDIS or Gonski.

    Later, I saw a comment which astounded me even more – saying that Ken Henry was the Treasury person who led the project team which implemented the GST for Peter Costello.

    Is this a verifiable assertion? If so I am gob-smacked at his latest comments on raising the GST revenue.

  10. Ubique

    Fraser, Henry and Garnaut. The three stooges. Three Labor stooges.

  11. Squirrel

    Wrong question – it really doesn’t matter who we “believe” in Australia, it’s who the rest of the world believes, and for the most part, the rest of the world seems to be proving the wisdom of Jack Lang’s advice to a young Paul Keating “always put your money on self-interest, son, it’s the only horse that always tries”.

  12. JC

    Ken Henry, Bernie Fraser and Ross Garnaut are lions of Australian economics.

    They may look like lions under a huge magnifying glass or to a very tiny man, but they’re pussies to the rest of us.

    1. Ken Henry reckoned his mother told him to advise the Liars party to go out and spend. In other words the huge “fiscalation” of the Australian budget was caused by Ma Henry. Good one

    2. Grinning Bernie pushed interest rates to such a high and unnecessary level that he caused the economy to choke. Good one.

    3. Inspector Garnaut is a non-entity.

  13. Abu Chowdah

    Ken Henry, Bernie Fraser and Ross Garnaut are lions of Australian economics. They carry more intellectual and institutional weight then most of us mere mortals put together.

    Speak for yourself, you bed-wetting beta male oxygen bandit.

  14. Fisky

    Bernie Fraser caused the worst recession since the 30s. The others are just Labor stooges who cheered Wayne Swan but are now opportunistically calling for austerity now the Coalition are in government. Abbott must ignore the calls for austerity and refuse to pay back a single penny of our debt.

  15. I am the Walrus, koo koo k'choo

    Honesty – please tell us what you really think.

    JohnA – yes, he did lead the Treasury’s ‘A New Tax System’ unit.

    A New Tax System! And now we’re supposed to need a new one AGAIN! Ha! That didn’t last long.

    As for Garnaut, anyone who can’t work out that the whole ‘anthropogenic climate change’ thing is a barrel of bullshit really ought not to be parading themselves in public, and especially not presenting as an expert. But that goes for all three of them, doesnt it.

  16. Jazza

    Oh Honesty, You took the words right out of my mouth–and added a few!
    NOW, just exactly what do we think about the other two self professed “x-perts” in this triumvirate of self-serving fools

  17. Tapdog

    Ken Henry opined on 7.30 the other night (at 12:15) that it’s really up to Martin Parkinson and not Tony Abbott, to decide if and when Martin Parkinson departs Treasury. Got it?

    Now, to be fair to Henry he WAS aided and encouraged by Mrs Jones, one half of this well known ABC ‘power couple’ and it’s not a line of thinking that he might in other circumstances have felt compelled to share with us.

    Gosh I’m glad he did though.

  18. sabrina

    all of them, at times
    none – before the election

  19. Tom Valentine

    Are any of them economists?

  20. JakartaJaap

    Tapdog, thank you for the ‘power coupling’ exposition. There is a good book waiting to be written exposing the incestuous intertwining and serial sheet staining of the triple armed Filth – The Party, The Thugs and The Ministry of Truth.

  21. DrBeauGan

    What I find interesting is that Ken Henry has the clear conviction that he’s the smartest man in the room. He may well be right about this, which says something about the rooms he goes to and the company he keeps. The other two also have a rather higher opinion of themselves than is warranted by the evidence.

  22. Econocrat

    Ken Henry seems to still think he was not sacked as Treasury Secretary?!?

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