Thursday Forum: March 27, 2014

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  1. Aliice

    Lizzie B

    I am sure everyone at the Cat wishes you well; it’s good to see your sassy Gravatar here again. I hope your husband is also looking after himself in some way too.

    Tanks Lizzie B. Yeah hubby’s is starting to look after himself better. The landlord of his car yard decided to sell the land and dis bizness aint so healthy seeing as the private car yards now stretch all along the main road from Manly to Palm Beach with stickers. We had been battling for a rent reduction for the last lease rollover and the landlady wouldnt come to the party so this time he let the option to renew roll past and told her that he was leavin! (I said to hubby if you cant beat those private sellers parked all along the main road paying no rent and no rates and giving no warranties – to hell with it – lets just join them! We will buy and sell off the main road ourselves! )

    Well now, very few people have looked at this almost useless piece of land with an intention to buy (problems like setbacks required and no underground parking as flood zone which shrinks any practical development use, plus on two titles) and they know how long it would take to get DA and want hubby to stay on it for that time obviously – except he isnt signing any lease and there is no clear sale interest. So finally the landlady agrees to cut the rent by 50% but we are still not taking any lease. Someone paying half is better for her than no-one and no sale, so he had a small win there at last – should have happened three years ago. There is more than a couple of empty car yards for sale or lease in neighbouring suburbs that have been that way for three years. Least he knows he can walk if he wants to and isnt locked into paying a lease so he will try to squeeze a bit more out of the business but it wont be long term if it still doesnt pay its way or gets sold. We will be selling cars off the kerb with stickers on them too!

    Its too late for hubby to go get a business degree now LOL.

  2. entropy

    Master entropy is 13, Alice. He might lose interest in such tinge long before we start thinking about schools, but thanks anyway.

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