Catallaxy survey 32 – Earth Hour (closed)



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  1. blogstrop

    Are you going to keep asking the same question, hoping to get a different answer?

  2. Tel

    Baldrick, note the baseline price there: 5c per kWh. How much are we paying?

    The more lights you turn on, the more chortling there is over that markup. Better than the fashion industry!

  3. Tom

    It’s a well-known scientific fact that climate change is crap:

    Call for Independent Audit of Bureau of Meteorology.

    Get your hands out of my pockets, pond scum.

  4. Robert Crew

    Tel, that’s the price to generate the electricity, before distribution loss, regulated profit margins on the networks, and market profits to the retailers, generators, hedging in long or short term contracts. You can’t just plug your TV in at the power plant – thousands of people have to work to bring it to you.

    And of course, I’m typing this during earth hour with all the lights in the house on, and pyrolytic cleaning the oven.

  5. Bruce of Newcastle

    Grr, I was having so much fun chewing up Numbers again over Bromberg that I forgot completely about the Gaian Festival of Life*. So just now I turned all my lights on. Every one.

    * as in ‘nasty, brutish and short’.

  6. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.

    Forgot all about it even after discussion this morning on the Cat. It is such a non-event. We are now at our beach house for the weekend and fortunately all lights were blazing anyway. Way I like it, earth hour or no earth hour.

  7. Humbug

    I released a cylinder of CO2 from my SodaStream and ate baked beans.

  8. Fleeced

    I always mean to turn extra lights on but always forget about it until afterwards (except one year)

  9. Rabz

    Earthian Hour – when stupid, brainwashed tossers turn off their lights in order to feel good about themselves for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

  10. Fleeced

    In the early years, you’s see posts on Facebook from people using their phones and laptops instead of their desktops because it was Earth Hour. It was quite absurd… funnily enough, not much mention this year. I blame Tony Abbott.

  11. Tekweni

    When was Earth Hour? I meant to switch some more lights on but with family around to dinner I never got round to checking Pravda on the Yarra as to when it is/was.

  12. Tel

    Robert Crew, on my Electricity Bill it says I’m already paying for network maintenance (a per day rate on top of the actual electricity), and last time re-cabling to the mains had to be done at my fuse box I paid for that too.

    Transmission losses are not huge, a few percent, but let’s even call it 10%, we aren’t anywhere near the retail price yet.

    As for regulated profit margins… the government sets the official prices and the government owns those electricity grids (in NSW they do anyhow) so it’s not exactly independent is it?

    I’ve yet to see any justification for the markup other than the fact you only get one choice of supplier. That means they charge as much as the market can withstand, and for electricity, that’s a lot.

  13. entropy

    Sorry, introduced my son to the first episode of Firefly.

    Verdict: Awesome. He couldn’t believe they cancelled it.

  14. Baldrick

    … and going by the graphs it appears Socialist Earth Hour was another usual flop. Still, I’m sure some morons feel better for the experience … anyway, back to the basket weaving.

  15. Ant

    I was at the Kew Festival where they had a live band complete with spectacular light show and, wait for it,…fireworks!!

    Very irresponsible.

  16. Talleyrand

    Energy is the only life and is from the Body and Reason is the bound or outward circumference of Energy.

    Energy is Eternal Delight

    William Blake.

  17. A Lurker

    Just took a look at the graph – 11% fell for the scam.

    Isn’t that that average national percentage of people who vote Green? Someone ought to give their email addresses to the Nigerian email scammers, because there is a handy population right there just waiting to be duped out of their dole cheques.

  18. J

    No, I decided to sacrifice a chicken to the Earth Mother this year. It was delicious.

  19. Tom

    I’d be fascinated to see Jacques’ voting log: I’m tipping most of the “yes” votes arrived in a clump after midnight — another GetUp vote-rigging propaganda triumph in support of pointless human stupidity. Good morning, Greenfilth zombies: a pity you’ve already lost the propaganda war.

  20. manalive

    Looks like Hammy has had 57 goes at it.

  21. manalive

    Earth Hour over North Korea.
    Source WUWT.

  22. johno

    Where’s the option for celebrating sticking it up the stupid by turning on every possible light source to declare I’m not taking anymore of your Green crap?

  23. hammy

    Looks like Hammy has had 57 goes at it.

    Yes you fools, it was me. Took about 15 minutes (manually) while watching the Pies beat the Swannees. Too easy!

  24. Baldrick

    Yes you fools, it was me.

    Small things and all that …

  25. A Lurker

    I wonder if the Hamster performs the same trick on election days?

  26. hammy

    I wonder if the Hamster performs the same trick on election days?

    No I won’t plead guilty to that. But it would be just as easy as manipulating a Google Spreadsheet Form.

  27. Ubique

    Earth hour worked already. The planet hasn’t warmed for 17 and a half years. Thanks to all those folks who didn’t leave their phone charger on stand-by.

  28. Tel

    Earth hour worked already. The planet hasn’t warmed for 17 and a half years.

    Actually it was Talk like a Pirate Day that fixed the Global Warming problem (which as we know shows a tight inverse correlation to the number of pirates). One of the more successful green initiatives.

  29. Percy

    Looks like Hammy has had 57 goes at it.

    The other three members of GetUp! must’ve helped out also.

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