Second Friedman Conference

It is with great pleasure we announce details of the 2nd ALS Friedman Conference – the pro-liberty event of the year!

The Friedman Conference is two full days of some of the best pro-liberty speakers not just from Australia, but from around the world, culminating in the Annual Dinner & Liberty Awards Ceremony with Australian Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson!

Other speakers include:

Dr Patrick Michaels: Dr Michaels is the Director for the Center for the Study of Science at the Cato Institute in Washington DC, and a past president of the American Association of State Climatologists. He was a research professor of Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia for thirty years, and was a contributing author and a reviewer of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Bopha Phorn: Bopha is an editor-at-large at The Cambodia Daily and the winner of the 2013 IWMF Courage in Journalism Award. In 2012, she narrowly escaped with her life when her vehicle came under heavy fire while she was attempting to expose corrupt practices. She will share her remarkable story, reporting on government corruption while living under constant threats upon her life. Click here to learn more about this extraordinary young person.

Helen Dale: Helen has degrees from Oxford, the University of Queensland and Edinburgh University, and now works in commercial law at a private practice in Edinburgh, where she has a particular interest in start-up finance, angel investing and entrepreneurship. She won the Law Society of Scotland’s annual essay award in 2012 and she writes regularly for The Skeptic.

Judith Sloan: Judith Sloan is known as one of Australia’s most passionate public advocates for free markets, with frequent media appearances including a regular column for The Australian, and suffering the fools at Q&A. Outside of the public eye, Judith juggles several other roles such as Director of the Lowy Institute, Honorary Professorial Fellow at the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research (University of Melbourne), and Director of the Westfield Group. She has previously served as a commissioner of the Productivity Commission, Director of the National Institute of Labour Studies (Flinders University), deputy chair of the ABC, chair of National Seniors Australia, commissioner of the Australian Fair Pay Commission, and board member of companies including Santos, Mayne Group, SGIO Insurance, and Primelife.

Professor Sinclair Davidson:  Sinclair is a Professor of Institutional Economics at RMIT University in Melbourne, and a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs. He has published scholarly works around the world in the European Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Cato Journal, and the Review of Political Economy.  Professor Davidson has also established himself as one of Australia’s leading thinkers on institutional economics, public finance, tax reform and public policy analysis. He is a regular contributor to the public debate, writing for all the major newspapers (Australian, SMH, Age, AFR), policy focussed magazines (Agenda, IPA Review, Policy, Economic Papers, Quadrant), and online publishers (The Conversation, Online Opinion, The Drum). He is also the editor-in-chief of

Other confirmed speakers include: Henry Ergas from Deloitte, Dr Julie Novak from the Institute for Public Affairs, Cassandra Wilkinson, Trisha Jha & Jenny Lindsay from the Centre for Independent Studies, Senator Elect for NSW David Leyonhjelm from the Liberal Democrats,  Dr Ben O’Neil from the Australian Defense Force Academy (UNSW),  Dr Jeremy Shearmur Dr William Coleman from the Australian National University, Lara Jeffery from MyChoice Australia, Austen Erickson from Australia & New Zealand Students for Liberty, and many many more!

The Conference shall be held from Saturday the 3rd through Sunday the 4th of May at UTS Sydney (Haymarket Campus). Friday Night pre-conference drinks shall also be held in conjunction with Sydney Liberty On The Rocks.

The package for the entire weekend includes two days of exciting speakers and engaging break-out sessions to be held at UTS Sydney (Haymarket Campus), and a gala three course dinner at Aerial Function Centre with keynote speaker Tim Wilson and the Liberty Award Ceremony (four hours of alcohol provided).

It is priced at $250 for adults and $200 for students. Day sessions include tea/coffee, but you will need to arrange for your own lunch.

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Early Bird package rates are available for only $200 for adults and $150 for students, including both day sessions and the Gala Dinner. This offer is limited to the first 50 people or until COB Monday March 24th, whichever comes first.

This represents outstanding value and the best opportunity you will have to hear from so many amazing champions of freedom!  Please click HERE to secure you rspot!

We are also offering a premium package for the most dedicated supporters of liberty for $500.

This package includes:
* VIP pre-dinner drinks with speakers
* VIP seating at conference and dinner
* Signed book

I can personally guarantee that this is an event not to be missed! Last years conference was attended by over 120 people, and was – without doubt – the highlight of my year!

I would strongly encourage you to attend! .

Please click HERE to register and pay online by credit card.  Payment may also be done via cheque or direct debit. We also offer facilities to pay by bitcoin: if you are interested in this, please contact ATA Program Director Austen Erickson at [email protected]

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15 Responses to Second Friedman Conference

  1. Anne

    Pity it’s not in Melbourne.

  2. hzhousewife

    All the very best for a fulfilling conference Sinc, these events are hard work to organise and
    promote . You do seem to have a sterling line-up. Can you hint at some of the topics that may
    be covered by the presenters?

  3. johanna

    Just booked in on the Early Bird. My biggest problem will be finding somewhere reasonably priced to stay. Oh, well, a cheap motel in Ashfield did the job last time. It adds a touch of reality to the academic and upper middle class presentations.

  4. Supplice

    The Early Bird offer… until the 24th of March?

    Sounds like a pretty good lineup. I wonder if I can get leave?

  5. Sinc, I’d love to attend but can’t. Will a comprehensive DVD/CD set of the entire weekend be produced and available for purchase?

  6. Rabz

    UTS Sydney (Haymarket Campus)

    Yet another of Sydney’s world class examples of Neo-Brutalism.

  7. To address some of the questions:

    1)The Early Bird special has expired, however, Cat readers are able to still access it by entering the coupon code CAT. This only applies to the package deals.

    2)Some of the talks will be available on YouTube, however not all of them, and there are no plans for a DVD at this stage (however we shall investigate this).

    3)It’s not at the UTS tower, so you are spared that particular architecture!

  8. johanna

    Tim, I successfully registered (and paid) last night for the E.B. special. Could you please email me? I live in Narrabundah, ACT and my first name starts with J. Thanks.

  9. .

    One day I will build a city in a neo-brutalist structure. No cars allowed.

  10. Jessie


    This one in Sydney, book early. Not especially flash, the small rooms but clean, neat and tidy with all you need. Great staff, easy walking to conference and nearby to train stations to airport. Sharing the larger rooms is good if you can get a crowd together.
    1.3km walk to UTS Haymarket campus (20 mins).

  11. Rabz


    I’ve stayed at Park8 several times in the last few years. Fantastic central CBD position as well.

  12. sabrina

    You should try to attract more of the uninitiated into this meet, broadening the base audience particularly among the youth and students beyond the die-hards.
    Most of the speakers are well known for their views in various forms of media. In their specches, they should offer something new, not more of the same. Perhaps you may like to frame your advertisement to reflect this.

  13. johanna

    Thanks Jess and Rabz. Until I find out whether or not they are prepared to accept my E.B. registration, it’s all moot.

    So far, I have not had a response. If they don’t confirm my registration (and the money I paid) on the terms that they accepted it, I want my money back.

    Waiting, waiting …

  14. Johanna — the organisers of the conference (Tim Andrews and myself) don’t always read catallaxy, so we don’t always see the comments made here. I don’t deal with the money, so if you have a money question then I suggest e-mailing Tim on [email protected] or else contact us through facebook. Having said that, since the EB special is still available to catallaxy readers anyway, then I can’t see a problem. See you there.

  15. Jessie

    One day I will build a city in a neo-brutalist structure. No cars allowed.

    That is the most ironic statement I have heard for a while Dot at 1.16.

    I imagine that Jack Torzillo designed UTS with Edwards Madigan Torzillo & Briggs

    Paul Torzillo, I presume Jack’s son due to the years spent on social health and thus need for $ in appropriate aboriginal housing, has been the Medical Director of Nganampa Health on the APY Lands for over 30 years, the most brutal miserable outposts imaginable. But he is creative and the hundreds of federally funded 4WD Toyotas that went through the Pitjanjatjarra Lands had a life of 10 weeks, before the first mechanical failure or home repair job.

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