Samuel J retires

It is with great sadness that I announce that Samuel J is retiring from blogging. With his Canberra insider perspective he was able to skewer many a crazy policy, crazy politician, and crazy bureaucrat.

In the meatime I’m sure he’ll keep up the good fight and we’ll miss his insights and very, very dry humor.


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42 Responses to Samuel J retires

  1. Abu Chowdah

    No! Say it ain’t so!


  2. Blogstrop

    Many thanks for all your good work. You will be missed.

  3. Token

    Such a pity. If everyone maked a lot of noise will he return for at least one encore?

  4. smcg51

    Your efforts are very much appreciated. Go with our thanks and best wishes.

  5. dover_beach

    Very sad news. Thanks for the memories, Samuel J.

  6. Poseidon

    Farewell, Good Sir. Your musings will be missed.

  7. Tom


    Yes, why? Are you crook, SJ?

  8. MT Isa Miner

    Now who will talk about the USA?
    Thanks Samuel J for the work.

  9. Anne

    All the very best Samuel. Let’s do lunch sometime.

  10. dan

    The new policy clearly states it covers the use of social media in an official and unofficial ­capacity, whether for professional or personal use. If public servants are found to have ­breached the ­Australian Public Service Code of Conduct they could be sacked. Colleagues will also be encouraged to dob in each other.

    “If an employee becomes aware of another employee who is engaging in conduct that may breach this policy, there is an expectation that the employee will report the conduct to the ­department,’’ the policy states.“

    “This means that if you receive or become aware of a social media communication by another PM & C employee that is not consistent with this policy, you should advise that person accordingly and inform your supervisor.”


  11. Mike of Marion

    Au revoir good Sir!

  12. Tom

    To educate, entertain, and inform.

    I’d like an explanation, Your Doomlordship.

  13. Ant

    Sad to see you go Samuel J. Good luck in your retirement (it that’s what it is).

  14. Rabz

    This is an outrage!

    Samuel, you deserve a farewell toast from the CCC™.

  15. Des Deskperson

    I wondered where he’d gone. SJ knew where all the bodies were buried in Canberra and will be sorely missed.

    Dan, are you implying that SJ has stopped blogging because new policies covering public servants using social media?? These are nothing very new anyway. For the last 113 years it’s been understood (a) that public servants should not make comments or engage in activities that might compromise perceptions of them doing their jobs impartially and independently and (b) that they have a duty to report breaches of the Code of Conduct by their colleagues.

  16. pete m

    Farwell and thanks for generating many a good chat.

  17. Samuel J

    Thanks for all the nice comments. I’ve enjoyed being a blogger, but I’m getting old and tired and need to have a bit of a break. I’m going to take it easy for a while. I may be back sometime, but it’s time to allow some space for new bloggers. As Sinc notes, I have a very dry sense of humour so I’m now parched and in need of a drink or two. Don’t worry, though, I’ll continue as an avid reader of the cat.

  18. Infidel Tiger

    Good luck in your future endeavours. May you get very drunk, but not in a way that damages anyone else’s property or person.

  19. Fleeced

    Best of luck, SJ – I always enjoyed your posts (with the exception of the pro-Turnbull one)

  20. Jessie

    Thank you for the fine reading and all the best Samuel J.

  21. Tom

    it’s time to allow some space for new bloggers

    Thanks for the explanation, SJ, but that rationale is pathetic. I’m being selfish. I want great thinkers writing for the Cat and the fact that we have an embarrassment of riches does not justify losing one of the best. Guest-post as often as you like.

  22. egg_

    All the best mate, didn’t realise you were one of the true “Insiders”. 😉

  23. Washout

    I will certainly miss your posts SJ – always interesting and insightful.

  24. Nanuestalker

    With Samuel J’s conscious unblogging, we demand the head of at least one leftard commentor. I nominate Spud.

    Fisk doctrine now!

  25. Driftforge

    Ah well, it was wonderful while it lasted. Enjoy time with the Bunyip at the watering hole.

  26. C.L.

    As Fisk would say, for this Samuel should be executed.

  27. Gab

    This is sad news for the Cat. Enjoyed and appreciated your work, Samuel. I wish you the very best and will miss you.

  28. Ellen of Tasmania

    Thanks from me and mine also, Samuel. You’ll be truly missed.

  29. Julie Novak

    Will miss your many interesting insights, SamuelJ!

  30. Helen

    Echo, hope you will be back. XX

  31. johanna

    Enjoy having a break, SJ. Although how you will keep yourself in Bollinger without the fabulous remuneration package that goes with being a Cat blogger is anyone’s guess. 🙂

    Here’s hoping that you wake up one morning down the track with an insatiable need to share your valuable and enjoyable insights with us again.

  32. sabrina

    Respect your right to choosing the time to retire, Samuel. Yours and Steve Kates are the two I like most, insightful and succinct to say the least.
    Enjoy your extra time, and sincere thanks for your time to your readers.

  33. Oh come on

    A big loss to these boards. Hopefully this is long service leave and not retirement.

  34. candy

    I hope when something particularly interesting turns up in the current affairs scene, you’ll share your thoughts with a blog, Samuel J, and say Hi to everyone. That would be really nice.

  35. Tintarella di Luna

    Samuel J, I how this is merely arrivederci and ciao for now. All the very best in all your endeavours.

  36. Tintarella di Luna

    I hope —

  37. Bill Shut

    A pleasure reading you, sir. Let’s hope Samuel K can follow in your footsteps.

  38. Chris M

    Oh my, that’s real sad. I enjoyed Samuels insightful posts very much….

  39. I am the Walrus, koo koo k'choo

    Well done Sam. Keep fighting the good fight!

  40. stackja

    Could Samuel J slip an occasional note under Sinc’s virtual door?

  41. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.

    Retire? What is that word?

    You are just having a well-deserved rest, Samuel, and then please come back. At least occasionally.

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