Rafe’s Roundup 18 April

World news. Demons on fire and Parramatta show some form.

What is going on here? And here – a “new race” discovered in Canada under the Constitution.

2014 Milton Friedman Prizewinner.

Leszek Balcerowicz, former Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister of Poland, will receive the 2014 Milton Friedman Prize for Advancing Liberty.

Balcerowicz has been widely credited with the economic transformation of Poland. He liberalized the prices of most consumer goods and initiated sound fiscal and monetary measures designed to balance the budget and end hyperinflation.

Philosophy in the Blue Mountains. This weekend, on the theme of Turncoats, Keith Windschuttle will talk about his experience and another talk will cover David Horowitz.

Keep up to date with the Shaken and Stirred Events!

Industrial Relations. The H R Nicholls Society. Check out the archives. The end of the Aboriginal stockmen, courtesy of central wage fixing. William Harold Hutt’s demolition of the mythology of militant trade unionism.

A bit of history, Peter Costello on the Dollar Sweets story.

History throws up unlikely heroes. The Dollar Sweets Company is now part of Australian industrial folklore. At the beginning of 1986, few Australians would have known the company existed, although its ‘Hundreds and Thousands’ had fed the sweet tooth and imagination of Australian children for a generation. No one would have anticipated that in 1985 it would become the subject of a vicious industrial campaign, and few would have predicted that events at Dollar Sweets would signal a turning-point in Australian industrial history.

Higher Education. Andrew Norton on trends in university funding and “attainment” since the 1970s. Malcolm Fraser thought that education was about the most important investment a country can make. Pity about the negative relationship between school funding and educational outcomes. And the uni courses that make people more stupid then they were at the beginning. And the strange language of “educational attainment” to refer to ever-increasing numbers of students going to “universities”.

Books. The great Kurt Vonnegut. What a treat some of his books were! Victor Gollancz, a great publisher, pity he was a lefty.

Gollancz was ahead of this time. He placed full-page adverts for his books in newspapers (very rare for this period) and his designers established a recognizable style featuring powerful typography and yellow dust jackets. Gollancz was creating ‘branding’ 50 years before marketers embraced the buzzword.

Gollancz sympathized with Communism and fell out with Orwell over the author’s Spanish Civil War account, Homage to Catalonia. He refused to publish the book and Orwell switched to Secker and Warburg, who went on to publish the author’s two most famous novels – Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Books on mental illness. Clouston and Hall Remainders.

How we live. Putin plays to the press gallery. Lorenzo.

Around the town: IPA HEY. The Sydney Institute. Australian Taxpayers Alliance, Liberty on the Rocks, the notice board for the ATA: Quadrant on line, Mannkal Foundation, Centre for Independent Studies.

Jim Rose, feral and utopian! Don’t miss The Class Structure in One Picture – the influence of collective bargaining in increasing the labour share of the pie.

For nerds. Melvyn Bragg’s radio program. Stephen Hicks, philosopher, libertarian and student of entrepreneurship.

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  1. Rabz

    Rafe – I am under the impression that Hendo is on a WEB due to the two consecutive Friday holidays – at least he said as much in last week’s MWD.

  2. Poor Old Rafe

    Thanks Rabz, fixed.

  3. Anne

    Thanks Rafe. This is my whole day’s ‘laying about reading’ right here.

  4. James In Footscray

    A shame about Media Watch Dog!

    I’m a massive Gerard fan, but was his appearance on Lateline a bit over the top? Maybe he’d had a bad day …

  5. stackja

    Dollar Sweets story

    to be soon followed by the various ALP scandal reports?

  6. jupes

    I’m a massive Gerard fan, but was his appearance on Lateline a bit over the top?

    Not at all. He was right but more than that, the leftie bullshit that ‘both sides are corrupt’ needs to be stopped at the source. Gerard’s defence of O’Farrell should be seen in that context.

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