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  1. srr


    #1282972, posted on April 28, 2014 at 8:25 am

    TMOT (Rev. Derrick Grayson) has his say on Cliven Bundy

    “and The White Poor, are being torn apart, by the Government”

    Interesting to, that NOW it has been turned into an attack against a white man falsely accused of racism, it IS all over the MSM, but when it was about free men Defending Their ‘free’ Nation’s Constitution, only one man of the MSM cared to cover the Government threatened fire fight, that only Fox put to air.

    And low and behold, right after that MSM coverage, the ‘Racist!’ LIE, took off like a wildfire through main stream, and, ‘social’ media.

  2. kae

    This was someone from where I work. Very sad. He organised the ride and chose the safest, widest roads, with no sun in the eyes.

  3. johanna

    If my memory serves me correctly, the traditional owners of Crown Casino land were Allen’s Sweets.

    Leigh, Leigh, you once again misunderstand the key issues.

    Land and resources that were worth zero 200 years ago are now worth something. Therefore, the descendants of those who were around when it was worth zero deserve generous “compensation.”

    You know, like if you could prove that some ancestor of yours once owned a block of land where gold or diamonds have recently been found, you deserve a hefty payout.

    You need to get with the program.

  4. johanna

    srr, it’s “lo and behold”, saving Deadman some pain here. It’s a Christian thing, dude.

    I love how many people on blogs that claim to have roots in Christianity think that “low and behold” means something.

  5. calli

    Johanna, it’s what the butler sees through the keyhole. [runs]

  6. johanna

    … as the actress said to the bishop …

  7. It’s a Christian thing, dude.

    Well, Biblical, perhaps: Genesis 15:3:

    And Abram said, Behold, to me thou hast given no seed: and, lo, one born in my house is mine heir.

    The first recorded use of the full phrase “lo and behold”—which is rather redundant, since it means “look and look”—was in 1808.
    Perhaps you’re thinking of “behold the man” (from ???? ? ????????, John 19:5, or, as the Vulgate has it, Ecce homo).

  8. Rafe

    A nice example of geo-engineering to save a fish industry and irritate the greens.

    Native Americans bringing back the salmon and preserving their way of life, while combating global warming: One would think that environmentalists would be very pleased.

    One would be very wrong. Far from receiving applause for their initiative, the Haida and Mr. George have become the target of rage aimed from every corner of the community seeking to use global warming as a pretext for curtailing human freedom.

    “It appears to be a blatant violation of two international resolutions,” Kristina Gjerde, a senior high-seas adviser for the International Union for Conservation of Nature told the Guardian. “Even the placement of iron particles into the ocean, whether for carbon sequestration or fish replenishment, should not take place, unless it is assessed and found to be legitimate scientific research without commercial motivation. This does not appear to even have had the guise of legitimate scientific research.”

  9. Gab

    Lo and behold, the AbbottBeast:

    From his rolling back of green initiatives and his disregard for climate change to his hardline stance against asylum-seekers and promotion of social conservatism, it sometimes feels like Abbott is taking Australia back into the dark ages …

  10. johanna

    Deadman, back into your crypt! The sun is up.

    Seriously, as one of Life’s (intermittent) pedants, “low and behold” stated by people who haven’t given a moment’s thought to what they are saying, gives me the irrits.

    “Low and behold” is beyond explanation, except perhaps to post-modern philosophers.

  11. boy on a bike

    it sometimes feels like Abbott is taking Australia back into the dark ages …

    The dark ages – would that be pre-white settlement?

  12. johanna

    it sometimes feels like Abbott is taking Australia back into the dark ages …

    The Dark Ages were before Australia was colonised, right?

    History, schmistory. It’s the message that counts.

  13. brc

    In case you have missed it, this editorial from the Australian is devastating to all the alp apologists of the last six years.

    Rudd and Gillards errors have now been laid bare

    Everything they did was a failure. The australian was right about everything. The response from trolls here and abc apologists was not to ask the government to answer, but instead to enthusiastically attack the Australian and call for media regulation to shut them up.

    Meanwhile, our fiscal position slid, our debt went from zero to massive and hundreds of thousands of businesses went to the wall. Employment was highly regulated and pockets of tax eating zombies were created everywhere. Costs of living skyrocketed and unemployment boomed.

    All this happened during a mining boom when, if managed correctly, would have rocketed Australia to the front of the pack.

    Most depressingly, within a decade we will be faced with the prospect of these clowns in power again.

  14. Rudiau

    Another piece of brilliant Fiskian judgment. Who needs mOnty or shitfer

    Lol /sarc. F*ck off Dan.

    I took it to mean civilians who are civil.

    So did I.

    that should be “Cliven Bundy Delendus Est”, of course.

    Of course. 🙂

    Because too many accept that ‘racist’ is a trump card. , rather than the mark of an idiot or a manipulator.


    And low and behold, right after that MSM coverage, the ‘Racist!’ LIE, took off like a wildfire through main stream, and, ‘social’ media.

    Lo and Behold. Indeed.

  15. boy on a bike

    It was in Volume X that Baronius coined the term “dark age” for the period between the end of the Carolingian Empire in 888[21] and the first inklings of the Gregorian Reform under Pope Clement II in 1046:

    Abbott wants to take us back to 888? I thought he’d want us to be back in 666.

  16. Gab

    Lo and behold the Afghanis that stayed in their country to fight for their freedom rather than slinking off across a number of countries to set foot in the Land of Welfare dumdums:

    Things have been different this time. According to official results seven million voters — 60 per cent of those registered — defied the certain death the Taliban promised them if they cast their ballots. The voter turnout was 50 per cent higher than five years ago and the election has been followed by relatively few of the complaints of rigging and ballot box stuffing that there were previously. Barely 200 of 6,500 polling stations failed to open, remarkable in a war torn nation. There were, indeed, Taliban attacks — 286 in all — but they did not come close to halting an electoral process held in the most challenging circumstances. Significantly, voting was strong in the Kandahar region, a backbone of the Taliban.

  17. srr

    The second annual Walter Duranty Prize for mendacious journalism will be awarded May 5 and, just in time for this year’s prizes, an email alert from the estimable CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting) validates how the Duranty committee’s first runner up for last year was indeed well chosen.

    That runner up was Bob Simon for his 2012 report on 60 Minutes — “Christians of the Holy Land” — that blamed Israel for the plight of the dwindling Palestinian Christian community in Bethlehem.

    Now one of those Palestinian Christians whose family actually appeared in the 60 Minutes segment — a young woman named Christy Anastas currently living in the UK where she was granted political asylum in only three days — has made a video of her own that contradicts virtually everything Simon said. Christy — who has received death threats from her own family members if she continued to defend Israel (they were that afraid) — tells her story in a compelling speech she gave at Upsala University.

    As The Cat still tends to make a pretty strong stand against Anti-Semitism, I would like to remind some who still think that Anti-Christianism is a different, cool, socially accepted bigotry, that Christians include Semites (children of Shem), Benjaminites and children of all the tribes of Israel.

    I would also like to remind people that Christians and Jews continue to risk and lose their own mortals lives, for the better mortal and blessed eternal lives of their brothers and sisters, who’s mortal fears are still stronger than their longed for strength of faith.

    In the face of such facts, I find it sad that bitter scribblers still get a free pass for spitting at Christians, with the same poisonous venom that isn’t be tolerated when spat at Jews.

    Those who claim to admire (while often actually fearfully hating), the enduring strength and power of ‘The Jews’, should try to remember God’s promise of healing the enmity between Judah, Levi and Benjamin, and Israel, the rest of the tribes and those of the nations who join them in God’s Holy Spirit, and His promise that none will be able to stand against that, re-joined power…for your soul’s sake, try to understand, The Whole Message of all those books called, The Bible.

  18. Gab

    Abbott wants to take us back to 888? I thought he’d want us to be back in 666.

    Then that would be the Medieval period. 🙂

  19. C.L.

    Abbott wants to take us back …

    Back to the days before race riots, houses burning down, workers being killed, brown people being drowned, MPs stealing money from hospital orderlies, party presidents being jailed, Speakers being knifed, airline stewardesses being abused … the bad old days.

  20. C.L.

    Why that last was moderated I have no idea.


  21. Mike of Marion

    I am awake from a supreme sacrifice for an SSOF!!

    Got up at 0200 Hrs CST and watched the Argentinian Moto-GP in which a young Marc Marquez triumphed, Pedrosa second and Lorenzo third.

    Gee the little Spaniard can ride a GP bike!!

  22. srr

    Johanna, how many need to be constantly reminded of how easy it is to miss one letter added or changed by auto correct and predictive text on a tiny touch phone?

    Oh, all those with no sound argument to make against points of facts they hate, and who proudly work at deliberately scrambling the obviously intended message, so that others may become as blind as those who willingly, knowingly choose to be ignorant: liars.

  23. Grigory M

    Behold, he has given to us more pedantry: and lo, he is known as Dedders from Tasmania.


  24. calli

    Taking us back to 666? A quick look at wiki (fount of a little bit of knowledge) revealed that in this hemisphere at least, the rev heads ruled.

    Chinese Buddhist monks Zhi Yu and Zhi Yu craft more south-pointing chariot vehicles (a non-magnetic, mechanical-driven directional-compass vehicle that incorporates the use of a differential gear) for emperor Tenji of Japan, as recorded in the Nihon Shoki.

    Sounds pretty good to me.

  25. jupes

    The Dark Ages were before Australia was colonised, right?

    No no no. Those was the good old days before the invasion, when Aborigines lived happy, fulfilling lives in total harmony with the environment.

  26. calli

    Oi! Deadman rocks!

    I go a little Jamie Lee Curtis (A Fish Called Wanda) when he talks Latin…and as for Greek…sigh. 🙂

  27. .

    On the other hand, the effort to tag sympathetic ordinary people at odds with big government and the Democrats as racist, sexist, or homophobic continues.

    What a crock of shit from the thieving leftists.

    Didn’t Reid or Biden call Obama a “light-skinned negro”?

  28. Mike of Marion

    Eddie’s OK, he’ll survive OK cos he’s a Labor man

  29. .

    It was in Volume X that Baronius coined the term “dark age” for the period between the end of the Carolingian Empire in 888[21] and the first inklings of the Gregorian Reform under Pope Clement II in 1046:

    What correctly do we then call the period/s from the defeat of Sygarius to the Carolingians?

  30. nic

    it sometimes feels like Abbott is taking Australia back into the dark ages …

    The left amuse me. Why only a few weeks ago, they were weeping about the ‘white invasion’ of Australia and what it had done to Aborigines. Ordinarily, the left hanker for exactly that, a return to the dark ages, no mining, no electricity etc.

  31. srr

    Also, lo (look) and behold (really see, check it out from all sides), is a call to not fall for the first thing that looks and sounds right, but to become aware of the twists in the tale and the optical illusions that sell a lie as truth.

  32. James

    it sometimes feels like Abbott is taking Australia back into the dark ages

    Never mind about facts, just feel…

  33. nic

    his hardline stance against asylum-seekers

    Whew, he’s lucky he never proposed the ‘Malaysian solution’ .

  34. Beef

    Eddie McGuire defends c-bomb slip-up

    The Maguire tongue slip again. Good thing Cornes isn’t an Aborigine, is he?

    Let all hosts and interviewees be warned that Eddies tongue could slip your way at any moment.

  35. Grigory M

    I go a little Jamie Lee Curtis (A Fish Called Wanda) when he talks Latin…and as for Greek…

    Dos vidanya, callie – but was it not John’s Russian-speak that made Jamie Lee really go all Jamie Lee? Or is that being too pedantic?

  36. nic

    I saw a clip of the logies this morn, where someone thanked the traditional owners of the land in their acceptance speech. Seemed out of place.

    Funny how ‘ownership’ starts and finishes with the Aborigines. If the Aborigines ‘owned’ the land, then so do those who came after.

  37. calli

    Well, Grigory…it definitely wasn’t the grey underpants on his head! Now that’s being pedantic.

  38. Gab

    Oi! Deadman rocks!


  39. RodClarke

    An Iraqi refugee says he tried to give the government the welfare money he was given now that he’s a business success. The man says that he no longer needs the welfare money he was given and wants to return it.

    The man, Sam Eisho, says he walked into a local welfare office. Holding a check for $18,000 (about $16,600 in US dollars), Eisho got in line. Told he was in the wrong line by a confused teller, he tried to explain that he wanted to give the welfare money back to the Australian government, Business Insider reports.

    Saying that the check was worth the amount of welfare he was given between 1999 and 2001, the Iraqi refugee said it gave him the help he needed to build his successful business. Despite this, his check was returned with a suggestion that he donate the money.

  40. ?????:

    ?? ??? ?????? ???????, ?? ?? ??????,
    ?? ?? ???? ????’ ??? ??? ????????
    ??????? ?????????, ??? ?? ???’ ??-
    ?? ??? ??????…

    “Some say grouped horsemen, some say soldiers on a plain,
    and others call a sweet comment* the loveliest
    of sights which the dark earth offers, but I maintain
    it’s what you love best.” [Sappho, 16]

    * not a literal translation

  41. Gab

    hehehe oooh-wah, you’ll get into trouble for that, Deadders, 😀

  42. Grigory M

    Allegorical allusions abound, calli – from yourself and from srr (#1283065, at 10:43 am). Dedders may need to look to his laurels ere the title of Resident Pedant (fastest Googler?) slips away.

  43. Lysander

    I’m certainly NOT anti-science by a long shot but I watched one of those

    The Planets

    series by BBC last night.

    Does anyone else find it annoying how they make leaps and bounds on tentative findings (to say the least).

    For example, on Mars;

    -Some spectral analysis of Mars’ atmosphere points to the fact that there might have one day been water on Mars;

    Then this “logical” jump:

    -The water on Mars probably would have ran from its equitorial home to the cold extremes of the north and south poles which probably means Mars’ had an atmosphere much like Earth;
    -This would mean that there was probably bacterial life on Mars (which dozens haven’t found yet);

    Then the final “logical” jump:

    -If there was bacterial life then it surely there surely might have been more advanced life.

    Yup, all this from inconclusive spectral analysis. From the same folk who brought you Global Cooling, Global Warming, Climate Change, AGW etc,,,

  44. nic

    James, ‘steam be building’ I can tell you.

  45. James

    The aging population problem is universal. Joe Hockey should be pitching the rise of pension age to 70 as a starter of conversation, the direction being private sector to fill the gap.

  46. James

    Clive Palmer is actually supporting Joe Hockey’s argument.

    If you are not going to employ someone aged 69 fearing that they might retire at 70, then it makes perfect sense to postpone the retirement age well past 70 to remove that concern and make them more employable.

    Clive Palmer says he won’t back lifting pension age

    CLIVE Palmer says his party won’t support a rise in the pension age, which has been a major focus of pre-budget speculation.

    Treasurer Joe Hockey last week described any increase in the pension age as an “inevitability”, but stopped short of confirming his first budget will lift it to 70.

    Mr Palmer, whose Palmer United Party will soon hold the balance of power in the Senate with other crossbenchers, said he would not back a rise in pension age.

    “I just couldn’t employ Joe Hockey or Tony Abbott at 69, no matter how competent they are,” Mr Palmer told ABC Television on Sunday.

    “They wouldn’t have a good future and I wouldn’t invest the time in training them because they would be retiring the next year.”

  47. John Comnenus

    Geez ICAC is quick when it comes to alleged Liberal corruption. Perhaps ICAC could first investigate the initial claims of corruption around the Orange Grove development. Those allegations, from memory – so I might be wrong, centred around Tripodi and Obeid. Perhaps the party disadvantaged by the alleged ALP corruption around their shopping centre decided that if ICAC takes over a decade to investigate alleged corruption then their only option to try to recover their losses is to use the same means that their competitors allegedly gained at their expense.

    I think the tardiness of ICAC’s investigations into the ALP has only encouraged more corruption. NSW is looking more like Chicago, and ICAC’s reluctance to investigate alleged ALP corruption in a timely manner might well be a significant contributor to a widespread culture of corruption across NSW. I think the level of corruption in NSW demonstrates that ICAC has totally failed to protect the public interest. ICAC is a part of the problem here. The perception is very clear that they are only interested in investigating the Libs in a timely manner.

  48. John Comnenus

    If our biggest problem is an ageing population then a critical part of the solution is obvious. Encourage more people to contribute to the birth rate. Removing the baby bonus was a retrograde and self defeating step given that it had a significant impact on lifting birth rates. We are all talking about 2030-2040 timelines. This is literally a problem we can copulate our way out of if it increases the birth rate.

  49. Anne

    #1283096, posted on April 28, 2014 at 11:07 am
    Oh, what a relief!

    Honestly! Illegal for him to pull his wee willy out and pee in the gutter, legal for him to stand in the gutter and pee his pants. The Nanny State perfected.

    Speaking of which…
    Anyone going to the Brendon O’Neill “Nannies, Nudgers & Naggers” lecture tomorrow night in Melbourne?

  50. Helen

    “They wouldn’t have a good future and I wouldn’t invest the time in training them because they would be retiring the next year.”

    Why would they need training?

  51. Anne

    You are a black hearted varmint JC!

  52. JC

    Oh come on. That’s uncalled for.

    By the way, I was kidding that time I told you to shut up.

  53. Anne

    I’m up with the gag JC, you don’t have to spell it out.

  54. calli

    Oi! Wot’s going on here? I thought this thread was dead, carked it, no more, ceased to be…

  55. Anne

    Shhh..Calli. Don’t wake Kae.

    Hushed tones…


  56. kae



  57. Anne

    What! Nooooooo!

    That’s it! You’ve bested me. I’m defeated!

    I’m history, I’m in the archives.

    I’ve got no future.

  58. kae


    yeah, some idiot here called me a stalker. And another idiot elsewhere.

    I have better things to do with my life than be a stalker.

    Getting the last word in here is just a little game – you started it, Marj*.

    I’m having fun thwarting you 😉

    *Marj is a nickname that a friend calls everyone, and I’ve been doing it for years, too.

  59. Anne

    It’s been hilarious, Kae. Thanks.

    I haven’t laughed so much since I had tetanus!

    You’re in my top three Cat favourites!

  60. kae


    There’s shots for that, though.

    Wait, they really hurt. I’ve had a few.

    Wanna call it a draw?

    (I know some sod will come and have the last word anyway.)

  61. Anne

    I’m happy to defer, Kae. I’d already given up anyway.

    It was fun. You’re a scream!

    Lets go see what the kids are up to over on the new thread.


  62. Gab

    I encourage you both, Anne and Kae, to keep at it to the death as the thread gets closed automatically after three weeks. 🙂

  63. Anne

    Hahaha…I did not know that.

  64. Eddystone

    Nah then, nah then, wot’s going on ‘ere?

  65. kae

    It’s no use being schneeky, everyone will se what you’re up to!


  66. Anne

    I’m afraid of you!!!

    I can’t believe you still checking. Lol. I can’t believe I’m still trying to win!

  67. Anne

    #1289446, posted on May 2, 2014 at 9:26 pm
    I’m afraid of you!!!

    I can’t believe you still checking. Lol. I can’t believe I’m still trying to win!

    (My email address went screwy!)

  68. kae


    (I can be silly on a Friday!)

  69. Anne

    Okay, you take Friday, I’ll the weekend and Calli, Gab and Eddy can do Monday through Thursday.

  70. Anne

    …I’ll cover the weekend…

  71. Anne

    Kae, have you ever been ‘First’?

    Boy that would be sweet!

  72. Anne


    Oh, now you disappear!

  73. Anne

    Herewith hindmost comment!

  74. Anne

    James LAST performing Lingering on.

    That’s very clever Grigory! 😉

  75. Anne

    Thread terminating in……two….three…


  76. Anne

    Chuckle, chuckle…snort…snort. ;-D

  77. Anne


    Quick Sinc! To the rescue!

  78. Kae

    You are appealing to The Doomlord?

    Good luck with that. 😉

  79. Anne

    Hahaha… You’re too funny Kae!

  80. Kae

    Hysterical, I know. 😉

  81. Anne

    Kae and Calli, you are winners!

    I’ll never be able to beat you.

    I will always be the one who comes….last.

  82. stackja

    Liberty Quotes
    Without a taboo against deficits, deficit spending tends to become habitual. It is politically corrosive, because no constituency expects to be the one to have to sacrifice when the limits of borrowing have been reached.
    — Arnold Kling

  83. kae

    Still hanging around. 😉

  84. Anne

    Stackja, what on earth are you doing here? You’ve just walked into the ladies’ dressing room!!! Outski!

    Hey girls, we should find a new place to hang out.

  85. calli

    You blighter…you were looking!

  86. calli

    There. Thread should self immolate after opening. See youse!

  87. incoherent rambler

    The lie of Julia Abbott will be the end of this government. How to blow goodwill in one easy step.

  88. calli

    Good grief, IR…if Celine’s singing doesn’t murder the thread, then the prospect of a Julia/Tony hybrid will do the trick.

  89. kae

    Is this thing still operational?

  90. kae

    I didn’t click the link.

    Had a neighbour years ago who loved Celine.

    I grew to hate the soaring notes, particularly on weekends when she was washing and detailing her car to Celine, right beside my bedroom window – the neighbours complained about the noise when she was doing it on the kerb.

  91. Anne

    Sophie Ellis Bextor! That takes me back.

    One hit wonder? 😉


  92. Anne

    How do you do that? ;-D

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