Q&A Forum: April 28, 2014

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  1. Motelier

    Who is the blonde piece?

    She is starting to make sense.

  2. calli

    Sara is educating the ABC re circulation/ownership…yet again.

  3. Carpe Jugulum

    Newspaper lady just schooled the room on media sales.

  4. CatAttack

    Alternative views read The Age lately.

  5. caveman

    Sarah just disconnected that feral hipster old chook

  6. CatAttack

    Imagine being married to her. Holy shit.

  7. calli

    The key’s been rewound….yabbbayabbayabba.

  8. youcancallmemeyer

    I think you do live in a parallel universe Van.

  9. Motelier

    Blonde V Brunette

    As if I have to make a choice.

    CYA Van Bandham

  10. James in Melbourne

    The Murdoch papers backed Rudd in 2007 and your lot thought that was just fine and dandy, you awful hag! Say it, Turncoat, for crissakes say it!

  11. duncanm

    VB really spouts some senseless crap.

    In this diatribe, somehow its bad that Murdoch owns a company that has exclusive rights to a TV series. WTF?

  12. Cold-Hands

    Van Badham completely misses the point.

  13. Snoopy

    VB = Media choice must be legislated against.

  14. Carpe Jugulum

    FFS, VB is back on the dribble express, yep, ok, MurdockSatan666. VB thinks this is a threat to democracy.

    How dare Murdoch try to expand his business interests.

  15. duncanm

    Green left weekly is free. How’s the circulation going?

  16. Gab

    Sara is educating the ABC re circulation/ownership…yet again.

    FFS how many times do those dumbf*ck lefties have to have the difference between circulation and market share explained before they understand? Like trying to teach maths to rhinos.

  17. Arnost

    Vanham Badham is truly off the planet. “Darl – yes – you are living in a parallel universe”. 🙂

  18. calli

    Turnbull educates ma tea…living in the past, man.

  19. Oh come on

    You mean Van describes herself as an anarchist to sound edgy but is in fact indistinguishable from the common or garden latte lefty taxeating leech in lifestyle and perspective?

    Or is she a part-time anarchist who only gets out of the coffin when the Libs are in power?

  20. Arnost

    Can someone tell me what gayboy just asked?

  21. egg_

    Van [email protected]: Murdoch666 Internet blah blah diarrhea… WTF???

  22. Rich

    In what market does Murdoch dominate?

    He doesn’t own a majority of print or broadcasting in either the uk or australia, if there was no news corp we would only have Fairfax and the ABC

    How dare the bastard exist

  23. Foggyfig

    Did I read somewhere that Murdoch was more pro Labour articles when the idiots got into power to fcuk the place over.

  24. Turtle of WA

    Gen Y Boy is trying to impress his boyfriend.

  25. Cold-Hands

    Is that VB’s twin sister?

  26. calli

    Van left her anarchistic red bra at home, OCO. Tonight she would characterise herself as ‘ironic’…she is in disapproving librarian mode.

  27. Notafan

    Badham once tweeted that artists should be paid a ‘living wage’. It’s funny how someone who may well live on government grants thinks she is an anarchist.
    With over 80,000 tweets it appears that might be her fulltime employment.

  28. caveman

    VB really is a non event.

  29. egg_

    I think we’ll have to get Doogie to interpret for Van [email protected]

  30. Foggyfig

    I love how they think free speech is bad – what the hell does Vanbadham do on twitter.

  31. CatAttack

    You hold people to account through freedom of speech.

  32. Arnost

    We are into re-defining what bigoted means. Andrew – dare I say in this case Pot kettle black?

  33. duncanm


    Sarrah pulls out Bob Ellis as an example of allowing bigoted drunkards to speak.

    she kicks, she scores!

  34. Turtle of WA

    Yes!!! Go Bob Ellis!

  35. custard

    Sarah is a hottie, and yes Bob Ellis is a stark raving fuc* wit!

  36. Oh come on

    “Let a thousand flowers bloom in our media. We need more diversity.”

    Is it my imagination or was that from Chairman Mao?

    Yep, but I think he said one hundred flowers. One thousand is just going a bit too Liberace.

    Incidentally, the Hundred Flowers period of liberalism was a feint. Mao privately spoke of ‘luring snakes from their holes’. There was a Spring and Summer of relative freedom to criticise the party and Mao. Bitter Winter soon set in for Mao’s critics.

  37. Cold-Hands

    New slant on 18c. Bob Ellis as a martyr?

  38. Tracey

    I’m pleasantly surprised by Sarrah.

  39. Gab

    has Vanbadham called Abbott a “lying, sexist c-nt” yet, as she did on Twittier a couple of weeks ago? How’s that for free speech, BadVan?

  40. Tracey

    If you don’t agree with Van you’re an extremist.

  41. duncanm

    Doogie tells us that outlawing bigotry would have made everyone in Northern Ireland kiss and hug.

  42. Rich

    VB is vilifying me by speaking

  43. Carpe Jugulum

    VB is an irrelevant twat.

  44. Arnost

    Bad Vanham – is near orgasmic on the change to 18c and …. Oh who the fuck cares.

  45. Lady Nilk, Iron Bogan

    Holy Cow, Van Badham is relating the Holocaust to Australian “bigotry.”

    Offensive scrag.

  46. egg_

    Bigoted Scott, Doogie, thinks Australians shouldn’t be bigots – agreed.

  47. custard

    Van is bloody nowhere, I cannot believe I hate her so much, and I do………….

  48. calli

    Malcolm shoves in the shiv….good man. H
    Looks like he’s read Van’s tweets .

  49. Cold-Hands

    Malcolm is being ironic re Badham’s tweets. Typically, it goes straight through to the keeper.

  50. egg_

    If you don’t agree with Van you’re an extremist.

    The mark of an extremist.

  51. Oh come on

    If you don’t agree with Van you’re an extremist.

    Hey, she stole that from Fisky!

  52. James in Melbourne

    Say it, you LINO! Free speech is free, excluding defamation and libel.

  53. Tracey

    Snowcone better wrap it up. Van is about to lose it.

  54. Cold-Hands

    “Not my job at the BBC”
    Take note, Snowcone.

  55. Carpe Jugulum

    Malcolm is being ironic re Badham’s tweets

    He should have nailed the stupid bint on the hate she posts.

  56. Turtle of WA

    Malcolm is a bit better tonight.

  57. egg_

    Van [email protected] keeps digging that hole – don’t interrupt!

  58. duncanm

    time to go scrub my brain with bleach

  59. Cold-Hands

    Anna Burke next week? The horror, the horror…

  60. Tracey

    Another Human Rights Lawyer next week. FFS.

  61. Rich

    Free speech is the single most important political issue

    Why do I even watch this

  62. Arnost

    Interesting – Malcolm just said sotto voce “That’s it”. His buttons are being pushed. Pitty this is ending. I’d love to see him fire a broadside with a dash of venom here…

    [and whilst I will criticize him relentlessly – I do acknowledge he is great value on the odd occasion]

  63. Brandis has completely screwed the 18c debate. Putting it out for discussion was a timid, cowardly approach. he should have just put it through quickly and the debate would now be over.

  64. calli

    Bob bloody Downe…I just can’t…watch…it.

  65. Carpe Jugulum

    OK Troops – Interuptions for tonight came in at 59

    I wasn’t expecting that many.

    Good luck next week, them arseless chaps don’t win themselves you know.

  66. custard

    @calli yes he has read Vans tweets. I told my missus and got slapped for using the C word ! Can you bear it?

  67. Malcolm is a bit better tonight.

    Are you fucking serious? Turnbull was on fire.

  68. Snoopy

    Australia needs a Free Speech Act.

    All speech would be protected except speech which promotes:

  69. custard

    Is 59 average less or more @ Carpe Jug

  70. James in Melbourne

    That goddam audience – that goddam network – owns Turncoat. Snowcone has photos. He would have to man up even to be supine.

  71. custard

    Oh Snoop I just love ya!

  72. Oh come on

    Snowcone better wrap it up. Van is about to lose it.

    Are you insane?? This is when you keep the cameras rolling and cut into Lateline!

    Van Badham, full scale meltdown on live national TV. That I would love to see.

  73. a tweet on the screen: freedom to say racist things is only important for racists.

    Okay, fine. let’s play that game. Let’s ban speech that promotes Marxism. After all, freedom to promote Marxism is only important to Marxists.

  74. Carpe Jugulum

    Who is that idiot on Lateline with the yellow tie.

    Can someone teach people how to tie a decent Windsor knot, that looks like a derro in a tux.

  75. Notafan

    It really annoys me that Badham is given gigs like this. She only has three thousand odd twitter followers which indicates that she doesn’t have much influence even in that parallel universe, despite the volume of tweets.
    She has produced no literary works of merit that have had any commercial success in Australia yet she gets gigs on government media and I assume arts grants.

  76. James in Melbourne

    Are you fucking serious? Turnbull was on fire.

    Turnbull let Badham make ridiculous assertions about the tax system (the “1%” fufuxake), the Murdoch “influence,” the NBN and free speech pass without even comment, let alone defence – let alone rebuttal.

    A useless performance.

  77. Cheryl

    Van is a nobody now. Her guru Julia has gone.

  78. Carpe Jugulum

    Is 59 average less or more @ Carpe Jug

    Custard – 59 is higher than usual, 20’s to 30’s is the norm, but a Janet Albrechtsen show scored 72 when she was the sole conservative.

  79. Arnost

    Wasn’t familiar with Bad Vanham till tonight. And now I wish I wasn’t. She was just awful! One of the worst haters ever on the panel. A bitter twisted leftard anarchist whatnot that contradicted herself on multiple occasions, played to the PC demographic and added precisely Zero value to any discussion.

    It is embarrassing that she calls herself (and is) a journo.

  80. kae


    If I win the interruption lotto one day would I be able to negotiate the arseless and the chaps?

    I wouldn’t mind a couple of chaps (blokes, whatever), but forget the arseless bit. MMMMkay?

  81. Carpe Jugulum

    I’m done troops, Domo & Konbanwa.

  82. Habib

    How on earth does a drooling troglodyte like Cameron get elected in NSW? Understandable in SA and Tasmania, even Victoria, but bloody NSW? Illustrates why the senate should be ditched, when a thuggish throwback walks in based on time served, knowlege of burial sites, and idiotic allegiances.

    I’m just happy all of my Caledonean ancestors are of ther Highlands.

  83. Can someone teach people how to tie a decent Windsor knot

    Do you really mean a Windsor knot, Carpe, or are you just referring to the common four-in-hand knot?

  84. Turtle of WA

    Custard – 59 is higher than usual, 20?s to 30?s is the norm, but a Janet Albrechtsen show scored 72 when she was the sole conservative.

    Makes sense. Albrechtsen is the most threatening to leftoids – beautiful, intelligent and right. Can’t be accused of misogyny, and can get her message through.

  85. Carpe Jugulum


    wouldn’t mind a couple of chaps (blokes, whatever), but forget the arseless bit. MMMMkay?

    Live a little Kae, them chaps would make you a dude magnet. You’d have to beat them off with a stick and send Floyd into attack mode to keep them at bay.

    I wouldn’t mind a couple of chaps (blokes, whatever), but forget the arseless bit. MMMMkay?

  86. Carpe Jugulum

    Good evening troops.

  87. custard

    first time i’ve done a Q and A blog, really liked the instant posting of comments and now see this as a permanent part of my weekly participation in the political discourse .

    thanks for that

  88. Lady Nilk, Iron Bogan

    Wilkommen, Custard.

    I’m going to bed now. I had to hijack my offspring’s laptop, so she can have it back now.

    Night all. 🙂

  89. Cheryl

    Tis fun isn’t it custard.

  90. Turnbull let Badham make ridiculous assertions about the tax system (the “1%” fufuxake), the Murdoch “influence,” the NBN and free speech pass without even comment, let alone defence – let alone rebuttal.

    He rebutted heaps of stuff. And actually he rebutted every one of those things when he got a chance. There is only so much one man can do in an hour, and he had to share air time with the other panelists.

    Your expectations are unrealistically high.

  91. john constantine

    so now that everybody uses a personal mobile phone, and telephone sanitisers are no longer vital in preventing plagues, we can revisit the golgafrinchan space ark theory. First embarkation point the exit door for the q and a audience. fly free to planet leftieville, little lefties, fly free.

  92. Ripper

    You mob are closet masochists. What a waste of an hour of your lives

  93. Foggyfig

    Bob Ellis is asking what ”that woman” said about him. Someone has told him to sue her because it has gone national and will damage his reputation.


  94. Rafe

    What if someone told us who was on the panel?

    Do you expect all of us to watch the goddam show? you are supposed to report on it to save us!

  95. Foggyfig

    Sorry, Rafe 🙁

    Sarah Le Marquand – Opinion editor at Daily Telegraph
    Andrew Neil
    Doogie Cameron
    Malcolm Turnbull

  96. Megan

    Awoke early in the Land of the Not So Free Anymore and spent the last half hour reading through the sterling report from the Q&A Sewer trenches. The arseless chaps live to fight another day, VanMadHam is as disgustingly and offensively stupid as expected, some guy in a possum wig fails to make a point, Turncoat tries winsomely against enormous odds, the Scots lunatic is an insult to his heritage, Sarah from the Tele gets an occasional word in edgewise, Carpe’s on first and custard makes his/her maiden appearance in the field for a respectable score.
    I’d try and find it online to experience it for myself but my kind and misguided Democrat hosts do not deserve to endure the stream of insult and invective that would ensue.
    I salute you all. Same time, same place next Monday.

  97. Oh come on

    WA insomnia iView edition – not even 10 mins into the show and it’s funny watching Turnbull listening to Van Badham – it’s pretty clear she’s one fool he really wouldn’t suffer if he had a choice. Lots of sighing, head shaking and suppressed eye rolls. I get the impression that maybe they’d had a chat in the green room before the show, and that Turnbull wasn’t particularly impressed with the cut of her jib from the get-go.

  98. Oh come on

    Disproportionate, Van. Disproportionate.

  99. Oh come on

    Van Badham says “I want everyone to consider blah blah blah”

    Hey, Van. Don’t care what you want, and go fuck yourself.

  100. JC

    Dred Scott Carr’s former speech writer is groveling for an apology.

    Dear Mark,

    A woman called Le Marquand on Q&A called me ‘anti-woman’ and said, in front of perhaps two million people, that the best thing to do about me and my vile misogynist opinions is not read me.

    Can you or Tony Jones apologise to me publicly for this?

    Loves women, he says. Loves them.


  101. Notafan

    A misogynist
    A man who thinks women are only good for one thing.
    A man who thinks they aren’t good enough even for that.

    And so it goes.

  102. Oh come on

    JC: hilarious, isn’t it. Ellis might now have some insight into how Abbott felt when Gillard accused him of being a misogynist.

  103. Oh come on

    Having said that…

    Whilst I don’t think Ellis is a misogynist, I do think he has a woman issue.

  104. Megan

    Ellis wants an apology? From his ABC? Good luck with that, Boob old son.

  105. Megan

    OCO, Ellis and insight have no right being in the same sentence.

  106. Tintarella di Luna

    Good morning gatti

    Awesome. Thank you.

  107. Tom

    Dred Scott Carr’s former speech writer is groveling for an apology.

    Poor old Bob is vewwy vewwy upset that he is no longer a person of relevance and is slowly sliding back into the oppositionist swamp of retired leftard losers.

    Thanks for the thread, Cats. So much better on the brain space not having to watch it.

  108. Rafe

    Thanks Foggyfig, I blame Carpe and Driftforge and Motelier and all those people obsessed with getting into the top ten without providing essential information.

    Sarah Le Marquand sounds like a find, and I gather she looks like a find as well.

  109. AndrewWA

    I want to go on the record that I 100% agree with Doug Cameron when he says that he knows all about bigotry.

  110. Combine_Dave

    How on earth does a drooling troglodyte like Cameron get elected in NSW?

    Looking at what passes for the LINO party in NSW (not to mention the corrupt SOBs in the ALP there) it’s hard to be surprised at the above.

  111. Combine_Dave

    I want to go on the record that I 100% agree with Doug Cameron when he says that he knows all about bigotry.

    It’s surprising that an immigrant to Australia would have such a strong dislike of working immigrants coming to Australia but have such an open heart, open arms and open enrolement forms/directions to the nearest centrelink for boat people.

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