Day 5 of a broken promise

Abbott - no taxes under a govt I lead

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  1. lem

    Splat, babes that’s all great and I agree with what you said, but NO ONE reads that stuff, they only listen to sound bites on TV and notice if they have less money in their wallets. So, Abbott must make sure that the people likely to return him to government do not notice a reduction in the amount of money in their wallets. Ergo NO NEW TAXES.

    Make up the difference with cuts to spending. It can be done.

  2. Mike of Marion


    Abbott is never going to be heard by significant numbers of the electorate because the MSM and ABC/SBS do not carry his messages. All we will hear from now on will be about the tax he proposes to introduce. The ALP will get an unimpeded run to the next election..

    And I reckon we will hardly get any MSM reporting about the Union RC – it will be virtually non-existent.

  3. Splatacrobat

    Abbott is never going to be heard by significant numbers of the electorate because the MSM and ABC/SBS do not carry his messages.

    Misfeasance n. Management of a business, public office or other responsibility in which there are errors and an unfortunate result through mistake or carelessness, but without evil intent and/or violation of law.

    If Abbott bought an action of misfeasance against Swan, Rudd, and Gillard that would get the MSM talking.
    There needs to be a daily reminder to the left and swinging voters who have the memory of Goldfish that Labor are the cause of the debt and deficit.

  4. MemoryVault

    Malfeasance: A willful and intentional action that injures a party.

    If Abbott went the ABC Board and its editors for malfeasance, both the ABC and the rest of the MSM would HAVE to sit up and take notice.

    Why tweak your opponent’s nipples, when you can rip out his jugular?

  5. iamok

    The general vibe I’m getting about Abbott day-to-day is that’s he’s a weakling.

    Also that he doesn’t mean what he says and doesn’t say what he means.

    I actually find it painful watching him being interviewed.

    I agree, I thought he was self effacing. Now I think he is devious. If I think that god only knows what those who doubted him think. Unfortunately his personal balance sheet at the moment is firmly in the red and I am not sure he can trade out.

  6. Perpetual Motion

    Abbott should just say:

    “We’ve had a lot of feedback on our plan to fix Labor’s budget deficit, and now realise that a tax increase would be counter-productive, because it would cause an increase in unemployment in the retail sector particularly, and is unlikely to generate extra revenue.

    And as we’ve said all along, we have a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

    So instead, we have decided to delay the implementation of the PPL, Direct Action, and Gonski until the budget is back in surplus. We will also look to further reduce government waste in areas where spending reductions won’t affect the vulnerable.”

    It’s a target rich environment, and therefore pure laziness and cowardliness to have jumped straight to tax increases on those fabulously rich people earning over $80,000.

    And for dessert, cut the ABC’s funding in half, because the ABC does absolutely nothing to reduce living expenses for the poor and vulnerable.

  7. Jannie

    We don’t know what else is in the budget. It is possible that the perspective may change if it also includes genuine reductions in expenditure elsewhere, say welfare. The noisy whinging of the productive classes may be a good backdrop to go with such cuts, politically. A possibility I hope. I don’t want to hate abbott. The thought of those ALPguys back in 30 months is terrifying.

  8. Gab

    Interesting the Coalition points loss didn’t go to Labor.

  9. all the recent polls have been 48-52, including an Essential poll a couple of days ago.

  10. Perpetual Motion

    Interesting the Coalition points loss didn’t go to Labor.

    Reflects the opinion on this site Gab. Won’t vote Labor or LNP.

    LDP in senate? Informal in House of Reps?

  11. Perpetual Motion

    Coalition on 39%. Didn’t Rudd get knifed at 37%?

    If the deficit levy is Hockey’s idea, then Abbott needs to kill it if he wants to remain PM.

  12. .

    #1289980, posted on May 3, 2014 at 11:00 am
    It is an incontrovertible and demonstrable fact that this country is utterly doomed financially with no way out.

    It doesn’t have to be that way, Dan. There’s plenty of low-hanging fruit to put in the savings basket, without any new taxes, broken promises, or throwing pensioners and cripples out into the street. I gave just one example a couple of days ago.

    In 1998 Howard “privatised” the Commonwealth Employment Service, and gave birth to the “Employment Service Provider” industry. Less than 200 CES offices with about 3,000 public servants nationwide has now blossomed into 7,000 plus EPS offices employing 30,000 plus totally untrained and unqualified “Employment Advisors” who do little else than duplicate what is already available at the internet kiosk in every Centrelink office in Australia.

    Scrap the lot. No legislation required. Nobody inconvenienced except the 30,000 “Employment Advisors” who would have to find real jobs, plus Therese Rein and Sarina Russo, who have both made millions out of it.

    Savings = $3 BILLION plus.

    Much of this is made redundant by SEEK dot com dot au.

    It is a joke. An $800 subsidy for each chump they claim to take off the welfare rolls.

  13. .

    I find it hilarious us meanies at Catallaxy Files dot com are ushering in a new era of rule by trade unions.

    If Abbott opposes such a change in political circumstance, why is he funding their previous, current, ongoing and future promises with a great big new tax?

    The COA identified 60 bn of savings p.a. for the next ten years.

    It is entirely possible to fuck off the mind numbing stupidity of 2007-2013 and forge good new liberal economic policy which would raise prosperity for all.

  14. DrBeauGan

    We now have hard evidence that Abbott was willing to offer anything to get power and hasn’t a clue about what to do now he has it. The question had to be which promises to break. He has chosen all the wrong ones. He loves the stupid PPL, he loves his ABC he loves Gonski. But he’s happy to bring in a new tax. This is massive stupidity and economic ignorance both. We‘re phukt. The morons are still running the joint.

  15. Perpetual Motion

    It is possible that the perspective may change if it also includes genuine reductions in expenditure elsewhere, say welfare. The noisy whinging of the productive classes may be a good backdrop to go with such cuts, politically.

    I think the point that the productive class is making is that there are thousands of instances of low-hanging fruit that could be cut without having any impact whatsoever on the poor and vulnerable.

    But Abbott and Hockey are shying away because they don’t want to upset the inner city luvvies who will never vote for them, and have instead chosen to take the easy route of increased taxes that Australia’s greatest retard, Wayne Swan, didn’t dare contemplate because of the expected backlash.

    Abbott is committing the cardinal sin of taking his base for granted, just to pander to a perception that the people who actually pay all the tax aren’t paying their “fair share”, and will rightfully be destroyed at the next election. If he makes it that far.

  16. Sir Fred Lenin

    Now is the time to start a new movement to govern All of the country,a movement that will absorb the LNP ex voters who are sick of lies ,and the workers who have been deceived by the scum of the lower middle class.this movement would change the Constitution to eliminate political parties and professional politicians,. It could change the country ,fix the cultimultural shambles that will destroy us ,get out of the untidy nayshuns and all internationalleft fascist groups,Repeal all the B.s “laws” passed by the fascists,help muslims ,africans and other s who will never integrate by reuniting them with their primitive cultures by deporting them, Liberate Aboriginals by making the same as all other Australians,and making them work with the unemployed at hard physical work to teach them to be usefull .the opportunity is there all we need is the will Power To The People!

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