2nd ALS Friedman conference slides

I spent the weekend in Sydney at the 2nd ALS Friedman conference. It was one of the best conferences I’ve attended with a fantastic line-up of speakers.

Henry Ergas, Judith Sloan and I were in a joint session on Sunday talking about taxation. From all accounts it was well-received. For those interested, my slides are attached.

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7 Responses to 2nd ALS Friedman conference slides

  1. Fleeced

    Oh, slides – how wonderful! 😉

  2. TerjeP

    A brilliant weekend. Attendance was up 60% relative to last year.

  3. Rabz

    Tax Folk Theorems: Widely held views about principles of good taxation policy or tax facts that are probably not true

    E.g. Australia is a low taxing country.

  4. Mindfree

    Great presentation Sinc and good to see blowing out of the water another example of tax myth “The rich don’t pay their fair share”

  5. Sally Moore

    Great fun, Great thinking, Great people, Lovely dinner. Thanks and OOOOOOO all organisers and speakers.

  6. Mr Rusty

    A great weekend, lots of brilliant ideas and discussions, the kind of stuff you might get from TED or a Festival of Dangerous Ideas (privatising sharks and whales?!).
    Compare and contrast to a Marxist conference of the so-called sneering progressives which would likely involve lots of fist shaking, gimme-gimme-gimme tantrums, musings on the writings of a sour Kraut from 2 centuries ago and classes on enslaving the minds of infants.

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