Q&A forum: Budget 2014 edition

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  1. JC

    That goes without saying that in an earlier age Marr would have been challenged to a pistol duel and shot dead. (not a death threat).

  2. Rousie

    He’d go alright with a small bit part in a kids pantomime I reckon.
    Credit where credits due

  3. MT

    Thanks guys, can’t watch the show without you.

  4. Combine_Dave

    Uhuh, Sharman goes full retard “We have to raise revenue so we can provide the level of services that a civilized society requires. What a shock

    That would be shocking if it weren’t for similar sentiments being echoed by Cormann and Hockey….That’s what happens when you don’t clean the leftards out of trsy when you obtain the powers of office.

    I do hope their budget is better than my expectations!

  5. Grigory M

    goatjam – that kickass link goes to a malicious website.

  6. john constantine

    stone has burnt her career, and now seeks to get survival points as the unsackable voice of victims.

    stone is flailing around for an angle, unfortunately loyalty, competency and good manners are no longer within reach. A death stare wishing it had julie bishop to belong to.

    the abc will build her profile as much as it can, to promote disunity among its enemies.

  7. faust

    As much as I can’t stand Stone, she merely paraphrased Oliver Wendell Holmes who said “tax is the price we pay for a civilised society”.

    Of course he was talking about an era where tax receipts were a fraction of what they are today. But still…

  8. Cold-Hands

    Peter from SA, “Foyle’s War” is on 7-two in Adelaide, so provided you can get the digital channels it’s on every Monday. Old episodes, but still better than Q&A.

  9. Combine_Dave

    Guessing the Ministers have better things to do tonight though.


    Worm the dog
    have an enema
    Bang their heads on a desk until they’re unconscious etc.

    I prefer to imagine them kicking back, smoking cigars and slapping each other on the back to celebrate their new budget*, and all the hard work they’ve put into it.

    * Their opinion on how great the budget is may differ from my own.

  10. hzhousewife

    Watch Lateline guys…I’m telling yers….

    Day & Leyonhjelm…or so I’m told!

    Made sense both of them.

  11. Andrew

    That bald indian prick is such an annoying douchebag.

    I really enjoyed him as a lunch lecturer once. But it was in a relevant environment – Queers&Alarmists is the opposite of that

  12. stackja

    I went to bed. Probably did miss anything.

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