Roger Scruton on free speech and the media

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  1. He was really good in real life too. He spoke for ages almost without notes, and still managed to make sense.

    The Socialist Alliance demo outside the IPA gig was completely piss-weak, though. It hasn’t even made it to their Facebook page yet – I searched in vain the other night for a record of their ‘triumph’, but there was none. I was very disappointed that all 400 or so of us weren’t allowed to go outside and exercise the Fisk Doctrine, as I was sitting next to a man with a couple of very handy-looking walking sticks.

  2. Foggyfig


    I have kept on eye on their FB page and presumed the protest was pathetic because they weren’t bragging about their success like they have with Q&A.

  3. As I say, Foggy – weak as piss.

    It would have been a kindness to go out there and frighten them. I would have at least liked them to brag so that I could:

    1) identify them,

    2) find out what private school they went to,

    3) and find out where their parents worked,

    4) and then put that on the Cat as a guest post: a little study of the demographics of privilege.

  4. rodney

    Q & A is essentially a private party for the true believers by the True Believers. If C. Pine wishes to be a Pork Chop in the Synagogue, what does he expect?

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