A Double D or not?

This business about a double dissolution is quite a conundrum. On the one hand I do not want the government to lose. The other side is so much worse that comparisons are just not viable in my mind.

And no doubt Labor would like to win. But a DD would take place say in the next six months after not a single measure to fix the economy had gone through the Senate, and after Labor will have run on a campaign of fixing nothing since there’s nothing to fix. Since they know better, this will be a truly poison pill, specially since it will of necessity be an ALP-Greens government. And if things don’t get fixed, they will inherit their own whirlwind of disaster (but, of course, so will we all).

And if the Libs do win, they will be in place to do all of the things they need to do with three clear years to make the politics work for them. And they may wipe out the minor parties in the meantime with only Palmer a possible remaining presence.

And then there are still the boats. What would Labor promise that will hold an ounce of credibility?

Tony may yet turn out to be a better strategist than I have been giving him credit for.

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  1. Paridell

    HCA = High Court of Australia.

    But also Healthcare Australia, Hills Community Aid, Humanities and Creative Arts, Hypnotherapy Council of Australia… best to write the name in full.

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