ABC gets trolled

Antony Green has a long post up over at The Drum responding to a comment he found on the internet:

there seems to be quite a lot of badly informed commentary on political blog sites on how a double dissolution would be brought on.

Let me quote one website commentator who manages to encapsulate these misunderstandings in two sentences.

There will be a DD in early 2015 whether Abbott wants it or not (he very unlikely to want it as by then 2PP polling will be something like 60-40 against him!). Shorten will deny him supply, and rightly so.

Cats will recognise that piece of stupidity – it’s our very own Hammy. For the non-regulars Hammy is a parody troll. There I was thinking that the standard of his parody trolling had declined in recent times, but apparently not.

Well done Hammy! Keep it up and you’ll be pushing Arlene Composta standards.

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60 Responses to ABC gets trolled

  1. Baldrick

    The sun shines east, the sun shines west,
    I know where the sun shines best
    My little Hammy,

  2. lem

    Way to go Hammy.

    or, or, or…maybe Anthony Green is Hammy, posts dumb stuff, then uses it to craft sarcastic tax payer funded Drum posts. Cunning stunt, if so.

  3. Infidel Tiger

    Hammy’s the best. Love that guy.

  4. H B Bear

    You’re not a real troll until Snic’s mate, Jonathan “Moose Knuckles” Green, publishes some tosh about politicians’ vaginas. Antony Green doesn’t cut it.

    Keep ya head down Hammy.

  5. Gab

    Onya, Hammy. The Order of Lenin for you.

  6. Tom

    Why wasn’t Arlene Composta road-tested at the Cat? Never mind. We have a new homegrown star we have delivered to the online firmament.

  7. H B Bear

    Onya, Hammy. The Order of Lenin for you.

    Presented by his local representative, Mark Scott, on behalf of the workers co-op.

  8. pete m

    Hammy starting his decline when trumpeting about post numbers. eg 100, top 20 etc.

    Boring mate.

    But this was good, and believed by some, so well done champ.

  9. H B Bear

    Hammy starting his decline when trumpeting about post numbers. eg 100, top 20 etc.

    Exactly. Remember the words of the great man, from each according to his ability and all that shit. Marx wouldn’t have given a rats arse about being in the Top 10.

  10. harrys on the boat

    Hammy needs to post links when he comments on lefty websites, so we can have a giggle at the mouth breathers frothing with rabid agreement.

  11. Yea Hammy, share the fun with us. Don’t keep it all to yourself, FFS.

  12. Nic

    Hammy’s handler will be pleased

  13. Gab

    Hammy, you’re a star! You made it onto the Drum!! You’ve hit the heights, kid and it’s all downhill from there.

  14. I’m hugely proud of our dear Hammy.

    Hammy owned: 18,235 times.
    Quadrant owned: 2 times.

  15. mundi

    The scum at the ABC will just use this as an excuse to increase their funding – after all – with posts like that clearly we are all uneducated morons who need to pay more tax so they can write articles about how wrong we are about everything.

  16. Good to see he can still slum it with the rest of us, and that the capacity to count on has been retained.

  17. egg_

    2PP polling will be something like 60-40 against him!

    Within the realms of possibility, Hamster.

  18. JC

    hahahahaahhahaah Bald idiot Jonathon Green gets trolled by Keroboy. How surprising.

    Shouldn’t Media Watch carry that?

  19. Notafan

    The Antony Green article was good. He’s the only ABC employee I’m fond of, since forever.

  20. James of the Glen

    The village idiot has more trolling talent than this repetitive drip. It’s always the same – base a question or statement on a false premise. Someone take him down the back..

  21. Gab

    Antony Green reads the Cat?

  22. Antony Green reads the Cat?

    might have been via “catalaxycomment”…..

  23. Gab

    AussieP could you not refer to that, please? No need to give it any recognition.

  24. johanna

    Notafan, we are going to have to get a room if this continues. 😉

    Antony Green, who is probably paid less than the airhead ABC bloviaters we have to endure every day, is a national treasure.

    He understands every electoral system, and every electorate, State and Federal, in this wide brown land. It is a not inconsiderable intellectual achievement, which undoubtedly and easily surpasses those of Professors of Hospitality and Sports Studies in some of our so-called universities.

  25. Infidel Tiger

    No, this is the only ABC employee I’m happy to pay:

  26. wreckage

    The comments thread was pretty good.

    Article: we basically can’t have a DD unless conditions X, Y and Z are met.

    Commenters: But people are very angry, so I think we can!

  27. Fisky

    Hammy is terrific. Given that I may enjoy a spell as a Left-wing parody troll myself, there will be space opening up on the bombastic Right. Hammy, can you pretend to be a Right-wing extremist for a week?

  28. Squirrel

    “ABC gets trolled” – can we really (really) tell the difference?

    Some interesting stuff amidst the red herrings and straw men in JG’s Drum piece – still, I think we’re in for some entertaining brinksmanship over the next little while.

  29. dover_beach

    Article: we basically can’t have a DD unless conditions X, Y and Z are met.

    Commenters: But people are very angry, so I think we can!

    This exemplifies the intellectual decay of Western society.

  30. squawkbox

    Congratulations, Hammy. And pats on the back for all the cats who have nurtured and encouraged him here. Now Hammy has spread his wings and flown! Just hope he doesn’t fly back too quick 🙂

  31. Andrew

    Antony Green, who is probably paid less than the airhead ABC bloviaters we have to endure every day, is a national treasure.

    Basically, he’s doing his job. He’s on top of his brief and understands the theoretical background, is competent, and avoids showing his personal biases. Johanna, he’s paid good money to do this!!! Just because no one else in that sewer is performing to the standards that the rest of us are routinely held to at work doesn’t mean he’s in line for a knighthood.

  32. Rabz

    What wonderful little tale to wake up to.

    Well done, Hammburglar.

  33. Without knowing his identity, how can you know whether he’s serious or parody?

  34. jupes

    Antony Green reads the Cat?

    I was surprised too. An ABC employee reading the Cat can only be a good thing.

  35. Notafan

    Andrew, not sure we were thinking of a knighthood more, he’s adorable, in a human election perfection kind of way. 🙂

  36. cynical1

    Hammy ain’t that good.

    He only fools morons like Green.

    Now, the late Mrs Composta, she was good…

  37. Des Deskperson

    Hammy is serious! He’s a non-too-bright ‘progressive’ triumphalist who truly believes that his, err, deft thrusts undermine, irritate and upset the ‘Tories’.

  38. Tom

    Sadly, Des, you are right. But the romantic fable reads better.

  39. Rabz

    Hammy is serious!

    Don’t make me conduct another poll, peoples.

  40. Dr.Sir Fred Lenin

    Gab the top decpration for idiot communists is now “the Grand Order of the Persecuted Choolya”.it must be presented by a prominent communist female,preferably a lesbian,uncle Vladimir is soNon Cool .the soshalist allianceists and meeje stenographers all have one.

  41. Andrew

    Yeah, he is adorable Notafan. If I was gay I’d go there.

  42. Robbo

    I think Hammy needed to listen to my mother (God bless her) when she told me in my youth that if I kept doing that naughty thing it would send me blind. Hammy is living proof that dear old Mum got it wrong. It actually makes you stupid. Even though the damage has now been done Hammy you should stop because it might make you even sillier.

  43. Up The Workers!


    Sounds like Short Willy’s bra size!

  44. Pyrmonter

    #1311818, posted on May 19, 2014 at 11:04 pm
    Antony Green reads the Cat?

    Could AG be Hammy?

    (FWIW, I agree with those who think AG one of the few redeeming lights in an otherwise leaden ABC)

  45. Anne

    Could AG be Hammy?

    Hammy, Hamburgler, Hamster, Hambot, is also known affectionately…in the real world…
    as Gareth Hamilton.

    Psst…he looks nothing like his Gravatar.

  46. cohenite

    hammy is not God, he is A God but he is not God.

  47. DrBeauGan

    I want you to know Hammy that I believe in you. I think you really believe what you write and you are not a spambot but a real person. An idiot, but a genuine 100% real idiot.

  48. Rabz

    The Hammburglar has been known to vigorously assert on this blog that he is indeed a committed communist who believes in the dictatorship of the proletariat.

    But then, he would say that, wouldn’t he?

  49. David

    No, this is the only ABC employee I’m happy to pay:

    Nice choice IT. Lovely. What was the video clip about? I seem to have been distracted somewhat.

  50. I am the Walrus, Koo Koo K'Choo

    Outstanding, Hammy. Magnificent.

    I have long admired your work. Pitch perfect.

    I used to see Anthony Green in the Enmore IGA, when I was living at Stanmore. He used to acknowledge me if I saw him standing in the checkout queue. Don’t know why, he didn’t know me, but I suspect he was used to people giving him the ‘Don’t I know you from somewhere?’ look and this was his standard response.

  51. David

    Well Hammy you have done it now.

    Your next contribution to the Cat is going to have to be something spectacular to top being accused of trolling by “the Drum”. Done yourself in you have.

    A new avatar springs to mind like a Buddhist monk self immolating or similar.


  52. H B Bear

    Hammy are you going to apologize to the nice Mr Antony Green for his be-clowning?

  53. blogstrop

    It is indeed hard to tell the difference between a pretend left-loony and a real one. I still fail to see the attraction of Hammy. Not a patch on Margot’s Maid, who via her virtual amanuensis Gavin Atkins gave us many a laugh on the old Tim Blair site.

  54. Mk50 of Brisbane, Henchman to the VRWC

    Hilariously, if you put up a post there pointing out that hammy is, as Sinc says, a parody troll and they are gullible, it does not make it thru moderation.

    Well, it IS their Abbottabbottabbot666 Bolshevik Collective!

  55. mizaris

    Surely Antony Green doesn’t believe that this fool’s dribblings are indicative of the quality of comment and debate generally on this site??? I certainly hope not!!!

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