Military dictatorship on the need for 18c

From AM:

SAMANTHA HAWLEY: Okay, well can we talk about another key element of democracy which no longer exists here. That is free speech and freedom of movement. It’s very clear now that you are trying to contain free speech, the freedom of movement of some people who want to express a different view.

WEERACHON SUKONDHAPATIPAK: People keep slander one another, people keep saying something insulted one another. That result, people keep putting hate speech everywhere in order to incite the unrest. This is the key factor that cause unrest in Thailand, that cause social divided in Thailand.

SAMANTHA HAWLEY: I understand there is hate, there has been hate speech from some quarters in Thailand, but the military has also detained many other people, academics for instance, journalists, a very well known journalist from The Nation newspaper, who has been detained for daring to criticise what is unfolding in this country. It was not hate speech.

WEERACHON SUKONDHAPATIPAK: Let me go back to the issue of deten- of, you know, of the freedom of expression that people’s opinion, because we need to stop creating a negative attitude to one another. And for those who have been detained as you mention, we have a clear evidence that their idea, their comment has made the work of the council, National Council for Peace and Order, become more difficult. And people will feel…

SAMANTHA HAWLEY: But wider than that, what you really mean is if people criticise the coup or what the military is doing, then they are vulnerable?

WEERACHON SUKONDHAPATIPAK: About the freedom of expression, he criticise the military and that, the opinion, you know, out of that criticism could perhaps incite the peoples to, or incite the unrest.

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21 Responses to Military dictatorship on the need for 18c

  1. Robert Blair

    Well, it is a simple fact that Asian immigrants to Australia do not value free speech.

    In fact, they are easily convinced that it is a bad thing, and a good idea to suppress.

    Who do the Libs cite as the main ethnic groups lobbying to retain 18c? The Chinese.

    And no, its not just Asians. It’s pretty much the same with all our non-western immigrants.
    Does it matter what they think? No, but what they vote for does, and at the moment they are voting to suppress free speech in Australia.

    You cannot flood a country with non-western cultures and expect it to remain western.

  2. Alfonso

    ” It’s very clear now that you are trying to contain free speech…… of some people who want to express a different view.”

    Mordy’s ears must be on fire.
    Is the courageous Samantha really a subversive, attacking the speech proscribers in Thailand as a proxy because she dare not oppose the comrades here…..more than her job is worth at Their ABC, I’m guessing.
    Go Sam…..

  3. JakartaJaap

    Sam is treading on thin ice here. I fear she will be struggled by The Collective and marched through the streets in a dunce’s cap.

  4. Infidel Tiger

    It’s a different kind of free speech.

  5. ar

    Our laws must be attractive to despots… say something negative about Thailand’s military… and you’d breach 18C by offending a defined group… or junta.

  6. TerjeP

    If only we had a liberal government things would be different.

  7. Baldrick

    If only we had a liberal government things would be different.

    Amen to that, brother.

  8. JC

    One thing that ought to be banned is her name


    What fuck is that! …. A random selection of vowels and consonants?

  9. Dr.Sir Fred Lenin

    We need those powers here,to stop the Taxpayer funded alpbc preaching hate on Taxpayers hard earned mo ey Why Gina doesnt dump her fauxfacs shares and consign it to the Tip of History escapes me,the comrades put some ding dong on the board instead of her Dump the shares Gina ! They. Will only drop further in value .and you will never be admitted to the communist comrades cabalthat really runs this terminaly sick object. The ceo of fauxfacs like the ceo of alpbc are Frauds.I wouldnt let them run a pay toilet.they would do a kirner and order hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of toilet paper which was miles too big for the dispensers,Remember that joanie? Mind you is was greenie approved paper!

  10. Rabz

    out of that criticism could perhaps incite the peoples to, or incite the unrest

    Is he implying that the peoples are revolting? 😕

  11. Gab

    In case it’s not already been mentioned, I nominate Sir Dr Fred Lenin to be Minister for Police and Law Enforcement under the Fisk Doctrine. You know it makes sense.

  12. Max

    Phase 1 of Operation Desert Storm was for Future-tech F-117 nighthawks to take out Saddam Hussein’s Command and control infrastructure, disabling his communication and situational awareness capabilities, after that he was rolled in 60days.
    From 2020 onwards into the foreseeable future will be characterised by a more primordial form of warfare.

    100’s of Millions of excess Asian men are going to be roaming the world thanks to the Chinese one-child policy and the practise of Female infanticide in India and many parts of Asia.

    With no hope of marriage and family and with no genetic investment in the future there are going to be armies of frustrated and angry Elliot Rodgers on Steroids. Against these marauding bands the world will be a very dangerous place for western women.

    And thanks to 18c we won’t be able to talk about it. We’ll have no communication and situational awareness capabilities to protect ourselves.

    They didn’t even need cruise missiles! They did it with perpetual grievance and pre-emptive Hurt Feelings….

  13. I am the Walrus, Koo Koo K'Choo

    Nup, you guys don’t get it.

    The hippies aren’t against free speech.

    They just don’t want their opponents saying things that they don’t like to hear.

    So it’s ok for Thais and others to have free speech because they aren’t going to abuse it, like Andrew Bolt, et al. Ordinary people are allowed to have free speech. Libertarians and conservatives – not so much.

  14. Vicki

    Ordinary people are allowed to have free speech. Libertarians and conservatives – not so much.

    I wouldn’t say that – this afternoon SMH online is reporting that the ABC has suspended a couple of footie broadcasters for “racial offences”.

  15. Des Deskperson

    Thailand is the place where 78 protesters died ‘in custody’ one afternoon.

    I’ve never quite been able to reconcile this sort of thing with the claims that Thailand is a ‘libertarian’ society.

  16. nerblnob

    Is the courageous Samantha really a subversive

    No. They simply don’t see the contradiction.

  17. Frederic

    JC you just need to read it slowly, it’s not hard at all. I don’t really understand why people look at difficult foreign names and can’t read them like any other word.
    wi-ra-chon su-konda-pati-pak

  18. Aristogeiton

    You must be so proud Yobbo.

  19. Some speech is freer than others…

    I feel sorry for the Thai, such really nice people.

    Things must be pretty bad when the poor feel they need to take advantage of corruption, knowing how damaging it will be in the long run.

    The central elite should know better too, but then look at our self selected elite.

  20. wmmbb

    Since the Catallaxy Collective is experiment in “free speech”, how is it going? Call in the Thai Army, I say.

    OK, that was joke. What is the utility or purpose of political expression, and why should it be open to all? There was another army, at another time, that decided to allow the expression of soldiers grievances and other matters, as indeed the Thai Army might following a civil war. The libertarians among you will like the reference source, if not the material.

  21. Warner


    What fuck is that! …. A random selection of vowels and consonants?
    An explosion in a scrabble factory

    You mean like Stjohn Cholmondeley = (Sinjen Chumley)

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