Tankman footage

Source: WSJ

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  1. Bruce of Newcastle

    In China if you use the phrase “Big Yellow Duck” in social media you could be gaoled. Euphemisms can be fatal.

  2. Dr.Sir Fred Lenin

    This guy is either very brave or very naive ,carrying on like that ,stopping socialist progess with his Deviationist behavior.sstill he is a great example to our professional protesters in Australia,I wonder how much Dole Money the Chinese government pays its protestors fotnightly?

  3. Alfonso

    You have to do crazy brave in the daylight…try that away from a mass audience at night and you’re road kill Xi. A Chinese 2nd Ammendment would have seen the glorious Party People’s Rulers as ex parrots or in exile in Burma by now.

  4. Rabz

    Just watched a short doco on this – I’d forgotten this incident took place after the crushing of the demonstrations.

    Inspirational stuff.

  5. Sinclair Davidson

    Yes – you can hear the gunfire in the background.

  6. Infidel Tiger

    Wonder if he’s alive?

  7. Rohan

    I hope the stories of him being executed for treason are false. It’d be nice to think he managed to fade back into obscurity and now lives a quiet and productive life.

  8. Infidel Tiger

    Yep. In my mind he got the shopping home without ever being found out.

  9. will

    Wonder if he’s alive?

    I have read that no-one appears to know. He possibly subsequently died, especially considering that he is anything but inconspicuous. He will likely remain the unknown freedom fighter.

  10. will

    I understand that local troops on the scene for days only had dummy ammo. The rural troops shipped in for the day had the live rounds, which they used to indiscriminately murder.

  11. stackja

    George Washington was a naive man who thought he could stop the British Army.

  12. Dr.Sir Fred Lenin

    Will ,the local troops with possible sympathy for the local people with blank ammo to discourage helping the protesters,the introduced troops with live ammo ready to shoot protesters and local troops if required.
    An old Soviet ploy ,used to work well untill Yeltsins day .the live ammo troops refused to fire on the crowd and threatened officers who tried to order them to fire.Result ,the end if the Soviet Regime. One day the Chinese Army will react in this fashion,this causes nightmares in the communist ranks.Its a bit like trade union members refusing to. Go on strike when ordered by the University comrades and withdrawing paying dues,Horror !

  13. val majkus

    what amazing footage!

  14. Roger

    Wonder if he’s alive?
    One would like to think that he did get home with his shopping, which he never let go of throughout the entire incident! But the footage posted doesn’t show how the event ended, with several figures who are likely undercover police ‘escorting’ the man off the road and one waving the tanks on. With all we know about the Chinese authorities, we can reasonably surmise that he was arrested and executed.

  15. I am the Walrus, Koo Koo K'Choo

    Amazing. Thanks for posting it.

    The story I heard is similar to Roger’s, however these people were apparently fellow protestors, and Tank Man’s identity has never been revealed, nor has he ever been found. I hope that is true.

    After the event, a number – I think about 25 – officers of the Beijing-area PLA were executed for failing to carry out their orders to clear Tiananmen with gunfire. Their humanitarian approach caused ‘Dung’ Xioaping to bring in farm-boy soldiers from the provinces, who had never been to Beijing, to carry out his orders.

    The ChiComs are seriously evil people.

  16. Roger

    The ChiComs are seriously evil people.
    And also our biggest trading partners!
    I’m not arguing against that trade, since it benefits people in China and Australia and the liberalisation of the economy in China surely must eventually lead to political liberalisation, but in the meantime we should have no illusions about who we are supping with. How long is our spoon?

  17. I am the Walrus, Koo Koo K'Choo

    Long spoons indeed!

    I’m making a distinction between the Chinese people and the mob of thugs who rule them.

  18. Roger

    I’m making a distinction between the Chinese people and the mob of thugs who rule them. A valid distinction to make, generally speaking. All totalitarian regimes rely on fear and intimidation of the oppressed majority to maintain their grip on power, but just as crucial to the maintenance of power is the section of the populace who are complicit in the lies and abuse of power, either for ideological reasons or personal gain.

  19. .

    This man is a hero of our time.

    There are probably a lot more who stand up to oppression who go unnoticed.

    China, Iran etc are not monolithic. These regimes are weak. North Korea is economically weak and held together by brutality and violence.

    We’re winning…and so the Chinese people will win.

    It will be interesting to see if China and Taiwan ever reunite as the ROC etc.

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