Diverse projects of interest – a mid-week roundup.

Poetry reading with Alastair Spate and others. Sustaining the almost lost art of poetry reading, swept away by modern educationists who scorn the old-fashioned learning and reading aloud of traditional rhymes and songs. Clive James in reflective mode has expressed gratitude for the legacy of rote learning of poetry that was standard procedure in the public education of his youth.

Traffic Jam is a community-based project dedicated to contribute to the end of human trafficking and slavery in the world. Traffic Jam is formed around a website where people moving to countries for any purpose can safely register their details so someone knows where they are going and why. The launch of the Traffic Jam website is on Sunday 15 June at 3pm at Redfern Town Hall and the link for that event is here.

Cedric Koon versus The Coward Punch.

I thought this was a Mona exhibition but it just a promotion that came into my mailbox from Mona. It is probably in the same genre as Mona and not my kind of art but it adds some life and movement to the Apple Isle.

Police officer takes a stand to call out obscene T-shirt wearer. Putting into practice the project of politely and firmly calling out bad behaviour.

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8 Responses to Diverse projects of interest – a mid-week roundup.

  1. twostix

    A NOT-for-profit organisation called Responsible Sydney believes a united front from Sydney DJs could help reduce levels of drunken violence in the city.

    The group’s founder, IT professional Cedric Koon, said: “We are kicking off a project in response to the coward punch deaths and glassings incidents that are occurring in Sydney.

    “Instead of yelling out things like ‘get your f—ing hands up in the air, let’s get some shots’, they could be yelling some sort of message about violence and how it’s not cool.

    That sounds awesome.

  2. Robert Blair

    It is not awesome at all.

    It is typical nanny state bullshit.

    Unwilling to punish the perps, instead everyone is hectored. The perps laugh.

    This is the modus operandi – there is no social problem so bad that it cannot be solved by condescending lecturing of the entire population.

    Equally there is no problem so bad that it justifies firm, direct and harsh punishment of the actual offenders.

    As if a night club full of adults do not know it is wrong to sucker punch people. As if someone who is drunk enough, stupid enough and naturally mean enough to do so would be deterred by a DJ’s announcement.

    Punish the perps. Punish them swiftly. Punish them in a manner that will deter others. Punish them as they punished their victim – destroying their lives, and the lives of their loved ones.

    All the rest is cowardly nanny-state posturing.

  3. Tel

    The reason police targeted people like this and myself is because we were all video recording the police when they were surrounding some of the event organisers.

    People with nothing to hide have nothing to worry about. That’s what they say.

  4. Rabz

    sustaining the almost lost art of poetry reading

    We need to be more like the Vogons, Rafe. Poetry is central to their culture. I believe Joe Dolce was strongly inspired by their works.

  5. Eddystone

    That video of the police getting the numpty to remove his “F**k Tony Abbott” T-shirt is hilarious.

    Just listen to the whiny voices of the wusses who are filming!

    “Slogan Time”, who posted this on Facebook, didn’t quite get the supportive comments he may have been expecting, either.

  6. Roger

    I’m old enough to remember a time when the word f*#k was only heard in all certain male environments, never in mixed company and never in public without repercussions of some sort, if only to reputation. I lament the decline in public standards which the generation of ’68 has wrought upon us. If only the police acted more often against this crass vulgarity that symbolises so potently the disorder the anarchic Left seeks to unleash upon civilisation (the Left gets the potency of this symbolism, even if the Right doesn’t).

  7. Rabz, come to the Dan O’Connell poetry readings in Melbourne of a Saturday and I will personally read you Vogon poetry of my own until your head explodes with boredom 🙂

  8. Aristogeiton

    #1342556, posted on June 11, 2014 at 1:01 am
    That sounds awesome.

    Fuck that. Everybody loves a preachy DJ /sarc.

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