Ray Evans has passed away

Ray Evans was a great Australian and a fine man who made a valuable contribution to sensible discussion and analysis in public life. His Wikipedia page is here.

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  1. Fisky

    Very sorry to hear this. RIP

  2. Fisky

    “Environmentalism has largely superseded Christianity as the religion of the upper classes in Europe and to a lesser extent in the United States.”

    – Evans, R.

    All true.

  3. Baldrick

    The Greens are the self-styled friends of the earth and but more than that they are enemies of the people, and at some point this fact will become too obvious to hide. When that happens our job is done.
    R.Evans – 25 March 2009

    A wise man indeed and a sad loss.

  4. Very sorry to learn of this.

    Ray Evans was on some of my early radio shows speaking without fear or compromise about the importance of labour market de-regulation.

    Spoke to him only very recently at an Adam Smith Club meeting, here in Melbourne.

    In fond memory and with great respect and admiration,
    May he Rest in Peace,

    Prodos S N Marinakis

  5. Louis Hissink

    This is sad news.

  6. Pickles

    Had a long lunch with Ray in 2000 when I was at a fork in the road of life as it were. Come this way, he said. And here I are. I imagine I’m one of many. RIP Ray.

  7. Alex Robson

    We will miss you Ray

  8. Ubique

    And here I are

    And a fine Pickle Ray Evans got you into.

  9. Jenness Warin

    My sincere condolences to Ray’s wife and family.
    A true scholar and gentleman. At the forefront of public debate, with Australia’s interest in his heart.

  10. cohenite

    Ray said about Gore’s movie that it was bullshit from beginning to end.

    There was no bullshit in Ray. A big loss.

  11. Met Ray in 1991 and we shared some interesting moments in the climate wars – sad moment for sure – thanks for letting us know.

  12. pete m

    Isn’t it wonderful how good common sense and solid principles outlasts the fads and the shonks?

    Ray, rest in peace, knowing you played an important part in bettering your country, and in defending us from the intollerants.


  13. Pickles

    Yes Ub. And loving it.

  14. .

    Ray Evans taught me to be ruthless about climate change after a few appearances on Sky News.

    It works better than being cordial and presenting the facts why the policy won’t work.

    You are much better off ripping holes through the religion.

    I head some young pup who votes liberal declare Abbott a “climate change denier”.

    I wish old Ray was around still to clip him over the ears, and teach him some commonsense.

  15. gabrianga

    Farewell old mate, Condolences to Jill and family.

  16. Cold-Hands

    Bolt has a tribute on his blog as well.

  17. stackja

    Henry Richard Nicholls and RayEvans reunited. Many hours of good conversation can now take place.

  18. Paul Lindwall

    RIP Ray Evans, you will be missed.

  19. Rafe

    Ray was one of the titans of the free enterprise movement, working tirelessly in the background to help things to happen. There will have to be an ongoing Ray Evans oration or celebration of some kind, not necessarily every year, to keep the memory of his service and his inspiration alive.

    From Flagstaff AZ

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