Professor Stephen Harper???

Where have the subs gone at the Fin?

In an article reviewing the submissions to the current competition policy review (Nassim: hint, it is not a rerun of the Hilmer review), there is photograph of chair of the review, Ian Harper.

But according to the Fin, he has become Professor Stephen Harper.

Not quite in the same league as the front page snafu in the Western Australian version, but hey, when you are on a roll?

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5 Responses to Professor Stephen Harper???

  1. AP

    It’s a shit paper. I stopped reading it about the same time as I stopped watching the ABC. Stop buying it, Judith. You will feel better. Just like turning off the ABC.

  2. john of dandenong

    Judith, you are far more entertaining than all the free to air (that’s all I receive) TV put together. Cheers

  3. johanna

    If they can’t even identify the pictures correctly, one shudders to think about what happens to the facts.

  4. Baldrick

    Our audience demands a newspaper that adapts to their changing needs. The Australian Financial Review meets these needs every day through innovative features and sections.

    That’s certainly an innovation … engaging work experience kids to do the type-setting.

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