The Kronies

The Kronies website is here.

The parent company Chimera Inc describes themselves as follows:

Chimera Incorporated is a leading multi-disciplinary holding company with offices in Washington D.C., Brussels, Riyadh, and Beijing. (???????????????????!) Chimera seeks to leverage strategic partnerships with major world governments to capture and control a diverse range of industries, including consumer goods, green energy, defense, telecom, and finance. It’s a model that allows us to seize 100% of the potential upside while eliminating the troublesome risks associated with competition, innovation, and financial default. Since our founding in 1887, Chimera Incorporated has been recognized as a trailblazing pioneer in the fields of regulatory capture and rent-seeking. At Chimera, we believe that it is both our duty and our right to shield consumers and our stakeholders from the chaos of the unconstrained market.

Very clever.

(HT: Stephen Dawson)

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  1. I am the Walrus, koo koo k'choo

    Yeah, v. good.

    I saw a web-page with some market structure / high frequency trading action figures a couple of years ago (‘Dark Pool Man – he’ll find you out; HFT man – he’ll move the market ahead of you’, etc), also v. good but damned if I can find it now.

  2. Every dog has its day

    love it

  3. Aristogeiton


  4. Mr Skeletor

    I thought they were real. I wanted to buy the full set!

  5. .

    John Papola on Glen Beck, “The Blaze”, explaining ‘The Kronies’

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