Rafe on the road report # 1 Arizona

Departed Sydney 1 pm Tuesday 17, arrived Los Angeles some 12+ hours later 9.30am local time Tuesday 17, to Phoenix AZ 12.40 pm local and attempted to travel on to Flagstaff on 2RJ 200 Canadair Regional Jet but after a 20 min flight gusting winds prevented a landing and we went back to Phoenix and deplaned onto a bus. My phone was not operational so I sat next to a friendly lady (Lynn) who lent me her phone to contact my man Brian in Arizona who drove an hour and a half from Rowdy Bunch Pass in Prescott Valley to collect me.

The plan was to find a hotel for the night in Flagstaff and Brian would come in again on Wednesday morning to pick me up. Instead Lynne took me home and I joined husband John Morrisette to share a massive plate of Mongolian beef salad for dinner (goddam US serves, enough for two or three) then home to check the State of Origin result and bed. Went to bed thinking that 6-4 was the half time score and awoke with trepidation to find it was the actual result.

Waiting for Brian to arrive, yarned with John for a couple of hours, he did civil engineering and majored in soil mechanics which gave us a common interest (penetration of clay by root hairs) and he moved on to real estate where he was a partner in American Beauty Homes. So I went away with a standing invitation to stop over at their place in Flagstaff or their primary residence in LA anytime I cross the Pacific again.

Moving on to Prescott Valley with Brian and Julie the next entertainment on their Thursday (Friday in Australia) was a trip to the Frank Lloyd Wright school Taliesin West near Phoenix. Wright deserves a whole post to himself – a larger than life architect he was the inspiration for the hero in Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead – he set up a school in the final stages of his career and split his year with six months each on campuses in Wisconsin and Arizona. The move to Arizona was recommended by his doctor to handle a chronic tendency to pneumonia.

Friday here is a day of rest, still catching up on sleep, reading, mail and blogging. Tomorrow is another day!

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  1. Nato

    Please tell me there’s a Harley involved.
    Cruising the US, straddling a Road King, punctuated by discussions of the penetration of clay by root hairs.
    F**K YEAH!

  2. manalive

    Wright’s later ‘flying saucer’ work doesn’t do much for me, but his early to middle period (1895 – 1950) produced work of genuine genius surpassing that of any of his American or European contemporaries, or later architects for that matter.
    His Millard House (1924) in L.A., originally a little gem unfortunately spoiled by an addition designed by his son, was for sale a year or two ago.

  3. You’re having quite the adventure, always interesting to meet new people and it sounds like you met a couple of keepers.

  4. stackja

    Barry Goldwater From Wikipedia
    Goldwater was born in Phoenix, in what was then the Arizona Territory, the son of Baron M. Goldwater and his wife, Hattie Josephine (“JoJo”) Williams.

    Goldwater fought in 1971 to stop US funding of the United Nations after the People’s Republic of China was admitted to the organization. He said:

    I suggested on the floor of the Senate today that we stop all funds for the United Nations. Now, what that’ll do to the United Nations, I don’t know. I have a hunch it would cause them to fold up, which would make me very happy at this particular point. I think if this happens, they can well move their headquarters to Peking or Moscow and get ’em out of this country.”

  5. Dr.Sir Fred Lenin

    Watch out for Chicken Ranch Rafe ,you might lose pants like malcom fraser the alp luminary!

  6. .

    Goldwater had a crystal ball. He knew about Agenda 21 back in 1971…

  7. stackja

    #1354886, posted on June 21, 2014 at 1:26 pm
    Goldwater had a crystal ball. He knew about Agenda 21 back in 1971…

    I assume Goldwater saw the League of Nations in action first.

  8. Helen

    Goodness, picking up wimmyn on the bus and then charming their husbands, too. Quite different from the more usual Aussie tourist some love to hate. Have fun, Rafe.

  9. Rafe

    Thanks Helen, just setting a good example for Steve and Sinc as they make their way in the US.

    What if we run into each other by accident?

  10. Tintarella di Luna

    Hi Rafe, glad to know you’re safe and sound and that irresistible charm is working a treat. Be good and have fun – well … if you can’t do both have fun.

  11. Sinclair Davidson

    Rafe – I’m trying to work out the events here. You got taken home by some young lady (Lynne) that you met on the bus? You dog. 🙂

  12. sabrina

    Flagstaff to the Grand Canyons is a fabulous drive, one of my favorites. Try the visitors centre, and the shuttle ride or take a bike ride.

  13. Ant

    Sounds like a most excellent trip, Rafe.

    Did a road trip with my family last year up the east side of the country and enjoyed it a great deal, taking in a couple of Wright’s buildings, including his masterwork, Fallingwater.

    Can’t wait to go back.

  14. GC

    Can’t believe you would fly from LA to Phoenix, when there is the Route 66 option. Will be doing that trip again with my cook in December,. Rather than stopping at Flagstaff, will be staying at nearby Winslow AZ (hoping their will be a girl in a flat bedded Ford), then check out the meteor crater on the way to the big Canyon.
    A great road trip.

  15. Zatara

    A few faves in that area:

    Cliff dwellings in Navajo National Park
    Slide Rock State Park (near Sedona)
    Petrified Forest National Park

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