Rafe on the road #2 still in Arizona

For film buffs. Anthony Quinn tried out as an architect at the Frank Lloyd Wright school. One of the features of FLW raining was the Friday evening parties where the students were required to mingle with a range of guests including Hollywood and other celebrities on Wright’s list of clients and admirers. The guide at the school told us that Wright insisted that architects could not succeed without the capacity to sell their ideas – in the best sense, not just commercially but selling the concepts that he regarded as important. Much the same applies to artists and entrepreneurs at large. After a year Wright told Antony Quinn that he did not have the personality to make it in the architecture game so he should find some other career that was more suited to his talents.

Perkinsville at the end of the line in the Verde Valley scenic tour was one of the sets for the film How the West was Won. We saw the water tower and various other disused relicts at the station and we were told that the tower was blown up in some of the takes but that footage ended up on the cutting room floor.

On the road. After the drama of not touching down at Flagstaff and the adventures on the road from Phoenix, the next evening was a night at a discussion group of the Arizona Centre for Constitutional Principles led by my host Brian Gladish who blogs as The Radical Liberal. It is a small reading group which meets in the office of a paramedical practitioner in Prescott Valley. They are working their way through the Federalist Papers to examine the arguments for and against the original constitution of the US. One school of thought wanted the states to remain a federation without a central government, the other wanted to have a union with a central government. One of the authors who was much quoted by the anti-Union forces was Montesquieu, very much a minimal government man and his most diligent follower in the Federalist debate was the forgotten politician Robert Yates who fairly accurately predicted the way things would go in the direction of Big Government if the federation was abandoned in favour of the union.

On Saturday we ventured to Prescott which was the government seat in the very early days of the state. There is a historical/museum complex which provides a scan from the geology and anthropology of the area to the recent past.

The next outing was a four hour train trip into the Verde Canyon and back, a journey of great scenic delights and geological features. It is also bald eagle territory and the guides indicate the known nesting sites and sometimes manage to point out some birds on the wing.

Tomorrow the Grand Canyon.

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5 Responses to Rafe on the road #2 still in Arizona

  1. Rabz

    Don’t forget Monument Valley, Rafe – awe inspiring.

  2. Megan

    Seconding the motion for Monument Valley.

  3. Adellad

    My “little” boy is currently in Texas en route from California to New York, via New Orleans! He found Arizona the most compelling physical environment yet, apart from the Grand Canyon. Oh to be 23 again.

  4. stackja

    On reason I believe federation was abandoned in favour of the union was Shay’s Rebellion.
    And I believe USA felt threatened by Europe.

  5. Dave Wane

    Oh to be back on the road again in the beautiful USA! We spent 3 months driving around over there in 2012, driving from Chicago to San Francisco via Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and obviously California. As well we covered much of California from San Francisco to Los Angeles, in a coach tour, as well as driving ourselves from LA out to Anaheim, down to San Diego and back up the coast to Santa Monica, and then home from LA. We also stayed in New York for a couple of weeks all up, and did a coach tour up to and staying in Boston, including along the way and back visiting Connecticut, staying at Philadelphia, visiting Baltimore, Rhode Island then travelling south to Washington DC where we also stayed, visiting some of the of the many famous sites there, including Arlington National Cemetery.

    A truly wonderful 3 months. We hope to do some more driving around over there in 2015, or maybe sooner. Love it!

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