Shonky investment advice

Following up from Sinc’s article about the divestment campaign, perhaps FOFA will be the vehicle by which those supporting the divestment campaign can be prosecuted?

Check out this chart on Asia’s demand for fossil fuels going forward.  Coal, oil, gas – Could be good  stocks to have in your portfolio (all normal disclaimers, blah, blah, blah).

Demand for fossil fuels

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5 Responses to Shonky investment advice

  1. Cynic

    Given the fact the aggregate demand forecasts you have provided above (or similar ones) have been around for ages, wouldn’t some/much of the demand growth upside already be capitalised into the price of relevant stocks? So isn’t expecting major increases in share prices based on known aggregate demand graphs a bit of a simplistic way to design your portfolio?

    All normal disclaimers blah, blah, blah.

  2. Token

    I remember reading how Peter Lynch loves to buy stocks in sound businesses which are being boycotted due to flavour of the month protests.

  3. Jim

    I tend to agree with Cynic above on this one. The approach should be more nuanced.

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