Rest for the wicked: 2014

I’m off to the US for two weeks – touring New York, Washington DC, and LA (with a side trip to Disney Land and Universal Studios, for the kids benefit 🙂 ).

Posting might be light. Or not.

In the meantime, I have scheduled several open threads and Q&A forums – so semi-normal service will continue.

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27 Responses to Rest for the wicked: 2014

  1. Grigory M

    Sinc – have a great trip.

  2. Gab

    Hope the flights are smooth and the drinks plentiful, Sinclair, especially in your condition.

    Bon voyage.

  3. Rafe

    I am in Washington DC from July 8 to 14. Perhaps I can introduce Sinc to some of my local agents of influence such as Mark Notturno and Jancis Long, biographer of Imre Lakatos.

  4. calli

    Have a good, safe one, Doomlord.

    The children might also like the Smithsonian Aerospace museum. My 62 year old kid did… 🙂

  5. Gab

    Sinclair, how about you give us Cats a holiday gift and ban that moron 1735099 while you are away? Hmm? Please? Just for the school holidays, hon.

  6. Dave Wane

    Sounds good Sinclair. Love it over there. Hope you have a ball.

  7. Sinclair Davidson

    Gab – you still owe for SfB leaving.

  8. JC

    Hey, I was supposed to go this week too, but unable to because of parents situation . We could have almost had a Cats get together in the big apple with DB. Almost worth going.

    Have a good trip.

  9. Gab

    Gab – you still owe for SfB leaving.

    Wot? He left of his own accord! Hitched up his skirts and petticoat and stomped outta here in a huff with a flick of his hair.
    But he does seem to be pining for you. 🙂

  10. Gab

    Not meant to be all in bloc – oh never mind.

  11. sabrina

    Don’t ban anyone, sometimes we need diversity and amusement among serious discussion.

    Sinc – with a high A$, this is a good time to visit the US. Also this is your semester break I suppose. Count all the tips you give and let us know the total at the end. Have a safe and productive trip.

  12. Gab

    Keep your nose out of it, Sabbi.

  13. Alfonso

    Anglo Saxon / Celtic pilots are your best guarantee.

    Competent people exist.

  14. .

    Enjoy TSA. They’ll enjoy you.

  15. Tom

    Don’t ban anyone

    Feel free to ban whomsoever it is necessary to ban, Your Doomlordship. I hope this trip gets the smell of Europe out of your nostrils. I am annoyed with myself that it took me so long to discover the importance of America, given that our banana republic is based on conventions and not constitutional guarantees. Enjoy every minute. I’d love to be living there again. Safe travels.

  16. Gab

    I’d love to visit Philly again. The place is steeped in history.

  17. Helen

    Dear Dr Dr Sinclair, remember you have the high standards set by Rafe to live up to with your travels, as relates to wimmin on buses and their husbands.

    He has set the bar high.

  18. sabrina

    Dot – Many Australian business travellers become TSA pre-approved after one or two years of travel. That makes travel hassle-free, no removal of shoes/belts/laptops required, and in participating airports you get access through dedicated channels.

    But some airports, the immigration officials are discourteous. In my experience, these are mostly from non-white or immigrant background.

  19. Baldrick

    … so semi-normal service will continue.

    As ‘semi-normal’ as the Cat can be. Bon voyage.

  20. Sinclair, how about you give us Cats a holiday gift and ban that moron 1735099 Gab while you are away? Hmm? Please? Just for the school holidays, hon.


  21. Motelier

    Enjoy the time away with your family. I see you have some great cities to visit on your list. Take the kids to the beach in LA and marvel at the way the beach is cleaned each night. Marvel at the intricate patterns left by the sand tyres by the beach cleaning machinery.

  22. JC


    Philly’s a bit if a shithole, no? Any place you have to get to that means you travel in a tunnel or bridge from Manhattan is by definition a shithole.

  23. Johno

    Talking of the Great Ozzie. I read somewhere that an Australian fan is trying to get up a petition to have Ozzie KNIGHTED.


    I’m a big Black Sabbath fan, but Sir Ozzie.

    If you want an honour that deserves to be trashed, give him a Noble Peace Prize. Ozzie has more worthwhile achievements than a recent recipient. Heck, we all do.

  24. Cold-Hands

    Bon voyage and safe return.

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