‘Costs’ of mining add up to zilch

In The Australian today:

“With RET-seekers descending on Canberra by the corporate planeload, honest citizens need to clutch not only their wallets but also their sanity. After all, as the Red Queen told Alice, it is easy to believe the most impossible things if one has enough practice; and nobody works harder at that than the Greens and their fellow travellers.”

About Henry Ergas

Henry Ergas is a columnist for The Australian newspaper and the inaugural Professor of Infrastructure Economics at the SMART Infrastructure Facility at the University of Wollongong. The SMART Infrastructure Facility is a $61.8 million world-class research and training centre concerned with integrated infrastructure solutions for the future. Henry is also Senior Economic Adviser to Deloitte Australia. Prior to these concurrent roles Henry worked as a consultant economist at NECG, CRA International and Concept Economics. Henry's previous career was as an economist at the OECD in Paris, where amongst other roles he headed the Secretary-General’s Task Force on Structural Adjustment and was Counsellor for Structural Policy in the Economics Department.
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12 Responses to ‘Costs’ of mining add up to zilch

  1. Blogstrop

    If a group with the hifalutin name Australia Institute can sponsor such rubbish, it’s no wonder that mere journalistic jotters of a leftish persuasion have difficulty composing anything that reflects reality.

  2. Muphin

    Tony Abbott must abandon this expensive Green madness and job destroying Renewable Energy Target. No doubt this will irk the likes of the Greens and especially Al Gore.

    I suspect Clive Palmer made a deal with Gore, that Gore would support Palmer on the abolition of the carbon tax as long as Palmer retained that RET.

  3. PeterC

    It’s actually the White Queen that says that to Alice.

  4. struth

    Liberals are most state governments.
    Federal government, Liberals.
    I still feel like I’m living in a socialist Nanny state.
    Entertaining this RET, while the country is in the economic and social shit it’s in, and the rest of the world not playing (duh), is pathetic.
    Labor lite.

  5. Mr Rusty

    If we must keep the RET, which it looks like we will thanks to Palmer, then the Libs should direct every single penny towards;
    1) Building windmills at the heart of Labor electorates and outside Flannery’s front door.
    2) Financing sham companies and technologies set up by maaaates who will make very large donations back to the LNP (i.e. adopt Labor MO).
    3) Any renewable schemes run by da big polluders which will drive the left nuts and result in calls for the abolition of the RET.

    Oh, and rename the scheme – there is no such thing as “renewable” energy, it violates the first law of thermodynamics; and the muppets call us “deniers” anti-science!

  6. H B Bear

    Richard Dennnisss really should have ended the “report” with a big “That’s All Folks” because it was straight from Looney Tunes central.

    If the Australia Institute had any credibility it would be gone after that effort.

  7. Andrew

    Greg Hunt likes the RET…even with Dick Warburton leading the review into the policy, it is staying.

  8. Leo G

    “This paper is the first attempt to put a dollar figure on the value of state assistance to the mining industry. It shows that over a six-year period, state governments in Australia spent $17.6 billion supporting the mineral and fossil fuel industries. Queensland’s assistance was by far the largest of all states, totalling $9.5 billion, followed by Western Australia’s at $6.2 billion.”
    – Mining the age of entitlement, State government assistance to the minerals and fossil fuel sector, Technical Brief No. 31 June 2014, Mick Peel, Roderick Campbell and Richard Denniss

    The apparent purpose of the Australia Institute —‘Research that matters matterates’

  9. johanna

    I want these people to do my tax return. Using their methodology, the ATO will have to pay me a motza.

    What was that? It would be fraud, and I could go to jail?

    Oh well.

  10. Dr.Sir Fred Lenin

    Is it true gore put a lot of the money he conned into those Bloody windmills? How much power did they put into the real Grid last summer on those windless 40 degree heat wave days? Solar just makes your house Ugly,but wind mkes the country ugly.put the windmills in Ultimo and Fitzroy ,all the green and alp seats,if its so good they should not object,in the pollies front gardens and backyards,and all round the Fools Cadtle in canberra,even on the roof,you love it ,you live with it!

  11. JC

    I’ve always questioned, in my mind, whether these arseholes knowingly lie or are just plain ridiculously stupid.

  12. Leo G

    I’ve always questioned, in my mind, whether these arseholes knowingly lie or are just plain ridiculously stupid.

    No question required- they knowingly lie and are just plain ridiculous. Ridiculous lies are stupid.

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