A Powerline Christmas in Melbourne

This is a note from John Hinderaker at Powerline, A MESSAGE TO OUR READERS IN MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA. Here’s the message:

Google Analytics tells us that there are some. So: my oldest daughter, whose engagement and wedding I noted on this site, is moving to Melbourne. In fact, her airplane is landing right about now. Her husband’s company has stationed him in Australia for the next two years, and Laura has a work visa and will be looking for employment starting tomorrow, more or less.

She works in marketing and public relations; most recently, she has worked for a well-known comedian and helped to run his theater in Branson, Missouri. Like all of my kids she is smart; among other things, she is a good writer. But her special talent is an extraordinary degree of competence: she is unusually good at getting things done. This makes her very popular with employers.

So, it probably is a long shot, but if you are in Melbourne and think you might be interested in interviewing Laura, send an email to [email protected] She will be happy to send a resume and take it from there.

So, will my wife and I be going to Australia before long? Definitely. We are thinking Christmas and New Year’s could be a good time. If that works out, I will do my annual Christmas post from Down Under.

Melbourne is, of course, the Economist‘s World’s Most Liveable City and has been for the past three years. We welcome Laura and her husband to Melbourne and will look forward to John’s visit at Christmas and in the New Year. Speaking for myself, there are probably no bloggers I agree with more consistently than John and the others at Powerline. If you don’t read Powerline already, here is where it may be found.

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24 Responses to A Powerline Christmas in Melbourne

  1. Ant

    Love the blog. Friday’s cartoon roundup is a highlight, and generally their pounding of the Obama Administration is on target.

  2. Craig Mc

    I’ve been a fan for over a decade. Good luck to his daughter and son-in-law while they’re here.

  3. blogstrop

    Welcome, John, and all the family.
    You do a lot of good work. Some of us here are a bit depressed at how the USA is crumbling as a result of leftist white-anting (which goes a long way up the greasy – but still wooden – political pole in recent times). Perhaps you can do a guest post here to reassure us, or confirm the worst.

  4. nerblnob

    How can a city be called “liveable” when you can’t get a double brandy at last orders?

    I’m forced – FORCED! – to buy two singles instead.

  5. 1735099

    Melbourne is the fundamental orifice of the country.
    A very large number of Victorians have seen the error of their ways and moved to Queensland.
    Melbourne is bleak in every sense – the weather the politics and the future.
    And there are more bigots in Melbourne per square kilometre than anywhere else in this wide brown land.
    Chief amongst them is Andrew Bolt.
    No other city in Australia would put up with him.

  6. Jobsy

    B whitty you are one big walking orifice my friend

  7. Tom

    John H, you’ll notice that, as Australia’s most popular non-left blog, the Cat has a number of communist anti-civilisationist barnacles that attach themselves to its backside. The Cat’s predilection for libertarianism gives such dregs the illusion they’re not worthless scum. Welcome aboard.

  8. .Dr.Sir Fred Lenin

    Comrade numbers strikes again,abusing my lovely cultured and progressive city,the only thing wrong with Victoria is a heap of regressive alp voters ,who have been lobotomised and support the famous and well known leader of the Liars party mr. Wossisname? Numbers would probably feel more at home in Pyonyang?

  9. nerblnob

    And there are more bigots in Melbourne per square kilometre than anywhere else in this wide brown land.
    Chief amongst them is Andrew Bolt.

    Rubbish. Bolt would hardly even qualify as conservative in most countries. It takes a special type of mania to keep hyping him as “extreme right wing bigot” or “shock jock” .

    I must admit I’d never heard of him until the court case but was intrigued as to what was getting everyone’s knickers in a knot. So I went to look at his blogs and columns to make up my own mind and I find a somewhat boring and pedantic, but generally polite and articulate, opinion writer. He is too much of a cheerleader for the LNP for my liking but pretty much every political opinion blogger/columnist in Australia is partisan in some way.

  10. .

    And there are more bigots in Melbourne per square kilometre than anywhere else in this wide brown land.

    Spoken by an Anglo dude from…Queensland.

    FFS. You are completely off your nut.

  11. Adam

    I wish his daughter the best of luck. I am from Perth but lived overseas, mostly in Europe for 15 years. I came back with my Dutch wife three years ago. We did a couple of years in Perth until she revolted and we moved to Melbourne which we both love. However, the Australian professional employment scene is woeful. It’s all about who you know, not what you know. Overseas credentials and experience hold little to no weight here. Recruitment agencies are very lax and together with HR departments they seek to place ticks in boxes rather than find the right person for the position. Witness the huge embarrassment to Myer the other week when they hired a fraud to an executive level position. His employment was based on his ability to manipulate the recruitment system as he was a past recruiter and understood how to game it. I doubt they will learn from this mistake. Compared to Europe and North America, Australia is a backwater when it comes to professional recruitment.

    This thread is an excellent idea to help John Hinderaker’s daughter. If she went out alone in this market with those credentials she would have a very hard time indeed.

  12. Disillusioned

    Yeah, right numbers, more people are moving from Qld to Vic these days than vice versa.

  13. Billy the Kidder

    Welcome to Melbourne, the cultural, restaurant, sport and coffee capital of Australia.
    I wouldn’t live anywhere else. I grew up here and every time I go interstate I realise how good Melbourne is.

    Just make sure you don’t live in the West or the South East. There be dragons!

  14. Walter Plinge

    Powerline is now a daily read since, sadly, BOTW went behind the WSJ paywall last week.

  15. handjive

    Melbourne. The gateway to Hobart.
    It’s not the end of the world, but, you can see it from there.

    Just kidding, here in Oz, we love our ‘city of four seasons in one day’.

  16. Roger

    Melbourne is, of course, the Economist‘s World’s Most Liveable City and has been for the past three years.

    Not sure if this says more about Melbourne or The Economist.

  17. .

    The Economist only surveyed Western Sydney and Melbourne east of the Yarra, and could not be reached for comment…

  18. notafan

    Melbourne best coffee on the planet and lots of great ‘cheap and cheerful’ Asian food.
    My shop is in a strip with a great mix of Asian and Anglo shopkeepers.
    It’s cold and damp, just the way we like it.
    No jobs though, sorry, I’m a one (wo)man band.

  19. GoTiges

    This is all very well, but what football team do they intend to follow?

  20. Token

    Paul Mirengoff really proves that there are Americans on the right who both love and know about soccer. His commentary on the topic is a blast when compared to the windbag know nothings that report on the sport in most of the media.

    I find it interesting that only he & Richard Epstein consistently step out of the long line of group thinkers on the topic.

  21. Bertie_Wooster

    Am I the only one who thinks this is a bit self indulgent?
    If she’s that competent she’ll find a job. Getting daddy to ask around is pathetic and only represents an abdication of personal responsibility that I don’t think in any way reflects the philosophy of those who use this site.
    This blog isn’t an employment service, nor are we anyone’s private army.
    Drop the post Steve – no one cares how close a friend he is.

  22. nerblnob

    Yeah, it’s self-indulgent. But nobody is making you take it seriously.

    “Daddy asking around” is just something daddies do, mostly against the express wishes of their kids, who find it mortifying.

  23. Leigh Lowe

    Two things.
    (1) We are in Milan at the moment. Most Milanese dream of going to Melbourne. None of them have heard of Toowoomba.
    (2) Working for a comedian in Missouri has to be a character-building gig. Someone give the girl a job. She will be as tough as old boots after doing time in the entertainment business in the mid-west.

  24. entropy

    #1375253, posted on July 9, 2014 at 9:02 pm
    And there are more bigots in Melbourne per square kilometre than anywhere else in this wide brown land.

    Spoken by an Anglo dude from…Queensland.

    FFS. You are completely off your nut.

    To be fair, Qld has a very successful management strategy for dealing with bigots and their ilk. Every three years we get rid of them by packing them off to Canberra.

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