Blogging on Broadway

Currently blogging on Broadway in the Happy Bagel on the corner of Broadway and W101th. Stinking humidity although only about 80F actually 24C, work that out.

Drove up or down from Washington with Mark and Ieva Notturno through Baltimore, over the big bridge and then along Riverside Drive, checked out the groves of academe at Columbia University, specifically the Philosophy Building, knocked on Philip Kitcher’s door but he was away or too busy to answer. My host Mark was a student of Kitcher 40 years ago.

Mark and Ieva have a seminar from 12-6 so I have to amuse myself in the big apple or the big bagel as Taki (the poor little Greek boy) of The Spectator likes to call it.

On the way to Times Square to get post cards and meet Karun Philip for lunch, we met on a Hayek email list years ago and kept in loose contact.

To be continued.

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19 Responses to Blogging on Broadway

  1. Blogstrop

    He’s takin’ a Greyhound, on the Hudson River line.
    He’s in a New York state of mind.

  2. Strop, did that twice this year.

    Rafe, how long you around for?

  3. Tom

    Just curious, Dover. Are you actually in NYC. Got the impression from something you posted recently that you are upstate.

  4. In NYC, Tom. I’m about 20 min walk, north of Happy Bagel.

  5. Bruce of Newcastle

    I hope you have some warmer clothes Rafe. The Polar Vortex is back. Should hit NY in a few days.

  6. Tintarella di Luna

    Rafe 24C must be global wormening. Enjoy the ambiance after all it’s NYC.

  7. Tintarella di Luna

    Rafe 24C must be global wormening. Enjoy the ambiance and the bagels, lucky gatto you.

  8. Driftforge

    Do say thanks to Mark for those lecture transcriptions. Superb work those.

  9. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.

    Hi there, travelling man. NY Bagels are the best. Eat up and enjoy.

  10. Ant

    When last in NYC I was hanging out for a hot dog with sauerkraut from a street vendor.

    Man, American food has a bad reputation and at the bottom of the barrel are those dawgs.

  11. Rafe

    Just arrived back in Washington, 12 midnight local time.
    Sorry dover!
    It would have been great to catch up but the New York trip came at short notice.

  12. Aristogeiton

    Lol. dover_beach, I had suspected that you were EST, due to your odd posting hours.

  13. Steve D

    How were the neon lights? I’ve heard they tend to show up.

  14. one old bruce

    Happy travels. Here’s something for your next roundup Rafe: the average household in India now spends about as much on entertainment as it does on food:

    Those of us old enough to remember India’s ‘starving millions’ ought to be staggered by this profound change which has happened in our lifetimes, and all due to dismantling a centralised ‘socialist’ economy beginning around 1990. Of course old habits die hard as you’ll read in that article.

  15. one old bruce

    PS I spend a lot of time in India including about 25% of the last 4 years, and have been regularly staying there since 1980, so I have seen this change with my own eyes too, its not just on paper.

  16. Rafe

    Thanks Bruce, great roundup material!

    Incidentally, my great grandfather was an Anglican missionary in India and one of his sons married the daughter of a German-born missionary in India after the families met in retirement in Tasmania!

    Interesting to find a genetic basis of my missionary zeal in promoting ideas that I like 🙂

  17. JohnA

    Oh, you’ve been on Broadway?

    Then do you dig George Benson?

  18. No worries, Rafe. If I’d seen this post an hour earlier I could have come down to meet you.

    Aristo, those hours are not odd for me, given my frame of reference (correct usage).

  19. one old bruce

    “genetic basis of my missionary zeal”

    Haha. That figures mate. It all makes sense now.

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