Simon Breheny on 18c

On 12 March this year The Conversation published this report on a federal member of parliament who said: “But not one person has contacted me arguing for abolition. It shows the feeling is very strong the other way.” 

It wasn’t a member of the Australian Labor Party or the Greens that said that. It was Craig Laundy, a Liberal MP, who represents the electorate of Reid in New South Wales.

Here’s one thing you can do. You can send an email to Craig Laundy telling him why the repeal of section 18C is so important. I know many of you will be keen to make Laundy aware of just how strong the feeling is in favour of repeal. 

Craig Laundy’s email address is: [email protected]

Laundy has said that he “would like it to stay exactly as it is.”

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51 Responses to Simon Breheny on 18c

  1. Snap! I was just about to send you this, Sinc, being three hours behind everyone else.

    I’ve just sent my missive off to Mr Laundy, the silly ass that he is.

  2. Aristogeiton

    Sorry Sinc, did I miss the reference to Simon Breheny?

  3. .

    My letter:

    Mr Laundy,

    Why as a Liberal do you want the RDA to “remain exactly the same”?

    This attitude is something I cannot comprehend and is in part why I joined the Liberal Democrats (of which Senator Leyonhjelm is a member).

    I can no longer understand what the raison d’être of the Liberal Party is.

    I hope you do believe in free speech, and realise there is a lot of support to end “legislatively approved speech”.

    I cannot recall a political party ever being punished in a democracy for giving the people more free speech.

    Here’s hoping you back reform (or, better still, repeal) of the RDA,

    Herr Dot von Dottstein of Dottington Downs

  4. C.L.

    Maybe, Craig – you nimrod – that’s because the large majority who voted for the Coalition simply expects you and your colleagues to do what you promised.

    Amazing, isn’t it? Journalists dragged before ‘judges’ and little girls monstered by the police.

    And here we have a “Liberal” MP who’s totally cool with that.

  5. Herr Dot von Dottstein of Dottington Downs

    AHA! Dot’s real name and address, revealed at last!

    Watch out – Numbers may well release the dogs.

  6. C.L.

    Herr Dot von Dottstein of Dottington Downs

    Isn’t it Herr Doktor Dot von Dottstein of Dottington Downs?

  7. ella


    He has a Bachelor of Economics according to the net.

    I suppose if someone murdered six million Jews in his backyard he would go along with this because no one objected.

    What a moron. Where do the Liberal party find these idiots?

  8. Andrew

    High Islamic and migrant population in his electorate…he wants to remain in office is his thinking.

  9. feelthebern

    What a moron. Where do the Liberal party find these idiots?

    Pretty sure his BRW rich lister father had something to do with it.

  10. jupes

    I’ve listened to Laundy a couple of times on Sky. He seems a bright enough chap and gave perhaps the best defence of the budget I have seen by a Liberal.

    However he seems totally captured by the left on 18c. Believe it or not reckons there are incidences where 18c has provided good outcomes for members of his electorate. Perhaps Sinc could ask him to provide a post here where he outlines his case for the RDA.

    That will learn him quicksmart.

  11. notafan

    Okay I jumped to conclusions and sent Mr Laundy a request to repeal the carbon tax.

  12. Aristogeiton

    Did Breheny write this, or did Sinc?

  13. Luke

    So you intend to reason with someone who thinks that absence of evidence is evidence of absence (support).

  14. Did Breheny write this, or did Sinc?

    Breheny in the IPA email thingummy this morning. Sinc cut and pasted.

  15. 1234

    I actually live in his electorate unlike most others here so he needs my vote. I will not be sending him a letter. Go off on your frolics.

  16. .Dr.Sir Fred Lenin

    1234 ? Do the soshalist pardees number their members now ? Just wondering?
    Dot how about a real German title !” Herr Professor Doktor Dot “gilding the lily,do you think?

  17. Davey Boy

    1234 – I also live in his electorate. He’s has heard from me both by phone and in writing. Why should certain ‘groups’ be the only ones he’s heard from

  18. ar

    Maybe LNP could back track on some other promises? “Oh, all the emails I get these days are from people who say we should be compassionate to seekers rather than from voters who elected us to do a job, so we’re not stopping the boats now”…

  19. john malpas

    You have to admit it(18c) is a cunning ruse. If you want to do something unpopular you make a law to prevent opposition by preventing discussion.
    Worked well in the UK.
    The whites are fleeing like mad and prison is dished out to too vocal anti immigrants.

  20. I actually live in his electorate unlike most others here so he needs my vote.

    Fairly healthy results for a former Labor marginal seat. Perhaps you can afford to vote against him next time?

  21. Aristogeiton

    Philippa Martyr
    #1377298, posted on July 11, 2014 at 1:17 pm
    Did Breheny write this, or did Sinc?

    Breheny in the IPA email thingummy this morning. Sinc cut and pasted.

  22. Aristogeiton

    Oops. The comment box is broke for me. I meant to say, thanks PM for reminding me to sign up!

  23. Robert Crew

    Done. I won’t include the whole missive (because the introduction includes personal information), but the conclusion is:

    My prediction [in a 1993 debate] that this section of the law would be used to gag legitimate debate in newspapers and journals turned out to be 100% correct. Section 18C, in its current form, is fundamentally incompatible with the freedom to engage in political debate that is the foundation of our democratic system.

    The abhorrent situation we have now, where journalists are actually being prosecuted for not being sufficiently politically correct in their discussion of racial issues, would not be out of place in Cuba or China, but it is certainly out of place in Australia. Unless an exception can be carved out for legitimate political debate, journalistic communication, scientific enquiry, and artistic endeavours, this section must go.

  24. incoherent rambler

    This is slavery, not to speak one’s thought. – Euripides

  25. I actually live in his electorate unlike most others here so he needs my vote. I will not be sending him a letter. Go off on your frolics.

    This idiot doesn’t believe in freedom if speech.

    Best his disbelief be supported by deletion from this freedom loving site. Go on, Sinc, you know you want to.

  26. H B Bear

    Craig Laundy better hope that GetUp doesn’t find out he sets policy based on the amount of correspondence received.

  27. David

    Don’t know about Laundy and his electorate and not particularly concerned but I wrote to Brandis on 28th May outlining my concerns that he and the Libs were going soft on their promise about 18C.

    To date I have not even had an acknowledgement of receipt of the letter. Guess us mug voters are not important enough for Senators.

    Laundy will no doubt have been put “on notice” by his ethnic lobbies that to support abolition of 18C would not do his election chances much good and one shouldn’t stand between a pollie and his/her gravy train.

    The concept of free speech seems to be beyond their limited cognition.

  28. Aristogeiton

    Incoherent rambler, I have lovely hardcover Clarendon Press editions of Medea and Bacchae which daily mock my poor mastery of Attic Greek 🙂

  29. Joe Goodacre

    But not one person has contacted me arguing for abolition. It shows the feeling is very strong the other way

    Are there any politicans saying that there is demand in their electorate to counter?

  30. Brett_McS


    Dear Sir,

    If Andrew Bolt – one of the most fair-minded and civil commentators in Australia – can be successfully prosecuted under Section 18C then that, in and of itself, would indicate there is something seriously wrong with this legislation.

    Also, as a general principle I do not wish the government to be determining whom I and can and cannot listen to. That is clearly not a proper function of government, especially one going by the handle “Liberal”.

    I could go on, but that is one specific and one general reason that I strongly support the repealing of Section 18C, as the current national government promised it would.

    Best regards,

  31. Rodclarke

    Doesn’t David Lleyonhellm (sp sorry?) live in Laudys Electorate? is this Laundys response to the LDP senators maiden speach?

  32. CameronH

    So this bloke’s idea is that you do not have to keep an election promise if nobody contacts you and asks you too. We now have two Labor Parties. Where do we go from here?

  33. Oh come on

    It shocks me how the ubiquitious Voltairean justification for free speech does not feature at all prominently in a debate over free speech in Australia. The people wishing to retain 18C bang on about the over-riding need to protect the disadvantaged, delivering to the state the responsibility of deciding the form this protection shall take, and then resort to the fallacious ‘check your privilege’ old white men critique of the liberal approach to free speech.

  34. 1234

    Beer whisperer – better than being a hypocrite like you. Fancy in arguing your case you want me silenced!

  35. Tel

    Craig Laundy is a great supporter of multiculturalism, minority groups, diversity, and of people being able to proudly hold their own opinions, rather than being forced to follow the opinions of the majority.

    Since it is only a matter of time before a gay couple decide to use 18c to express their hurt feelings over Islam (and no doubt vice-versa), Craig is merely waiting for the right moment to take action. You guys need to learn to stop whining so much. Get a hobby.

  36. Tel

    Fairly healthy results for a former Labor marginal seat. Perhaps you can afford to vote against him next time?

    I’m gonna keep right on saying it: learn to use your preferences. Putting a major party first instantly costs you $3 which transfers to that party. Always put a minor party first, then think about who you want to vote for. It is the only thing they are ever going to pay attention to.

  37. .

    1234 – you poor little suckhole. You think free speech is meted out by government, and can trump private property.

    You don’t even understand what free speech is.

  38. Beer whisperer – better than being a hypocrite like you. Fancy in arguing your case you want me silenced!

    Just the tiniest worm makes you bite. Seeing as you’re unable to grasp the simplest of concepts, i’ll explain it to you. Because, you know, i’m that kinda guy.

    Your right to speech does not entitle you the right to use another’s soapbox against their will. If Sinc doesn’t want to entertain your inner tyrant, he doesn’t have to. Why, you can create your own site, and say whatever crap you want, and I won’t try and stop you. You can stand out in front of your house and do the same. You see, I do not deny your right to freedom of speech.

    Now that you mention it, whatever makes you think that I was impeding your rights that you would deny others? Come to think of it, I just happen to think that your opinion belongs in North Korea or some other communist totalitarian shithole. but hey, that’s just my opinion. Just exercising my right to freedom of speech, and my right to think you’re a pathetic half-witted fantasist wannabe tyrant. Dream on.

  39. Oh come on

    Dummy. This blog is private property, and freedom of speech does not override property rights. We are all here with the ongoing consent of the blog owner, who may remove that consent in regards to any or all of us at any time and for any reason. And if he were to do so, he would not have impinged upon anyone’s free speech rights.

  40. Oh come on

    There ought to be a law against this shit.

  41. Tel

    My ears are private property. If any speech gets to reach my ears that I don’t like, then I have the perfect right to defend myself and my property by fair means and by foul.

    Oh wait, that would be 18c.

  42. Peewhit

    It is also hypocrisy to use a free speech site to preach against it.

  43. Oh come on

    Who’s preaching?

  44. JohnA

    And here is my contribution to Mr Laundy’s laundry-list piling up in his Inbox.

    “Dear Mr Laundy,

    I am surprised and disappointed to hear that you have not heard from any constituents regarding the above, AND that you choose to respond to this by acting contrary to the Party’s policy and campaign pronouncements/promises from the September 2013 election.

    Please note that all the successful incidents dealing with racial abusers (such as the woman on a train) by putting them to public shame for their vilification, have occurred without resorting to the legal processes available under the Racial Discrimination Act, or its State equivalents.

    In fact, I would venture the opinion that the Act, along with its administrative bureaucracy, is redundant to a thriving Australian community engaging in robust debate on public issues.

    On the contrary, all the Act seems to do is provide a platform where parties may take to themselves grievances imagined (mostly) or real, and abuse due process by throwing the heavy weight of the law against their opponents or victims in such a way as to make any defence prohibitively expensive.

    I urge you to deal decisively with the Act, preferably by repealing it in toto, but at the very least by the removal of s18C.

    Best regards

  45. Helen

    The promise of repeal of Section 18C in it’s entirety was why I voted in the last election FOR a coalition government.

    You will hear a lot from left voters about these things, coalition voters are more busy working for a living and will likely only take it out on the Coalition at the next ballot box.

    Let me be clear. Free speech is essential to my democratic freedom in this country. Free speech is the one base upon which all real democracies rest. With out free speech, we are not free, I am not free, you are not free.

    Free speech is the one principle I will not compromise on. For you to even think about leaving it as it is leaves me feeling incandescent with rage. My anger is white hot. I will not vote for the coalition government ever again if this promise is broken. I will hurl the message of untrustworthiness and broken promises from the rooftops and the electronic media and many more votes than mine will be lost for the coalition as a result.

    Find some courage, Mr Lundy, and make a stand for free speech.

    ccd to TA and CB

  46. Edward Boosens

    Ok Beer Whisperer. You convinced me. I live in laundy’s electorate. I have just written to encourage him to ignore cranks and other narcissists who want to be free to abuse people on the basis of their race, gender or nationality.

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