Rafe’s Roundup 12 July

World news. A positive take on the future of Israel. Good news from India. Good news from NSW, top of the super rugby ladder.

History. Wells Fargo, stage coaches, mail and financial services. Cobb and Co.

Nature study. Hippos doing well in Columbia courtesy of drug baron.

Around the town. IPA HEY. The Sydney Institute. Australian Taxpayers Alliance, Liberty on the Rocks, the notice board for the ATA: Quadrant on line, Mannkal Foundation, Centre for Independent Studies.

The Black Steam Train, not a lot of action but keep him on your radar.
Gerard Henderson’s Media Watch Dog. Don Aitkin. Jim Rose, feral and utopian!

Sites of interest. Richard Hammer, Free Nation Foundation.
Aust NZ libertarian students.

For nerds. Melvyn Bragg’s radio program. Trouble in paradise “In the past week there has been a hugely entertaining brouhaha on Peter Boettke’s Facebook page concerning the most fruitful approach to promoting libertarian social change.”

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3 Responses to Rafe’s Roundup 12 July

  1. Dear Rafe, I know you are poor and old etc but you do know the internets are global yeah? In your Roundup, under “Around the Town”, perhaps you could sort by town?? Like “Melbourne; what’s on and when.”, “Sydney; what’s on and when.” “Different fucking country: what’s on and when” and so forth. Then it would be all exciting to read and not constant disappointment.

  2. stackja

    A positive take on the future of Israel. Since 1948.

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