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A while back I posted Say’s Law as Literature about a book of the name Waffle Street written by James Adams. The book is now being turned into a movie, and the story is now out in the open as they have now signed Danny Glover to play the lead role of Edward Collins. This is from the press release:

Legendary actor Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon 1-4, The Color Purple, Dreamgirls) has signed on to star in the upcoming feature film, Waffle Street. The drama-comedy tells the story of James Adams, a VP of a $30 billion hedge fund who lost his job in the recent market crash and wound up working as a waiter in a waffle shop. Amid the greasy madness of the 24-hour diner, Adams befriends ex-con grill master Edward Collins (played by Glover), who serves up hard lessons about finance, life, and grits.

Waffle Streets riches-to-rags tale is an adaptation of James Adams 2010 memoir of the same name (published by Sourced Media Books), which chronicles the financiers foray into the food industry. After being laid off at the hedge fund where he worked, and further jaded by his culpability in the crisis, Adams chose to work at a popular 24-hour diner where he claims most of his financial knowledge has been gleaned. Offering a fresh take on the fallout of corporate greed, Adams is a tale of the redemption and unlikely friendship found under the tutelage of Glover’s character Edward, the best short-order cook in town.

The story is a story of redemption for both the author, James Adams and for Edward Collins, who has found himself in productive work. How this relates to Say’s Law is through the “lessons about finance, life and grits” which includes experiencing the core understanding of economic life that the law of markets provides. This is from the review of the book by the President of the Mises Institute, Doug French:

But Adams does scrap with John Maynard Keynes in the pages of Waffle Street, lamenting, “How far we’ve fallen” in the area of economics education. Pointing out that Say’s Treatise was once the top economics textbook in America, he explains that now, “Instead of learning sound doctrine, today’s undergraduates are inundated with principles that will not bear the scrutiny of common sense and experience.”

I am still waiting to hear who will play Jimmy and then his wife. An amazing story. I’ve never been to a Hollywood premier before, but this is one I do not intend to miss. Meanwhile, you should read the book.

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  1. Roger

    Thanks for the tip, Steve.
    Economics as cinema will only work if it’s a compelling story, but it sounds like it is.

  2. Wayneof perth

    The same Danny Glover who blamed Haiti’s earthquake on climate change? If he is in the film and he has read the script it must be presented from a left field point of view. Don’t be surprised if the film bears no relationship to the book.

  3. Yeah, it’ll probably be re-written as to show “the evils of capitalism.”

  4. Infidel Tiger

    Danny Glover is a communist. Don’t get your hopes up.

  5. ar

    Glover is a far-left loon… but then again Charlize Theron was pretty convincing in Monster… so I guess it might work with Glover…

  6. Tel

    Shouldn’t the movie be called, “The Waffler” ? I’m thinking of a sequel to “Mystery Men” here…

    Go watch that movie if you haven’t already, absolutely hilarious.

  7. Jobsy

    Coincidentally yesterday I received a second hand copy of this book that I bought online from the US, signed by the author too, can’t wait to get into it.

  8. brc

    The book is ok and contains some good lessons on says law – the short order cook essentially says people need to produce so they can consume – but your dreaming if you think this will turn out yo be anything other than a Wall Street bashing session. Glover himself is on record for blaming esrthqudkes in climate change.

    Whatever says law there is in the book – and plenty will read it and not get the lesson – it will be lost on a story that will lionize working and welfare class people and villify anyone involved in finance.

  9. stackja

    Danny Glover was good in LW 1 But then seemed to lose the plot.

  10. anabelle

    I expect the response from our economic caste in Canberra will be a performance of The World’s Greatest Treasurer Saves us from the GFC, in interpretive dance.

    It would be best not to challenge historical fact, after all!

  11. To be honest, it depends on the director more than the actors. Glover might have taken it on thinking it was a story on the triumph of a blue-collar worker over capitalism, and would be too stupid to notice there even is another message to be seen… the director is God in moviemaking, and can pretty much override the script when he wants – he may be true to the book, or he may have turn it into a different movie altogether.

    Here’s hoping for a good one…

  12. Combine_Dave

    Hmmm might be Danny Glovers greatest work to date, after Predator 2 of course.

  13. Bruce of Newcastle

    Danny Glover blamed the Haiti earthquake on global warming, which ranks right up there with US Congressman Hank Johnson who feared if too many US troops were sent to Guam it would “tip over and capsize”.

    Not auspicious.

  14. .

    Danny Glover? This seems a little bizzare.

    Lefties don’t seem to mind capitalism if they understand each stage production.

    I think they’re blindsided by Hyman Minsky.

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