Q & A Forum: July 21, 2014

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  1. Fisky

    “We were not taught about gay sex in school and now I have HIV – the system failed me!”

    Yes it did in a sense. Because in the 1980s and 1990s, a ludicrous scare campaign was run against hetero sex as if everyone was equally liable to contract HIV, whereas the reality is it is concentrated mostly among gay men (if you add gay men + drug addicts together, you’d probably get around 95% of HIV cases there). And that scare campaign was probably designed not to offend the gay lobby too much.

  2. Sue

    The rude gay activist on Q & A last night was more concerned about the Rebel Tamals not being allowed into Australia. He did not care about the plane crash in Ukraine where the Rebels in that Country will not allowed the bodies of loved ones being returned to their homelands. He was very happy Labor took away funding to the Aids programme and not happy the Liberals gave taxpayer money back to the Gay community who are the ones that spread the aids.

  3. Des Deskperson

    ‘Because in the 1980s and 1990s, a ludicrous scare campaign was run’

    Remember poor old Wilson Tuckey who got up at an AIDS prevention conference in Tasmania, in IIRC, 1989 and said ‘you don’t get AIDS, someone gives it to you’. He was pilloried as an insensitive, homophobic hick, this even though that very formula had been an official AIDS prevention slogan only a couple of years back and was even plastered all over ACT ACTION buses.

    Presumably some activist had decided, in the interim, that the slogan was (somehow) anti-gay, but no-one told Wilson.

  4. thefrollickingmole

    Late, but a song, and funny filmclip in honour of those who watched last night edition..

    More innuendos than a Benny Hill marathon, see how many you can spot.

  5. Alfonso

    Aids research and general obsessing is moot but very yarty fashionable. Most suffers are destined to live long lives with the drug cocktails now in use.
    Better direct the money for research into the untreatables, like pancreatic cancer.

  6. outsider

    Fisky, I recall an interview with the main medical officer in charge of the AIDS campaign in Sydney at the time being asked: do you have any heterosexual couples as patients? He looked in the air for a moment and responded: one or two. I believe you can make that 95%, 99%.

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