Breaking news: Slipper guilty!

Former federal parliamentary speaker Peter Slipper has been found guilty in the ACT Magistrates Court on three counts of dishonesty over the misuse of his parliamentary Cabcharge allowance.

Slipper is facing up to one year in prison or fines of up to $10,000.

He will be sentenced on September 22.


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42 Responses to Breaking news: Slipper guilty!

  1. Fisky

    Hahahahaha! A massive defeat for Steve/m0nty!

  2. val majkus

    the first domino …
    Ch 7 reported that the sexual harassment case had been ‘thrown out’ – I don’t think that’s right is it – I thought there was an appeal but Escape to the Country calls

  3. stackja

    ACT Chief Magistrate Lorraine Walker today found the former MP dishonestly and knowingly misused the taxpayer-funded vouchers on three days in 2010.
    A large part of the defence’s case relied on the fact there is no definition of parliamentary business in legislation or in the Senators and Members’ Entitlements handbook.
    The case was adjourned and Mr Slipper will appear for sentencing on September 22.
    His lawyers indicated more evidence might be presented to the court prior to sentencing.

    Appeals to follow?

  4. ar

    Gillard’s misogyny speech was in defence of this man… another great political call…

  5. Delta A

    But he’s not well, you know…

  6. val majkus

    Appeals to follow?

    mental health issues I suspect

  7. Infidel Tiger

    In a just world, this deluded fudge packer would be doing tours of wine made in prison toilet bowls at the taxpayers expense.

  8. Bruce of Newcastle

    Ok, now lets have a look at all those cabcharges to Oxford St, Taylor Sq and Kings Cross he booked up.

    For those who don’t know, that area of Sydney is er, not usually considered to be a place for parliamentary business.

  9. Leo G

    Despite the improper way he was appointed, he wasn’t a bad Speaker. How he managed the wider role, I can’t say. Those who manipulated his appointment probably knew his peccadilloes could well lead to this. He should be pardoned.

  10. H B Bear

    Will The Slapper be called as a character witness?

    If so, Slippery Pete could get the chair.

  11. Token

    What a genius move it was to bring him to be speaker

  12. Leigh Lowe

    Appeals to follow?

    Apparently Slippery has asked his brief to contact the High Court.
    He doesn’t want to appeal … He just wants to know who makes their gowns.

  13. incoherent rambler

    I wonder how the Magistrate views their responsibility to discourage such behaviour?

  14. Leigh Lowe

    What a deadshit!
    We have barely enough parliamentary expense rules to hold the loopholes together.
    However, this idiot was either too stupid or too lazy to invent some vague pretext which would enable his (ahem) “hobbies” to pass the “Parliamentary Business” test.
    All he had to do was get on the Viticulture Parliamentary sub-committee or become shadow Minister for Inner City Social Issues and it would have been all sweet.

  15. Leigh Lowe

    Will The Slapper be called as a character witness?

    If so, Slippery Pete could get the chair.

    Sounds like a good title for a movie ….. “Slippery and the Slapper”

  16. calli

    “Slippery and the Slapper”

    You forgot the “slop”. Then you’d have an ad campaign to prevent malignant growths.

  17. Tel

    Gillard’s misogyny speech was in defence of this man… another great political call…

    The low information retweeters have long ago forgotten that, not that they ever cared.

  18. Cato the Elder

    I suspect that the slop comes after the slippery slap

  19. Cato the Elder

    Appeals to follow?

    Naturally. He’s got a pension to protect.

  20. Pickles

    This thread’s going to need hosing out at closing time.

  21. egg_

    Trying it every which way but loose cost him a fistfull of dollars?

  22. Pete of Perth

    He should phone John and ask for a job.

  23. Ubique

    Happy times ahead for Mr Slipper! Where he’s going he won’t be short of willing shower partners.

  24. 'S

    I’m sure Bob Ellis made a prediction about his innocence (just like Craig Thomson). Blair will probably link to it.

  25. Leigh Lowe

    Interesting that the defence of Shagger and Slippery turned on a common mantra … “No Rules, No Problems”

  26. George Brandis thanks for NOTHING

    It’s not so bad.

    I’m sure he’ll find a custodial sentence will be right up his alley, so to speak.

  27. Talleyrand

    Sentenced to death by force feeding of a surfeit of mussels

  28. Habib

    Slippery has to go in the slot, abuse of position and trust, no guilty plea and every attempt to delay and derail proceedings. Must be banged up, anything less is a travesty, and a failure of the bench to reflect community standards.

  29. I admired the stunning creativity of his lawyer – She tried 3 times to have the case thrown out –
    [1] … based on mental health concerns, was thrown out in June. Slipper wanted the court to set aside the charges because he was suffering a major depressive disorder, which was made worse by the case.
    The court previously heard he had been hospitalised several times and had been having suicidal thoughts.
    [2] Earlier this year, Slipper also lost a bid to have the case thrown out on the basis he could not defend himself without breaching parliamentary privilege.
    [3] The latest effort – Lawyer Kylie Weston-Scheuber had told the court the prosecution failed to prove that her client was not on parliamentary business because there was no legal definition of the term.

    Looking forward to more.

  30. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    ” He will be sentenced on September 22.”

    That’s eight weeks away. Once again the courts demonstrate they are ever ready to accommodate an inventive excuse and they’ve given this dilettante plenty of time to come up with one.

    From Leo G at 6:49 pm:

    “… he wasn’t a bad Speaker.”

    Gaily poncing about in long stockings and a suspender belt? Always trawling for the next stray toot? Yeah, sure.

    “Those who manipulated his appointment probably knew his peccadilloes could well lead to this. He should be pardoned.”

    Living the life of a dishonorable grub is someone else’s fault? Yeah, sure.

    With any luck he’s broke by now and has had to flog his several properties to pay for the milk and bread.

  31. Up The Workers!

    ACT Chief Magistrate Lorraine Walker…at last, a Magistrate not afraid to sink “The Slipper”!

    Old Slippery Pete needn’t worry himself any longer about how male house-guests will feel when he leaves the bathroom and shower door open while he showers.

    Where he is going, the showers lack doors AND walls – just ask “Bruiser”, “Basher”, “Knuckles”, “Masher” and “Betty” (who used to be “Bob” before the operation).

    I’m thinking he won’t be bulk-buying “Soap-On-A-Rope” though – he prefers the slippery version that needs to be picked up frequently.

  32. Up The Workers!

    Ah well, he can always console himself in the knowledge that Professor, Doctor Juliar of the Faculty of Bovine Excrement at Footscray Tech, has: “Full and complete confidence” in him.

    She sure knows how to back winners!

  33. Splatacrobat

    If slipper is imprisoned he will get at least one fantasy fulfilled. They have no pesky doors on the toilets to obscure his view.

  34. AND WHERE IS MY SHOUT-OUT, as it was I – the perpendicular pronoun – who broke this news yesterday on the Open Forum July 26 thread?

    Philippa Martyr #1397072, posted on July 28, 2014 at 5:26 pm
    Slipper guilty!

  35. Gab

    Ease up on the caffeine and settle down, Philippa. 😀

  36. Gab

    CL loves you, so there’s that. 😀

  37. Sinclair Davidson

    Well it was I, me, who had to find out the news for myself – that’s another word for I – on facebook – because nobody tells me nothing. Or something.

    Well spotted Philippa – CL loves you all the more. 🙂

  38. Gab

    And your mum, IT, is pretty chuffed with you as well.

  39. egg_

    No one appreciates me.

    Crap! 😉
    Here’s your other glass slipper…

  40. CL doesn’t love me at all, thankfully, because I don’t look enough like Nigella.

    But yes, my mum IT still loves me. I know this, because every Monday evening she sneaks round to our place and puts all her rubbish in our wheelie bin.

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