UNESCO speaks with forked tongue

Compare and contrast these statements.

First from an official UNESCO document dated June 2012 and authored by Fanny Douvere and Tim Badman (page 51 – 52 emphasis added).

The mission also noted presentations from some coal export proponents regarding opportunities to develop less impacting techniques for transhipment of coal using barges and avoiding dredging activities (specifically the proposals at Wongai and Fitzroy involving Mitchell Ports). Despite the innovative nature of these proposals, the overriding concern with both the proposals is their location in pristine, or near-pristine areas of importance to the OUV of the property, and the increase in the overall footprint of ports that would result. The mission was not able to assess the viability of such techniques but considers that, where new bulk cargo facilities are being considered within existing port areas, recommends that such alternatives that could reduce or eliminate dredging requirements should be evaluated within the relevant Environmental Impact Assessment process as a potential means to reduce the impacts of port development.

Okay – looks like UNESCO is recommending that barges be considered as a means to reduce the impact of coal exports and harbour dredging on the Great Barrier Reef.

Second, yesterday on the ABC:

In an interview with 7:30 from Paris, UNESCO’s world heritage marine co-ordinator raised questions about the transshipping proposed off Hay Point.

FANNY DOUVERE, DR, UNESCO: It’s common sense when there is more ships passing through a particular area there is also more potential for damages to the reef, there is also more potential for a collision.

MARK WILLACY: While particularly concerned about port dredging, UNESCO also wants more information about this transshipping plan.

FANNY DOUVERE: So whenever any activity will impact or could impact potentially on those exceptional values for which it is inscribed in the world heritage list then it needs to be raised, those issues need to be addressed and we… it is our role as UNESCO to be a standard setting organisation as well to raise those issues with the Government.

Maybe UNSECO has two employees with the name Fanny Douvere? Maybe Fanny can’t recall what she wrote in 2012?

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30 Responses to UNESCO speaks with forked tongue

  1. blogstrop

    Fanny Douvere is a name to conjure with!

  2. Mk50 of Brisbane, Henchman to the VRWC

    So UN Fanny lied?

    Well, colour me surprised. Not.

  3. Peter from SA

    Some bright sparks are trying to get the Adelaide Hills and Barossa Valley region a UNESCO heritage listing. At the cost of limiting all economic activity bar “farmer’s market” type things, there doesn’t seem to be any reason for this – of the simple kind that you could explain to a primary school kid.

  4. Bruce of Newcastle

    Cyclone Yasi had more impact upon the reef than all the coal ships in history. Perhaps she should send a please explain to Gaia.

    And if the reef can quickly recover from a cat 5 cyclone what does that imply…?

  5. Gab

    About time we told the UN to effoff. I’m sick of their freaking meddling in our affairs. Agenda 21? Table for UN. Bunch of overpaid dictators that are in dire need of being dead, buried and cremated.

  6. H B Bear

    Ah yes, that would be the story that Mrs Snowcone put to air last night with the GetUp video embedded in it.

    Nice to see Mark Scott cutting out the middle man.

  7. H B Bear

    Fanny Douvere is a name to conjure with!

    She stars in Carry on up the UN.

  8. thefrollickingmole

    I think its about time some of these groups were ridiculed in public when the make claims..

    Eg: PETA claiming to be about animal welfare when their actual goal is to stop all animal farming/products.

    Refugee advocates talking about kiddies in detention when their real agenda is open borders.

    And enviro groups claiming the .3% of Australian land used for mining will ruin the country…

    Their real agendas are completely against what most people consider reasonable, yet the presstitutes in the media treat them as though they are rational players in the game.
    Its bullshit.

  9. hzhousewife

    ++ Gab
    ++++ frollickingmole

    Deprivation of funds to these groups is essential, I do my best.

  10. entropy

    Of course the ABC trotted out that crap.

    Today’s Qld country whinge hour was just as entirely predictable.

    Carmichael Coal project economics queried was a breathless interview with effin’ Tim Buckley, hardly a disinterested player, the swampie bastard. He first said the increase in supply would drop coal prices, then in next breathe said it would increase coal prices when delivered to India. Treated seriously by the numpty ABC loser though.

    ‘CSG brings the community together’ is about the Cecil plains farmers opposed to CSG, claiming it will reduce bore levels in their groundwater scheme, unlike them who have never over extracted the condamine aquifer. honest!

    And even more ludicrous, milk shortages in two states breathlessly reports on the empty shelves of milk in Brisbane and Perth.
    Oh, wait, no that’s not right, they meant that state production is less than consumption, which those evil NSW and Victorian dairy farmers more than make up for, at cheaper prices.
    Obviously, the fact that no bananas are grown in Victoria means there is a shortage of bananas in Glen Iris. Or something.

  11. Pete of Perth

    I wish the UN and its coutiers would FOAD.

  12. mareeS

    We have a son who has worked at the Macarthur River mine in NT for the past three years and more recently on tugs towing the barges out of Bing Bong to load ore onto ships offshore in the Gulf of Carpentaria, with no apparent questions by environmentalists. Obviously the Gulf is not an area of environmental concern, or maybe they haven’t got around to it yet in terms of shutting down mining activity.

  13. gabrianga

    Now is the hour. Abbott should pull Australia out of any U.N./UNESCO dealings on how we ,Australia, manage our land and pay for the “privilege”

    Designed by Gough and Nugget and cemented in place by Comrade Fraser our development of natural resources has been shackled by the wankers in New York and Paris with no opposition from an Australian Government

    Considering the opportunities for additional exports, jobs, training and Aboriginal involvement the Australian Governments decades old touching of the forelock to “progressive” douchebags is criminal

    Just for once put the boot into Chrissie and her mob and send Lord Wentworth for an early shower with Greg trotting behind.

  14. MartinG

    UNESCO is just a mouth piece of the greenies and the rest of the UN a plaything of lefty NGOs.

    UN rejects Australia’s ‘feeble’ bid to strip Tasmanian forest’s heritage status.

    The thing is here, UNESCO has absolutely no authority over Australian land or waters. The Abbott government could have just informed them that they can keep it listed if they want but it’s still going to be harvested.

    Typically the spineless Abbott government allowed them to dictate what it could do with forest that had only just been listed under the Labor/Green alliances the year before.

    They haven’t even bothered reversing the decision that banned the dutch freezer/trawler from operating in waters around Australia. It might be too late now but it was only banned because it was big and the Greens don’t like big things.

  15. David

    I always thought a Fanny Doover was a sort of sex toy. Silly me.

  16. WhaleHunt Fun

    If you work for, at, near or in sight of the UN, you are an immoral leaching parasite that can only be cleansed by thorough re-education, soviet style. That these filth lie and about face and lie differently is hardly surprising. Tattoo the Israeli flag on their foreheads and drop then in Pakistan.

  17. WhaleHunt Fun

    Come to think of it, each orange boatee should get a tattoo to remember their trip on an Aussie Orange boat. Sort of like the holiday tatts that kids get in Bali, only patriotically Israeli-ish.

  18. George Brandis thanks for NOTHING

    ‘Speak’ – UNESCO speak with forked tongue.

  19. Tel

    Now is the hour. Abbott should pull Australia out of any U.N./UNESCO dealings on how we ,Australia, manage our land and pay for the “privilege”

    Unlikely to happen without written permission from Obama.

  20. Grumbles

    Greens should be asked where they would support the establishment of a new iron ore mine, a new aluminum mine, a new oil drilling project, a logging endeavor… show them for who they have become, anti advancement

  21. Andrew

    Greens should be asked where they would support the establishment of a new iron ore mine, a new aluminum mine, a new oil drilling project, a logging endeavor

    Apparently in China, because they’re doing everything possible to shift all of our economic activity there.

  22. AP

    It’s comments threads like this that keep me coming back to this blog. Some real gold here. Loved the Victorian banana example. You don’t get logic like this from the MSM any more. It’s all about how some minority or victim “feels” about the issue.

  23. Senile Old Guy

    UNESCO speaks with forked tongue

    Of course they do. I am surprised that anyone is surprised by this.

    In the NT, the Environment Centre routinely opposes all development. They don’t say this but in the 25 years I’ve been here I have yet to hear them support anything. They make claims about about what kind of development we should be doing but, in practice, they oppose everything. Their most recent complaint is this:

    Dear Members and Friends of the Environment Centre NT, You may have heard that the Northern Territory and Australian Governments are trying to silence your Environment Centre NT by cutting all of our operational funding. But I know you want us to continue to be a strong and effective voice for your environment.

    Yes, cutting funding (to an organisation that opposes what the government is doing) is the same as “silencing”.

    These organisations are parasites and out of control. Dare I say: the Fisk Doctrine, now?

  24. entropy

    The Qld environmental defenders office is doing the same thing. Newman is introducing planning laws which only allow those impacted by a mine or whatever to be able to lodge a complaint. While I doubt such laws will work, it means the EDO can no longer organise thousands of duplicate submissions that just waste everyone’s time. They can still be involved if a landholder wants to engage them on their behalf, of course, but most of the time they do not. They should cheer up, I am sure they will have lots of fun working out a way around the new laws.

  25. Roger

    AP @ 10.11PM You don’t get logic like this from the MSM any more. It’s all about how some minority or victim “feels” about the issue.

    Somewhat off topic, but… I’m afraid we’ve imported this idiotic tendency from the Americans. When the goal of life is defined as to be happy and feel good about oneself then the biggest sin is to hurt someone’s feelings and the greatest virtue is to indulge them. Rational, evidence based thinking and debate with the purpose of discovering the truth goes out the window because someone’s or some group’s feelings will be hurt.

  26. Up The Workers!

    Front page headlines in todays Melbourne Herald/Sun, tell of Labor’s mates, the money-gouging C.E.O.’s of the various thieving, rip-off electricity companies on their self-awarded,multi-million dollar salaries, ordering pensioners who can no longer afford their electricity bills, to “rug up”.

    Confucius once said: “Many hands make light work”.

    Labors’ Electricity Bill says: “Many A.L.P./Union hands in taxpayers’ pocket, make light too bloody expensive to work!”

  27. gabrianga

    The N.T Environment Centre? Brings back the memories.

    Protesting before and during the operation of the Ranger uranium mine I asked them to see their copy of the Ranger Environmental Impact Statement approved by the Federal Government.

    Blank looks all round with one young lady seconded from ACF telling me they didn’t have on nor did they need one.

    Labor made her Secretary of the Government’s Environmental Department after she failed as a Green candidate for the Senate.

    The good old days.

  28. Senile Old Guy


    Blank looks all round with one young lady seconded from ACF telling me they didn’t have one nor did they need one.

    Why would they need the EIS? Uranium is bad, everyone knows that.

    Labor made her Secretary of the Government’s Environmental Department after she failed as a Green candidate for the Senate.

    And why not? What better qualifications would anyone require?

    On the UNESCO stuff that sinc quoted: that is the standard tactics of moving the goalposts.

  29. .Dr.Sir Fred Lenin

    The Untidy Nayshuns will be really pissed off with the Australian Fascist Guvmint,they abolishe the giliard /brown Tax that they were to get 10 percent of,setting an example to other countries that were going to implement the u.n.Tax.wheres thw photo of giliard ,brown,oakshit wanker and fatty milne,celebrating the abolition of the u.n. Tax with shit eating grins? As for the mining tax it probably costs more to collect than it yeilds,that was the financing for giliards gonski and disability legistlation,if they got a share after expenses and union bribes were take out. They would get $ 3.75 each.

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