Obama faux pas

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  1. Ant

    Oh the truth will come out one day one way or the other.

    I’m not a ‘truther’. I couldn’t care less about the issue except that Obama’s ducking and weaving when it came to producing basic historical records seemed so laboured as to suggest that he has something to hide.

    Like his academic records, and records or his past communist (Davis, etc) dodgy (Rezko), racist (Wright, etc), criminal (Rezko, again) and terrorist (Ayres, Khalidi, etc) associations.

    The only thing that matters in respect to this one is that by the time he’s done the damage he wreaked throughout America’s economy, society and its constitutional system will be too great to repair.

    Unequivocal proof that he was eligible for the highest office in the land would have prevented it to begin with, unless he’s legit.

    In which case they’re screwed either way.

  2. Alfonso

    Africa expects Obama to do “great things for them”.
    Nah, translated : African elites want the maximum amount of other peoples money telegrapically transferred with nil change to their failed cultures…..

  3. Old School Conservative

    Out of the mouths of babes.

  4. Baldrick

    He’s not called the Magic Negro for nothing!

  5. Token

    The crazy Tea Bagger birthers are everywhere, they’ve even dubbing over the “same” people on MSNBC.

  6. ar

    “He’s from Kenya” will come to be the new “he’s from Barcelona”…

  7. Lazy Susan

    I gather Cory Bernardi is actually Russian.

  8. H B Bear

    Being African is the Kenyan’s main problem.

  9. mundi

    It doesn’t matter to me where is from (only to stupid US laws).

    However we all know he played up being born in Kenya in all his bio’s at uni and during his early political career.

    At best he knew it was wrong and went along with it because it favored him.

  10. Dr Faustus

    If you follow the video clip to the end, you come to a link to a long and detailed (and well-produced and, well, terrifying) truther’s tube that ‘proves’ that Michelle Obama is a man.

    I’m devastated. Michelle (or Michael, as we must now know him) was previously the high water mark of the otherwise appalling Obama administration.

  11. H B Bear

    Being African is isn’t the Kenyan’s main problem.

  12. talleyrand

    Being African is isn’t the Kenyan’s main problem.

    But Obama being completely tribal, utterly incompetent, and with a sense of entitlement akin to Mugabe is.

  13. Taxpayer

    Why should his party with some of the most despicable people in Africa surprise anyone beyond his lack of invite to Mugabe? He parties with the same sort of Americans in the Whitehouse on a regular basis. If another Democrat succeeds him then the US it totally screwed. Expect boat people from America.

  14. rickw

    African elites want the maximum amount of other peoples money telegraphically transferred with nil change to their failed cultures…..

    Precisely, culture is the problem, sending them money is pointless. I have spent enough time in Africa to realize that it is a country of immense bounty filled with people bent on taking each other down.

  15. maman

    Apologies for butting in on this thread, not sure where else to alert Rafe to this week’s +BRILLIANT+ writing at The Black Steam Train! ‘We’re ALL beverages – Let’s Party’! 🙂

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