Q&A Forum: August 11, 2014

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  1. Rich

    The “international human rights lawyer” has obviously met darling Julian and would like to have his children.

    Presumably he’s her primary source of income, according to Wikipedia

  2. Baldrick

    Speak slowly … Question on a ‘funding bucket’.

  3. DJA

    “Couldn’t we just ban certain countries from being eligible? “yes all Asian, European, mideastern, African, North and south America, that should just about do it.

  4. JC

    The blonde lawyer chick isn’t a bad looker.

  5. Peter from SA

    The blonde lawyer chick isn’t a bad looker.

    That and the fact that Combet was utterly sidelined were the only items of interest this evening.

  6. egg_

    The undertaker gets the last word…

  7. Infidel Tiger

    The blonde lawyer chick isn’t a bad looker.

    She’d want to be.

    Human rights lawyers should be locked up without trial and tortured.

  8. Rousie

    What, no climate justice tonight?

  9. Interruptions – I came in at 22

    It’s a jackpot to next week troops.

  10. egg_

    Next week: Clive and Wong play ping pong…

  11. Rich

    The undertaker gets the last word…

    As the opposition always do

    …when there’s a liberal government

  12. goatjam

    Oh well, we are out of time. No? Time for one more brief question. Proceed to fat chick launching a lengthy diatribe, something about childcare being expensive. Libtard knows why the cost is so high and talks about how much tax payer money the Libtards are going to funnel into that union free-for-all. Nothing about rampant credentialisation, nothing about making it impossible for women in the local community to care for 3-4 kids per day because you need a fucking uni degree and a certified premise. No, none of that, the Liberals are going to “fix it” by throwing a bunch more money at it. Then she goes on to say that 18 weeks of paid parental leave is an “insult to women”

    That’s four lives before I can vote Liberal again.

  13. Good evening troops

    Hontou ni arigatou

  14. Pecker

    Carpe old son…as they say in the classics…”missed by that much”22 vs 23 not too bad!!

  15. Peter from SA

    Interruptions – I came in at 22

    It’s a jackpot to next week troops.

    Carpe you’re like those dudes on Game of Thrones … keeping the watch.

  16. Top Ender

    Oh well. Just switched over the Media Watch which I copied to see Mike “I’ll pour the gin” Carlton getting some attention. So far it’s being quite nice to him, although points out that it was the abuse not the article which got him the boot.

  17. JC

    Human rights lawyers should be locked up without trial and tortured.

    So true, but not her. She can human right as much as she likes as I’m all for it.. for her anyways.

  18. Top Ender

    Media Watch is putting a 65% boot into Carlton. Good-O

  19. goatjam

    OK, I’m off to the boudoir, to dream perchance of blonde human-rights lawyers.

  20. Oh come on

    WA edition – Sussan W Ley drops the Religion Of Peace clanger!! What a dhimmi.

  21. Oh come on

    Oh, Canada! Tell it like it is, brother. Hammer the doctrinal angle. Dubya Ley went to some wanky multi-culti Eid do and, swooning with irrational sentiment, decided on the strength of a visit to some Eid party that Islam was a religion of peace. What a twat.

    Hahaha the lawyer is overcome with fury and briefly rendered speechless by the Canadian Christian philosopher’s truthiness.

  22. Oh come on

    God Ley didn’t just say “if you’ve done nothing wrong, you’ve got nothing to fear”, did she? What other turd in the punchbowl cliche is she going to pop out with next? We had to destroy the village in order to save it?

    Ley is a dummy. The blonde lawyer chick just explained what sort of private, sensitive information could be derived through metadata analysis. Ley either didn’t understand or simply didn’t care that the vacuous point she was about to make had already been smashed, and she started babbling on like an idiot about harmless metadata, we aren’t listening in on your phonecalls etc. Give me strength.

  23. Oh come on

    The Liberals are just ghastly. Election now.

  24. Oh come on

    Next week’s panel – a leftist politician, a leftist bleeding heart charity NGO boss, Clive Palmer, a nominally conservative coalition politician and a nominally conservative taxeating “business leader”.

    So that’ll be another wall to wall leftist chinwag next Monday.

  25. OldOzzie

    To all you Catallaxyfiles Q & A commentators – Thank You for your commentary and allowing me not to torture myself by watching Q & A

    Special Mention to Goat Jam and “Answer to The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything” -42

    I had young Jehovahs Witness canvassers on Sunday and I posed that same question to them

    Long Live Douglas Adams and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

  26. dianeh

    Susan Ley is my local MP and she is very good. She works very hard for her electorate.

    But she is a lightweight and far to left for our very conservative electorate. She supported Turnbull in the leadership challenge and supports AGW, the RET and as you all heard, ‘Islam is the religion of peace’ and all the multicultural crap.

    Im hoping of a good independent to pop up next time round to give her a run for her money, or perhaps the Nats will run someone against her.

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