Say lives

I don’t know about the rest of the economics world, but where else but here at the J.-B. Say Congress would one find this:

Entrepreneurship has become a specific field of research in Economics since the beginning of the 1980s. This period was characterised by two linked phenomena: (1) the end of economic growth (“The Glorious Thirty 1945-1975”) and (2) the failure of Keynesian policies. A new economic dynamics should be ensuing from a radical economic and political change. Thus, the challenge was to find a new economic dynamics based on a new institutional structure, aimed to promote free markets and private initiative.

This is from an editorial in the local research institute into industry and innovation newsletter, Innov.doc No. 54 dated Septembre 2014. The spirit of Jean-Baptise Say has not yet been extinguished, although it has been exiled to the far north west of France, as had Say himself.

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2 Responses to Say lives

  1. Rafe

    Come on Steve, you should know that any time two or more members of the Australian School of Economics are gathered together, the spirit of Say is present.

    And the institutional requirements for entrepreneurship will be discussed.

  2. .

    The Freshwater Sect of the Australian School is present now.

    I ask only how lefties support Keynes and initiatives like “Buy Nothing Day”…?

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