Light posting

I’m off to Hong Kong for the Mont Pelerin Society meeting next week. Posts may be light or not. In the meantime I’ve programmed all the regular open threads so there will be plenty of opportunity for discussion.

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  1. ar

    Happy snaps will be fine…

  2. Baldrick

    The Mont Pelerin Society Conference Program for 2014.
    Don’t expect much coverage on TheirABC.

  3. Nic

    Sinc, let me know if you need HK tips

  4. Grigory M

    I’ve never been to Hong Kong 🙁

  5. Rabz

    Sinc, try not to make any controversial comments about the Chinese while over there, they may mistake you for someone else!

  6. Sinclair Davidson

    Thanks Nic – I haven’t been to HK in ten years but did used to go at least once a year. I hope Swindon Book shop is still there. Plan to visit Stanley Market and the night markets in Mongkok.

  7. stackja

    Over the years, a curious conspiracy theory seems to have attached itself to the Mont Pelerin Society, a theory in which the society appears as one of those sinister organizations—like the Freemason, the Templars or the Trilateral Commission—that rule the world, insinuating their ideas into the highest echelons of power.


  8. .

    If only.

    Agenda 21 doesn’t seem like a laissez faire policy mix, does it now?

    Tax harmonisation?

    It is too easy to show how silly such an idea really is.

  9. Nic

    Swindons is still there, don’t go on a tour to Stanley , take a bus or taxi (Stanley is check-jew in Cantonese ). Temple St and the ladies market in Mongok are still there. Try also Fa Yuen st in Mongkok which is a local market street .

  10. AP

    Say hello to the guys from the Lion Rock Institute if you bump into them. Like minded souls.

  11. Bertie_Wooster

    Anyone know how one can source a copy of:
    The Fate of America’s Middle-Class, 1975 – Present: Fact and Fiction
    Donald BOUDREAUX (George Mason University)

    Appears that delegates can access papers behind a login. Any help?

  12. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.

    Da Hairy Irish Ape may be in Hong Kong too; a quick fifo.
    You world travelers … so wearying for you. 😉
    I used to do o/s conferences and meetings and things like that too.
    ‘Twas not a glass ceiling that got me; maybe a glass slipper?

    signed, Cinderella, Creative Arsonist in the Kitchen

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