Guest Post: A Lurker – A question on 18c

I have some questions to pose to the Coalition Government, and to PM Abbott in particular.

In keeping 18C as is (and given the premise that events similar to Rotherham might be happening here in Australia) do you think that it is more or less likely that victims, or the friends and families of victims, would feel empowered to speak out about what was going on?

In keeping 18C as is (and given the premise that events similar to Rotherham might be happening here in Australia) do you think it is more or less likely that public servants employed by the State would feel empowered to speak out about what was going on?

So, referring back to your answers in the previous two questions, I have one, final question that I’d like you to answer.

In keeping 18C as is, do you think that it is more or less likely that events similar to Rotherham in the UK might occur here in Australia?

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  1. ar

    events similar to Rotherham might be happening here in Australia

    Little Children Are Sacred reports says it is happening here… and for PC reasons we cannot deal with it even though Howard tried.

  2. Kae

    Good questions, Lurker!

    Not sure you’ll get an answer, though.

  3. A Lurker

    I’d like to thank Sinc for putting up my first ever guest post, and I’m hoping that its inclusion here may prod our PM and his Government into some much needed personal reflection on possible consequences to actions.

  4. Bruce of Newcastle

    The biggest problem is the word “offended” in S18C, since if you raise Rotherham and *****s in the same sentence you have probably just offended some *****s.

    The problem is that “offense” is a subjective term, therefore you personally have no control over whether your statement is going to be offensive to someone. Because of that the likely action taken so as to avoid giving offense is to not say anything.

    Which is why that horrible scandal continued as long as it did.

    I’d add that it is pretty clear that Mr Abbott has himself caused offense to a number of Muslims of various ethnicities by asking them to sign up for Team Australia. This illustrates the danger and the inappropriateness of that aspect of S18C. So Tony Abbott is an actual lawbreaker for advocating a quite sane and reasonable action by the Muslim community in Australia. The law, in this case, is an ass.

    If S18C is not abolished in total, as it should be, then at least the minimal amendment of removing the word “offense” from it is desperately needed. Rotherham shows brutally why.

  5. Greigoz

    @A.Lurker… I think that question might get more traction today, if you posed it to Bob Day.

  6. Marko

    Bruce- “insult” needs to go too, it’s completely subjective. I feel insulted all the time!

  7. Badjack

    18c won’t as it is, or altered, will not make one iota of difference if these barbarians decide to act here in Australia. My bet is it won’t be a Bali style attack but rather a run of singular barbaric acts.

  8. pete m

    I feel insulted that anyone should feel offended by an 18C repeal.

  9. Badjack

    When you can’t get the woman empowered and employed to look after the children of Rotherham to speak out or act against what she has admitted she knew why would anyone expect relatives of these Barbarians to speak out. These days that Rotherham woman is empowered and employed to keep the children of Victoria safe. Good luck, it was more important for her to wear a badge “My Career comes First” rather than be considered by others to be a Racist and wear the “Badge of Honour” as a Racist.

  10. Ant

    Leftists in Australia happily cheered on the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd asylum sneaker trainwreck even though, by their own admission, around 4% of arrivals never actually arrived – because they ended up as bloated corpses floating around the Indian Ocean somewhere.

    That’s about 2,000 corpses.

    A conservative sees this and for him/her it’s not too far removed, in consequential terms, to criminal negligence leading to death (BTW, for me both Rudd and Gillard as well as the hacks they appointed as their various immigration ministers, along with those bureaucrats involved and their media sychophants who egged them on, should be behind bars – guilty as charged after an appropriate Nuremburg-like trial. They had ample warnings about what would happen if they relaxed Howard’s immigration laws yet they ignored them. They were only following orders, right!)

    Today, these same irresponsible Leftist morons damn the Abbott government for having stopped this lethal circus.

    Therefore, I doubt the Left is going to worry too much about the odd child here and there getting raped and abused if it means challenging one of their sacrosanct totems of tolerating the criminal behaviour of some minorities in our midst when those minorities are useful tools to exploit to garner political support.

    Ultimately, their enemy and their focus is eliminating anything that is an impediment to power. Means to an end…, break a few eggs…, or as Sarah Hyphen Young likes to say “accidents happen, people die!” Whatever it takes.

    This is why they’re so comfortable screaming “misogyny” at a conservative while conveniently overlooking the industrial scaled rape and abuse of young girls.

    It’s just the way it is with these people.

    I make no excuses for Abbott. His behaviour on 18C is inexplicable.

    Finally, this Sophie Sharp woman now being paid out of my taxes, can count herself lucky she’s not employed by the Catholic Church.

  11. srr

    Remember, these “Offending” Laws have already had people GAOLED in Victoria –

    Gaiaguys is (was) a website run by two people in NSW – Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg. Gaiaguys was a ‘whistle-blower site’ that reports on government activity, corruption, child abuse etc.
    Dyson and Vivienne are part of the ‘Disclosure Project’ and part of their website dealt with aliens and UFOs. They also posted some anti-Christian material. We do not support all that they wrote about a range of subjects on their site. In this report we are concerned about the implementation and impact of Victoria’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act.

    The Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) made a complaint against Gaiaguys under Victoria’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act in February 2005
    , claiming that Gaiaguys had vilified them by posting material about the OTO which they said was vilifying and would incite hatred etc.

    The first article Gaiaguys posted was one written by Dr Reina Michaelson, originally written as a security document and never intended to be posted online. The article was originally posted on a UK website under a pseudonym, but Gaiaguys listed it with Reina’s real name. The article described ritual abuse and mentioned the name of the OTO.
    Gaiaguys subsequently posted a lot of material about the OTO.

    The OTO made a complaint against Dr Michaelson, which was resolved in November 2006. For details on that case, click here.

    The OTO also made a complaint against Gaiaguys and took the complaint to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). Gaiaguys did not participate in mediation or attend the hearing…. and refused to obey the ruling of the Tribunal to remove the material from the website.

    The following report analyses the subsequent result…. links to the decisions are given…

    As at February 2008 Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg are both in prison in Victoria for NINE months for ‘contempt of court’. An appeal hearing is scheduled at VCAT on 28 February 2008.

    Barney Zwartz from The Age had an article in the paper on 21 Feb 2008.
    Couple jailed for contempt in vilification case
    The Age, Barney Zwartz, February 21, 2008

  12. john constantine

    Is there any way to link the protection of the peddys raping kids in britain, and the way the peddys raping the kids in the welfare industry remote settlements in australia are protected?.

  13. srr

    21 February 2008 – Report

    Off to jail – under the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act!

    Can a person be sent to prison under Victoria’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act?

    No, I hear you say. . .
    Those who are brought before the Equal Opportunity Commission and then the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal might be asked to apologise, to say ‘sorry’ or be told not to do the same thing again.
    But prison?

    Well – Two people are currently in prison in Victoria for NINE months for not obeying the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal’s ruling on a religious vilification case…
    This is technically for ‘contempt of court’ – because they did not OBEY the Tribunal’s ruling….

    They also chose not to appear before the Tribunal when the initial case was heard.

    VCAT is listed to hear an appeal by the two people on 28 Feb 2008. [More details below under ‘Now to the current case..’]

    To me, being gaoled for Not Obeying VCAT is a far greater threat than being gaoled for not o eying P.C. Laws, because they, at VCAT, just make it up as they go along….anyway, I’ll go get that link that contains more links, including VCATs ‘reasoning’ in making it’s rulings to send a team of Vic Coppers to NSW to collect those two New South Welsh people who so offended VCAT by not groveling to VCAT….and then made that lack of groveling VCATs excuse to GAOL THEM FOR NINE MONTHS!

  14. srr

    Really, it does astound me when I hear people warn of the ‘potential’ dangers of all those Stasiesque Shut Up! Laws, and not also hear them mention that those laws have already caused citizens to be called for warning of child sex trading circles hiding behind calling themselves a religion.

    It The O.T.O.s case, they are now referred to as C.O.T.O. because they first went to court to fight to be officially recognised as a religion, so that they could then use the religious vilification laws to silence anyone from talking about what that religion preaches and practices.

  15. srr

    Is there any way to link the protection of the peddys raping kids in britain, and the way the peddys raping the kids in the welfare industry remote settlements in australia are protected?.

    That last link was for you to JohnC.

    I keep being dumped off this site before I can put comments and links together and click, “post comment”.

  16. srr

    BTW, Thank You both, Sinc and A Lurker for this thread.

    If nothing else Christians will be reminded of the warnings of this worldly age when we need to turn faithfully to God, not in blinding bitterness, away.

  17. Grumbles

    Insecurity, the disease of the modern left, and how they manipulate each other.

  18. Giorgio

    Yesterday I sent an email to Mr. Naphthine ,Victorian Premier, protesting the employment of the Sharp woman who ignored the child abuse in Rotherham. She in now employed by the state of Victoria working with children! I cannot think of a person like her having that job here .she probably came here to escape the heat of her negligence in the UK ? Rally round Cats ,pepper Dennis with emails. Get rid of this frightfull aparatchik back to England to face the music.

  19. Matthew

    Children vs Diversity.

    Diversity wins every time in the minds of the establishment. After all it isn’t their kids that will be affected by it.

    What was happening in Rotherham (and happening now in scores of others places in the UK) has been known for well over a decade and denied by the media and officials.

    Lets never forget that the UK is an evil state. Once you accept that the UK is an evil state (not all the people in the UK are evil but many are) then all the Rotherham child rape/sex slavery makes sense.

  20. twostix

    It’s important to note that Rotherham wasn’t just a one off.
    We know for a fact the exact same thing – including the official state protection – has gone on in:

    That’s just the places that are widely known about.

    People shouldn’t get the wrong impression that’s it’s just a freak occurrence.

  21. squawkbox

    I would bet any amount of money that muslim rape gangs are still operating with impunity in the UK, and that police, councils and social services are still covering up for them. Perversely, the effect of the Rotherham revelations on a certain class of Guardian-reading leftfilth active in those organisations will simply make them even more scared of appearing ‘islamophobic’ and ‘racist’.

  22. Badjack

    @twostix…….that’s what happens when people like Dr Sharp put their careers before the wellbeing of those they are charged to care for and look after. I am astounded that people with their academic qualifications cannot argue the case that caring for children is not a racist act. The racism is with those who commit the acts of barbarity.

  23. Max

    On the 18C backflip Tony Abbott Submitted to Islam
    On the Rotterdam Rochdale Oxford Derbyshire Lancashire Shropshire Huddersfield etc mass child rape cases Dr Sharp and her fellow child protection officers Submitted to Islam.
    So did the Police, and everyone in government they all Submitted to Islam.

    And the reasons why is PRECISELY because Islam frames and controls the DISCOURSE very effectively….

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