What does that climate deal look like?

So the greenies are all very excited about the China-US climate deal. Well the New York Times has a great graph that provides some perspective.

Climate Deal - NYT

Really underwhelming – China now has open slather “permission” from the US President to dump as much C02 into the atmosphere for the next 16 years.

Update: I thought it might be interesting to show some other comparisons – so I grabbed some data from the World Bank and plotted CO2 emissions for China, the US and then included the European Union and Australia.

Climate Deal - NYT 1

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16 Responses to What does that climate deal look like?

  1. egg_

    OMFG – a vertical ‘hockey stick’! Pffft!

  2. Bruce of Newcastle

    If you extrapolate the curve they triple their CO2 emissions by 2030.

    The ABC was saying how we are being left behind on climate action.

  3. Badjack

    This Gruber bloke is no dunce,he knows “his” market. When he says the American voter is stupid he is talking about “his voters” , those who vote Democrat. Same in Australia, when the advisors are advising Shorten and his cronies they do and say and mean the same thing. The Left worldwide is run by goons who believe they are “elite” and that their followers are all stupid. They are right of course, their followers are stupid and they themselves have squirmed their way into positions of influence.

  4. Badjack

    @EGG…..have a good look…..it is a LEFT handers hockey stick

  5. Old School Conservative

    A great resource! I am going to use it elsewhere.

  6. PeterF

    The Greens have always cheered for Dictatorships. With the collapse of the American economy by allowing China to triple it’s CO2 emissions while the USA lies on its back and thinks of England,the greens are orgasmic with delight.That’s nothing to how Lee Rhiannon will be reacting to news of warships from her Mother Russia approaching Australia. All that time at uni. in The Soviet Union may still bear some fruit.

  7. 70s Playboy

    I love the smell of coal-fired power in the morning. It’s the smell of – victory

  8. sabrina

    CO2 emission and growth are positively related. In China and India’s case, they are growing, they have high population, therefore their emission will rise – on the back of coal which is their major fuel.

    Sinc – you may like to plot China’s annual CO2 emission growth rate; also it is interesting to see that their CO2 emission/electricity produced (tCO2/MWh) is actually dropping.

  9. thefrollickingmole

    Yet there will still be morons, true morons, licking windows on the short bus while they talk about the “need to do something now”…

    Even Flim Flannery should be admitting its over.
    He writes this.

    China is leading the charge on expanding renewable capacity. At the end of last year, China had installed a whopping 378GW of renewable energy capacity – about a quarter of renewables capacity installed worldwide, and over seven times Australia’s entire grid-connected power capacity. China continues to work towards ambitious capacity targets for 439GW of renewables by 2015 and 900GW by 2020. China is also acting to limit coal consumption in an effort to tackle air pollution and climate change

    Like carbon pricing, support for renewables is also advancing worldwide. In the last year, more renewable energy capacity was added than fossil fuels. Globally renewables attracted greater investment with US$192bn spent on new renewable power compared to US$102bn in fossil fuel plants.

    So 3/4 of Chinas new power was Fossil Fuels, which means they increased their non renewable power supply by 21 or so times Australias entire power grid in one year.

    In addition to that renew-balls is still generating less power per dollar than fossil fuel.

    It appears to be a massive misalocation of resources, if we take the catastrophie junkies at their word there is absolutely no way the world can be “saved”.

    Its just not possible, simple maths put against their predictions show clearly there is no mathematical way disaster can be avoided.

    So why are they pretending they can?

  10. egg_

    Sinc – you may like to plot China’s annual CO2 emission growth rate;


    Whilst the Green Machine burns bulldust…

  11. Entropy

    So why are they pretending they can?

    Because they want to destroy capitalism. That is the underlying reason. Socialism was shown to be less than capitalism, so the left just want to tear spit alums down too. So they have recruited the useful idiots around the McGuffin of AGW.

    All this expensive mitigation does is make capitalist countries less able to cope and adapt when the inevitable doom comes. I think that must be the plan.

  12. Leo G

    Obama has committed to reducing emissions a minimum of 25% below 2005 levels by 2025. Three years ago he committed to a 30% reduction below 2005 levels by 2025.
    Tony Abbott should at least match Obama’s adjustment to emission reductions. Australia’s commitment is to a 5% cut by 2020 which on a like-for-like basis is similar to Obama’s earlier reduction target. Obama eased the target reduction by 4% overall, so Mr Abbott should do the same- commit to a 1% cut by 2020.

  13. JohnA

    Bruce of Newcastle #1513125, posted on November 14, 2014 at 2:57 pm

    If you extrapolate the curve they triple their CO2 emissions by 2030.

    The ABC was saying how we are being left behind on climate action.

    Oh, goody! I can let all those lemmings run over the edge of the cliff.

    I suspect that their drowning might lift the collective level of intelligence in the universe just a tad.

  14. Andrew

    So emissions dipped due to GFC and are now rising again? Wow! Not even the hyper-warmie EU are doing anything!

  15. johno

    Is tiny Australia really producing 25% more plant food than the moribund EU?

    Is that because we are being credited with all the CO2 that we export in coal?

    Well done Australia. Leaders in greening the planet. Makes me proud to be an Aussie.

  16. johno


    My bad. Being colour blind, I misread the US line for Australia.


    Looks like we need to lift our game.

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