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The Failure of Plain Packaging

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Five Years after Plain Packaging

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The Nanny State and the Failure of Plain Packaging

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The Australian Plain Packaging Experiment

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The Australian Plain Packaging Experience

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The Assault on Intellectual Property: The Australian Plain Packaging Experience

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Canadian PPT presentation

The Australian Plain Packaging Experience

French version: The Australian Plain Packaging Experience – FR


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Davidson, S. 2016b. Submission to Public Consultation on Potential Measures to Enhance Singapore’s Tobacco Control Policies.

Davidson, S. 2016c. Submission to the Slovenian Restriction of the Use of Tobacco (Products) and Related Products Act Inquiry.

Davidson, S. 2016d. Submission to the Canadian Consultation on “Plain and Standardized Packaging” for Tobacco Products.

Davidson, S. 2016e. Submission to New Zealand Government Consultation on Policy Options for the Regulation of Electronic Cigarettes.

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Davidson, S. 2017a. Submission to the Taiwanese Consultation on Standardized Packaging for Tobacco Products and the Regulation of Electronic Cigarettes.

Davidson, S. 2017b. Submission to the Inquiry into the Use and Marketing of Electronic Cigarettes and Personal Vaporisers in Australia.

Davidson, S. and A. de Silva. 2017. What the Government Demanded As Proof for Plain Packaging Efficacy: An Analysis the Public Health Lobby Did Not Perform. SSRN Working Paper.

A nice summary

The 3.4% Myth

We began our coverage of the 3.4% myth here. Then Senator David Leyonhjelm picked up the story and we reported. The Health Department tried to quietly amend their false information, but we caught them out. Things got exciting when Treasury actually released the underlying data. Senator Leyonhjelm has been quite persistent in his questioning but Health and Treasury fudge the answers. The cover up is getting embarrassing. Mind you, the Health department intends to simply brazen it out.

Why do Tobacco firms care?

I’m often asked if plain packaging has the potential to increase smoking rates why the tobacco firms should care – well I answer that question here.

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