Q&A Forum: May 30, 2016

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  1. Turtle of WA

    Thanks Jugulum.

  2. Tracey

    Thanks Carpe. Damn you Motelier. I want those chaps. For a friend, you understand.

  3. Muddy

    I think Ciobo did sort of OK tonight, and there weren’t as many ferals in the audience as I expected. We Queenslanders are a classy bunch.

  4. egg_

    Agrarian socialists panel next week. Should be a hoot.

    Milk tax attack?

  5. Habib

    Terri Butler is a regular on local ABC Brisbane, where she talks over everyone else as well. You can also alomost hear the, smug, sanctimonious head tilt over the air on AM radio. Saw her annoying locals at Stones Corner last Sunday, at least she’d managed to shanghai a couple of staffer wanna-bes to pester the bogans and pissheads. The LNP luvvie was on her own, being completely ignored. Felt a bit sorry for her until I looked up her history. A slightly less irritating version of the incumbent, a perfect metaphor for the entire contest.

  6. Baldrick

    Thanks Carpe San. Oya suminasi.

  7. Carpe Jugulum

    I’m done troops

    Oyasumi Nasai

  8. Muddy

    Many thanks Lord Carpe. Once I get to 20, I find counting a challenge, so I’m glad someone else does it for me. It’s a shame the government doesn’t do it though. They should, really. It’s only fair. Maybe someone can tweet that next week?

  9. Grigory M

    I’m ok with not winning the arseless chaps – wearing them while walking the dog along the foreshores of Paradise might be a bit much for the locals.

  10. Motelier

    Ok Troops Interruptions came in at 33

    Vengeance will be mine. And no I am not wearing them.


  11. min

    Ciobo has just got Di Natale telling him that if no coal were mined here that would not save the Barrier Reef because of other countries using it.
    Lambie also gave the Greens a serve by reminding him how Germany manages its energy when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun don’t shine and how much all that cost.

  12. Motelier

    And thank you Carpe.

    See you soon.

  13. Robber Baron

    Top Ender
    #2043764, posted on May 30, 2016 at 10:38 pm
    Di Natale left to run a sermon at the end….

    First time I have watched a Q&A for two years.

    2018 rock on!

    Can’t believe this shite is still being produced. It is devoid of any reality. It is some sort of perverse entertainment. Should only watched when playing vodka drinking games. Now I know what Soviet TV must have been like in the 1970’s.

  14. Derp

    Good question from the floor. These Queenslanders are a smart bunch. Go Maroons! Sorry. I digress.

    And the question was…?

  15. classical_hero

    I can’t believe that Jackie Lambie made some sense.

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